Best Podcast Website Examples For 2022

If you currently have or are considering starting a podcast, a website can be extremely advantageous. It's the perfect platform for releasing podcasts with associated written content, developing a stronger brand image, and increasing online visibility. 

Your podcast website's success is contingent upon its ability to deliver a distinct and professional feel with high-quality content and an excellent user interface. These are the things that can help you gain more subscribers and keep your current following. All this can be accomplished by drawing inspiration from the best podcast websites all over the web.

18 Best Podcast Websites

Although the best podcast websites have many similar characteristics, you can include the unique elements from these websites to meet your particular requirements.

1. The Friday Habit

Apart from its eye-catching visuals and vibrant color scheme, this website checks every box for a great podcast website. It's comprehensive, engaging, and designed with the website visitor in mind — with concise information and a strong call to action.

Things To Love About It:

  • Strong call to action
  • Clear, direct, and concise information
  • Attractive visual elements

2. Zero to Exit

This website was created with a podcast website builder. That's why it’s strongly focused on the podcast itself. With high-quality audio, intuitive interface, and clean layout, this site is certainly one of the ideal podcast website examples for most content providers.

Things To Love About It:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Content-focused technology
  • Simple, user-friendly layout

3. The Collective Podcast

Snippets and summaries benefit content creators who have many podcast episodes. This podcast website displays previews alongside written content strategically on the homepage, all within a clean, minimalist grid. Additionally, it functions as an eCommerce site, allowing visitors to purchase merchandise and other material.

Things To Love About It:

  • eCommerce functionality
  • SEO-friendly web design
  • Good use of white space

4. The West Wing Weekly

This no-frills website dives right into the most important element of a podcast website: the podcast. Many podcast website examples are designed like typical information websites. This one is laid out like a blog where the latest podcast episode automatically appears as a post over the previous one, making it easy to backtrack and check out other episodes. 

Things To Love About It:

  • Blog functionality
  • Handy ‘download’ button
  • Easy, intuitive navigation


Although this podcast website does include the podcast episodes in audio format, it highlights the brand’s preferred listening platforms. With prominent calls to action above the fold and supporting content below, this podcast website gives visitors the option to visit other platforms without sacrificing search engine optimization.

Things To Love About It:

  • Attention-grabbing call to action
  • Careful content placement
  • Relevant external links

6. Angle Magazine

The best podcast websites offer more than just the podcast itself. This website offers comprehensive content that will keep visitors on the website, bearing the bounce rate in mind. Moreover, it uses a time-based approach to pop-ups, allowing visitors to explore the website before they’re given a nudge to subscribe.

Things To Love About It:

  • Magazine layout
  • Content variety
  • Time-based pop-up strategy

7. The Shrimp Tank

This highly-customized website is a testament that although it’s convenient to use a website builder for your podcast website, it pays to give more attention to your website goals and objectives and what unique features can help you achieve those goals. This podcast website highlights the brand’s authority by integrating a customized map where their nationwide reach is indicated by multiple pins.

Things To Love About It:

  • Establishes brand authority through web design
  • Strategic social media icon placement
  • Unobtrusive hero image

8. Essie’s Hour of Love

This website is another example with a clear objective. Although it puts the spotlight on the podcast itself, the main CTA button pushes the reader to subscribe instead of taking them to the latest podcast episode like most other podcast website examples do. Moreover, it makes the most of the layout that’s easy on the eyes but packs a really strong punch. 

Things To Love About It:

  • Sneaky call to action
  • High-quality photographs
  • User-friendly homepage layout

9. Twenty Thousand Hertz

One of the biggest cons of using website builders is the limited customization options. This podcast website, however, proves that with the right visual elements and integrations, sites made with website builders can perform just as well as fully custom websites created from scratch. 

Things to Love About It:

  • Strategic navigation menu wording
  • Captivating graphics
  • Attractive press link buttons

10. Mixergy

By featuring prominent personalities and logos right on the front page, this podcast website establishes the brand as an industry leader right off the bat. Supplemented with gated content made extra appealing by a prominent CTA button, this site keeps visitors interested and engaged.

Things To Love About It:

  • Well-informed use of social proof
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clear call to action

11. 5 Minutes In Church History

This podcast website is as easy to understand as its podcast content. The brand keeps itself consistent by utilizing the same principles of their content in their website design — straightforward, effortless, and relaxed.

Things To Love About It:

  • Uncomplicated user experience
  • Reliable interface
  • Familiar layout

12. Zwemer Center

Many podcast website examples utilize modern, sans serif typefaces to reflect the medium. While podcasts are present-day media, this website upholds the brand’s gravitas with a timeless look and feel.

Things To Love About It:

  • Sensible use of typography
  • Clean and intuitive layout
  • Organized navigation

13. After Dark

As one of the most popular podcasts on the web, After Dark’s podcast website emphasizes the podcast’s subject matter on the homepage instead of jumping right into the digital media. The landing page sets the mood so that visitors will be enticed to click on the podcast button on the menu.

Things To Love About It:

  • Easy navigation
  • Effective use of imagery
  • Floating social media icons

14. Emma Gannon

Content creators who do more than just podcasts will benefit from taking inspiration from this podcast website. It highlights the main persona behind the work of the owner with a stunning graphic and delineates content types with clever use of fonts, all within a cohesive page.

Things To Love About It:

  • Explicit brand identity
  • Strategic use of fonts and color
  • Superior quality graphics

15. Serial Podcast

This podcast website uses bold colors, affective imagery, and large text to push you to take the intended action. The unobtrusive burger menu keeps the landing page direct to the point while providing the option to navigate through the site.

Things To Love About It:

  • Action-focused web design
  • Vibrant colors and high contrast
  • Tactical burger menu

16. Vertical Farming

The best podcast websites have innovative features that highlight the most important pieces of content. This website innovates by making use of a sticky audio player that stays in place as you scroll.

Things To Love About It:

  • Sticky audio player
  • Clear call to action
  • Attention-grabbing color scheme

17. Congratulations with Chris D’Ella

This podcast website is highly personalized and well thought-out. Podcast artists who are about to launch their brand can take the cue from this website and design a heavily-branded website. If you’re planning to launch a website, consider building your website offline first to make sure all the details are in place before launching.

Things To Love About It:

  • Unique graphics and typography
  • Convenient media player
  • Authoritative call to action

18. Feel for the Game

This podcast website almost feels more like a media player than a website. With a simple, single-column layout and simple audio players, visitors will have a hard time leaving the website.

Things To Love About It:

  • Extremely intuitive layout and interface
  • Plug-and-play audio players
  • Fun graphics and color palette

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional podcast artist, you may have questions about creating a successful podcast website. We have the answers:

How do I create a podcast website?

Start by getting inspiration from the best podcast websites and creating your own with a website builder or custom code. Integrate applicable elements from the different podcast website examples.

What does a podcast website need?

A podcast website typically requires one or multiple audio players. However, note that some of the best podcast websites focus on branding and take you to other platforms via call-to-action buttons.

Do podcasts make money?

Yes. Big podcasts make money by gathering a lot of listeners and substantial amounts of ad revenue in return. Many podcast website examples include strategic elements that aim towards brand visibility and the acquisition of listeners.

Whether your podcast is already available on any platform, having a podcast website can be extremely advantageous. It can serve as the main hub from which you post podcasts and supplemental written content. Additionally, it boosts your internet presence, making it easy for consumers to learn about you and your brand. 

By using an all-around website builder such as Squarespace, you can effortlessly develop an exceptional podcast website that will provide your desired results. 

Check out our Squarespace website examples to get more ideas and learn how to make your podcast website stand out.

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