How To Edit Content On Squarespace Using Blocks

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How To Edit Content On Squarespace

Blocks are parts of your site that you can move around by dragging and dropping. You can use them to add different things to your pages, like text, images, buttons, and forms. Squarespace makes building a website easily with the help of blocks. Website owners with little experience managing or creating sites can update their pages and edit content with the help of blocks. 

To learn how to edit the content on Squarespace using blocks, let’s look at the different block types available in the site builder. 

Types Of Squarespace Blocks

There are many different kinds of blocks that Squarespace supports. Even the Squarespace app has certain blocks you can edit, although the computer version has more robust features. Check out the list of some of the most commonly used blocks below:

  • Button - for adding call to action and other buttons
  • Gallery - for adding an image or video gallery. It can be a carousel, grid, overlap, inline, poster, or stack layout
  • Image - for inserting images with captions. It can be laid out as a card, collage, overlap, poster, stack, or inline
  • Text - for inserting text like headings, pre-formatted text, quotes, lists, and links
  • Video - for embedding externally hosted videos
  • Line - for creating lines to separate text or content visually
  • Form - used to add forms for collecting visitor information
  • Map - for inserting a Google Map with location pins — helpful in displaying store locations
  • Calendar - used to show events as calendar dates
  • Chart - for including data items like line, pie, or bar charts
  • Content link - display visual previews of internal links
  • Audio - inserts playable audio files
  • Quote - for stylized testimonials or quotes
  • Social Links - insert icons that link to social media pages

There are also brand or platform-specific blocks like:

  • Instagram - displays posts from your Instagram account
  • Flickr - adds images from your Flickr account
  • SoundCloud - embeds SoundCloud players
  • Twitter - displays your Twitter timeline with a follow button
  • 500px - adds images from your 500px account

Squarespace also provides industry-specific blocks that you can customize depending on your needs. Most of these are premium features (*), but some are included with Basic plans.

  • Amazon (*) - useful for Amazon affiliates to link their Amazon items
  • Bandisintown - useful for bands to display tour dates as synced from their Bandisintown profile
  • Donation (*) - helpful for charities and NGOs to collect donations using a connected Stripe or Paypal account
  • Menu (*) - useful for restaurants to display menu items
  • Open Table (*) - for restaurants to accept reservations using an OpenTable Restaurant ID
  • Zola - for adding wedding registries

Adding A Block

Now that you know the different types of blocks, you can use them to add or edit the content on any Squarespace page. Here’s how:

  1. Click Pages in the Home menu.
  2. Choose the page you want to change and click Edit in the top-left corner.
  3. Move your mouse to the section where you want to add the block and click Add Block in the top left corner. To add blocks, the page must have at least one block section.
  4. Click on a block in the menu. You can also use the search bar at the top of the menu to find blocks.
  5. The new block will appear on the page with some text to fill in the blanks. Depending on the block, you may be able to open an editor to make changes to it.

Another way to add blocks is to drag and drop them to site sections. 

  1. Drag a block from the list. Lines will show where the block can go.
  2. Put the block on the page by dropping it. Depending on the block, you may be able to open an editor to make changes to it.

You can add blocks to the following sections:

  • Layout Pages
  • Block Sections
  • Blog Posts
  • Page Headers and Footers
  • Event Descriptions
  • Product Additional Information

You can’t add blocks to these sections:

  • Collection Page sections
  • Site Headers
  • Gallery Sections
  • Auto layout sections

If you are still using the Squarespace Classic Editor, you need to look for the Insert Points indicated by + to be able to insert blocks. 

Editing Websites On Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the best website builders on the market. It can work with various websites for niches like eCommerce, portfolios, restaurants, and blogging. The drag-and-drop functionality and numerous available blocks make it effortless to create professional websites in a few hours. 

If you’ve always wanted a site you can build and edit without relying on web developers, then Squarespace is perfect for you. Site maintenance is a breeze, and editing content on the fly is possible. Give Squarespace a try and discover how manageable it is to create your website. 

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