Fast and Secure Web Hosting Review

With websites, a lot of things come into play before it even becomes accessible to users. One thing that doesn't get talked about often enough though is the service that hosts the website.

Simply put, web hosting companies are in charge of setting aside some storage from your website. Web hosts then package that data, all the site code, and content, in such a way that it is efficiently transferred and viewed on the device of the site user.

Fast and Secure Web Hosting Reviews

Even with such a simple description, it's not hard to see how so many things can go wrong here. With that, choosing the best web hosts will guarantee reliably secure and fast service, both on the server as well as with the user.

Top Fast and Secure Web Hosting Providers

1.) A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a service provider that has made a name for itself for the quality of its hosting plans as well as the price this is offered. The company is known as a speedy service provider and is arguably the fastest in terms of upload/download speeds.

Pricing Options

  • Startup - promo price offer of $2.99/month
  • Drive - promo price offer of $4.99/month
  • Turbo Boost - promo price offer of $20.99/month
  • Turbo Max - promo price offer of 14.99/month

Reasons to consider

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime commitment
  • Great results in speed tests

2.) GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a reputable web hosting plan provider that offers a variety of hosting options, from VPS hosting plans to the simpler WordPress hosting. As a bonus, GreenGeeks has promised to invest 3 times the power consumption of the service, measured in amperages.

Pricing Options

  • WordPress Hosting - starts at $2.49/month
  • WooCommerce Hosting - starts at $2.49/month
  • Reseller Web Hosting - starts at $29.95/month
  • VPS Hosting starts at - $39.95/month

Reasons to consider

  • 24/7 Customer Assitance
  • Daily Data Backups on company Servers
  • Ideal for the small business site
  • Site Scalability Features
  • SSD Storage for better storage and transfer speeds

3.) WP Engine

Given its focus on WordPress, you can expect this company to provide the best service in their line. WordPress (WP) Engine claims a high percentage of blocked attacks daily as well as a significant performance increase in terms of speed.

Pricing Options

  • Managed Hosting Startup - at $25/month
  • Managed Hosting Growth - at $95.83/month
  • Managed Hosting Scale - at $241.67/month

Reasons to consider

  • Free SSL and SSH
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Great speed test results
  • Daily backups
  • Competitive Website Security

4.) InMotion Hosting

With 15 years' worth of experience in the industry, it's not hard to understand why InMotion Hosting is seen as one of the most reliable services available.

Guaranteeing an uptime rate of 99.999%, this service provider gives particular attention to the website and its security.

Pricing Options

  • Shared Hosting - starts at $2.49/month
  • WordPress Hosting - starts at $4.99/month
  • VPS Hosting - starts at $17.99/month
  • Dedicated hosting - starts at $99.99/month

Reasons to consider

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Diverse hosting option range
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Web hosting for businesses
  • Free SSL Certificate

5.) Hostinger

For any enterprise looking for easy access to the web, Hostinger should be worth your consideration.

Pricing Options

  • Single Shared Hosting - at $0.99/month, $2.99/month after term renewal
  • Premium Shared Hosting - at $1.99/month, $4.99/month after term renewal
  • Business Shared Hosting - at $3.99/month, $8.99/month after term renewal

Reasons to consider

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Website DDoS attack prevention
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Premium and Business accounts
  • Affordable payment terms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most secure web hosting?

It'll be difficult to narrow it down to just one. A better way to look at it is to have a checklist of security concerns to look into. An example would be something like this:

  • Does it have SSL Certification?
  • Does it provide a regular backup of data?
  • What kind of Customer Support do they offer?

Aside from that, you'll want to check if they have a money-back guarantee in case anything fails. After all, that's important data at risk there.

Which hosting is best for websites?

Similarly, this one won't have a definitive answer. The best way to figure out what the best web hosting service provider is for your type of business is to read up on reviews from similar individuals and businesses.

Try to determine what your exact needs are. Each web hosting service will have options such as the number of web hosting accounts, availability of the servers and the support team, etc. This will help you narrow down the number of options you have to choose from.

Which hosting is fastest?

While it would still depend on a number of factors, both internal and external, the most popular suggestion for the fastest web hosting is A2 Hosting. Take this as a general review though as your experience might differ.

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