Bandzoogle Review 2022

If you are a musician looking to put yourself out there and make yourself known, then Bandzoogle may just be for you. Created by musicians, this tool allows you to run your successful music business all from an easy to set-up Bandzoogle website. 

For those who have never heard of what Bandzoogle is, you may be surprised to learn that you can do everything from adding crowdfunding features, choosing fan subscription plans, integrating commission-free music, selling merchandise, and more. 

We’ll walk you through this fantastic site builder in this Bandzoogle review.

What Is Bandzoogle?

Musicians belong to such a specific niche that regular site builders may not suffice. Bandzoogle was created specifically for musicians’ needs in mind so that they can grow their following successfully online. The great thing is, Bandzoogle has plans for bands and musicians at every stage of their careers.

FeaturesWeb Design
Reporting and Analytics
Pricing Lite - $8.29/month billed annually
Standard - $12.46/month billed annually 
Pro - $16.63/month billed annually
Number of Templates100+ themes and templates to choose from
Apps and IntegrationsYes
ECommerce ToolsYes

Bandzoogle’s Features

Web DesignBandzoogle’s web design features allow you to create the band website of your dreams. Their theme designer tools give you the freedom to customize your site with their responsive designs, arrange content with drag-and-drop capabilities, and switch to different templates when you want to try a new look. 
You can use your own custom CSS, add branded calls-to-action, and integrate with other music services — like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and more — so that everything is centralized on your Bandzoogle website. You can also choose a custom domain for free.
eCommerceWith a Bandzoogle website, you can grow your income as a musician. There are several tools for you to do this, and Bandzoogle does not get any commission for your sales. You can sell everything from tickets to music, merch, subscriptions, and even host crowdfunding.
PromotionTo promote your brand through other means, Bandzoogle has promotional services. You can set up a mailing list, connect with audiences on social media, and learn the ins and outs of SEO for musicians.
Reporting and AnalyticsBandzoogle’s reporting and analytics features give you insight into your fans and audiences. You will get to see how they engage and interact with your site, see how many plays your music gets, and what the status of your sales are. 

Bandzoogle’s Pros and Cons

There is a 30-day free trial you can use without putting in your credit card details.No free option is available upon subscription.
Wide selection of unique tools and features that could benefit musicians in particular.Limiting in its kinds of templates and websites to be created.
Plans are all-inclusive, with design, eCommerce, promotion, and tech features included.Plans may be slightly pricey when you subscribe.

Who Should Use Bandzoogle? Who Should Avoid It?

Bandzoogle is one of the best music-centric website builders out in the market today. However, it may not be for everyone. Here are the candidates Bandzoogle may be best suited for:

  • New bands - Up-and-coming musicians can benefit from Bandzoogle as it has many crowdfunding, awareness and promotion raising, and selling features to put yourself out there. 
  • Bands that are growing their fan bases - Bands that want to expand their fan bases can also make use of Bandzoogle by selling their music downloads and merch to tap into new audiences.
  • Established and known bands - Even established bands may appreciate Bandzoogle’s diverse range of features, especially when they have new releases, tours, and want to reach out to the press.

If you aren’t a musician, you may not get to appreciate Bandzoogle as a custom website builder because it is specifically catered to this niche. Instead, you may check out more general website builders to put up your brand’s site.

Bandzoogle In A Nutshell

Bandzoogle is one of the best website builders you can opt for if you are involved in the music industry. It has a whole range of unique tools that are music-specific, whether your goal is to build awareness or boost sales. While analytics may not be as advanced as other website builders in the market, you can still make the most out of what Bandzoogle offers.

You can think of Bandzoogle as another member of your band or team, as it allows you to have your music speak for itself. Since it was created by musicians for other musicians, you will find that it already has most (if not all) tools and services you might need to create a website for your band — no matter what stage you are in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bandzoogle

To decide whether or not Bandzoogle is right for you, here are some frequently asked questions:

Is Bandzoogle good?

Bandzoogle is a good website builder if you are a musician, have a band, or are a professional in the music industry because of its roster of tools and services specifically centered on this.

Does Bandzoogle include hosting?

Yes, Bandzoogle includes hosting as all of its plans include this together with unlimited bandwidth and free domain names.

How many people use Bandzoogle?

More than 55,000 Bandzoogle websites were in existence in 2021.

How do I publish my site on Bandzoogle?

To publish your site on Bandzoogle, you have to upgrade your account to any of their pricing plans and subscribe to it. Afterward, you will get to build and customize your site and choose a custom domain before launching it to the public.

Bandzoogle Alternatives

  • Mymusicstream - Mymusicstream is a great streaming service for musicians but does not have all the full website building capabilities like Bandzoogle.
  • Bandvista - Bandvista is quite similar to Bandzoogle in that it is also created for musicians, and it has a similar pricing structure as well.
  • Wix - Wix is a general website builder that may have less limitations in customizing your site, especially with the integration of tools from its app store.

Anyone in the music industry may find that Bandzoogle is an appealing website builder, no matter how established they are. If you want to find out what other options you have, feel free to check out some of our other reviews here on Page Kits.

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