Wix Vs Squarespace Vs WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

Small businesses can benefit greatly from choosing a website builder that suits their needs best. Today’s website builders are more user-friendly, allowing you to set up your site with ease. You may have come across Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress as three of the most popular website builders as they can help individuals to improve their marketing and increase their traffic. 

In this WordPress vs Wix vs Squarespace review, we’ll be comparing these three website builders based on pricing, user-friendliness, blogging features, designs, themes and templates, eCommerce, and customer support.  

Wix Vs. Squarespace Vs. WordPress

Wix is a great website builder for those who are new to the game. It is very user-friendly because of its drag-and-drop functionalities. Using Artificial Design Intelligence, you merely need to answer some questions and have your site built instantly.

Squarespace is also quite intuitive as a website builder, with advanced blogging features that make it good for sites rich in content. It is also known for its top tier customer support.

WordPress is perhaps one of the most commonly used and adopted site builders because it gives you the most freedom in customizing and personalizing your site, even if it's on the more advanced side of the spectrum.

These three website builders are some of the most popular for a reason, and each are ideal for differing levels of expertise.


Basic Pricing: Free 
Combo: $14/month
Unlimited: $18/month
Pro: $23/month
VIP: $39/month
Business Basic: $23/month
Business Unlimited: $13.50/month
Business VIP: $24.50/month
Personal: $12/month
Business: $18/month
Basic: $26/month
Advanced: $40/month
Basic: $2.95/month
Plus: $5.45/month
Choice Plus: $5.45/month


User-friendliness may be one of the most important features to consider if you are new to building a site. You should be able to access its functions and customize it to your liking, and with ease.


• Drag-and-drop design functionality 
• Clear interface
• Uses Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to customize your site after you fill out a series of questions
• Limiting in terms of changing themes
• Not quite responsive on mobile
• May not be geared towards smaller sites or brands


• Website editor is arranged by section
• Site can be set up within hours
• Has a user-friendly mobile app for editing on the go
• Can take a while to navigate and master, for beginners
• Slightly more complex compared to Wix
• Some would say its website builder is clunky


• More flexibility in customization and personalization
• Has a user dashboard that is WordPress-centric
• Updates automatically
• Very advanced features and toolkit
• Steep learning curve when it comes to learning how to use it
• Requires you to find your own site host

Blogging Features

Blogs may be a core aspect of your website, because this is a great strategy for creating fresh content, attracting new visitors, and improving your SEO.


• Basic blogging features
• Tools for blogging are built into all of its plans
• Options for managing multiple writers
• Only has a single-tier category structure for its posts
• Limited control over your tags and post design
• May be too simple for content heavy sites


• Comes with post scheduling 
• Support for multiple authors
• Social sharing options available
• No built-in analytics for blogs
• Sometimes difficult to edit or add content
• Limitations in advanced marketing tools


• Is known for its built-in blogging features
• Free rein in structuring posts
• Ability to optimize your blogs for SEO
• May require additional plugins for more advanced blogging features
• No dedicated support team
• May not be good for beginners

Designs, Themes, And Templates

Having an appealing website is what will initially hook visitors when they arrive at your page. It is extremely important to have a lot of options and templates so that you can pick what best represents your brand.


• Over 800 templates
• Themes cover 16 categories for different industries and the like
• Mobile responsive
• Cannot swap themes once you choose one
• You need to create a new website if you want to go for a full rebrand or change in look
• Templates look better on a computer than on a smartphone


• 113 templates
• Templates look good on all devices
• Designs are also more aesthetically pleasing compared to Wix
• Less templates to choose from
• A lot of templates are photo-heavy, which means you will have to include your own images
• More difficult to manipulate and further customize templates


• Countless templates to choose from 
• Can use code and other plugins to make templates your own
• Can develop own themes for your WordPress site
• Style may be a little older compared to Wix and Squarespace
• Requires technical know-how in adjusting your templates
• No mobile editor


Turning your website into an eCommerce shop is a common strategy that many brands use. Today’s website builders often have a whole range of options when it comes to eCommerce features and tools.

• Has 3 online store plans
• Can create product pages
• Has worldwide shipping capabilities
• eCommerce features are best suited for smaller businesses
• Need to get a different plan for an eCommerce site
• No built-in subscription and membership options


• Integrations include discount and coupon codes
• Has abandoned cart recovery
• No transaction fees
• May not be for brands that are fully dedicated to eCommerce
• eCommerce pricing may be on the more expensive side
• More advanced eCommerce tools are in the more expensive plans


• Has free eCommerce themes
• Has software for all eCommerce needs and more
• Integrates well with most available apps and software in the market
• May need to use eCommerce plugins
• You will be in charge of your own web security
• WordPress is generally on the more advanced side

Customer Support

Receiving the necessary support when you have a site of your own is everything. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you can get all your questions answered as they arise.


• Has live chat support
• 24/7 support
• Phone support
• No email support
• Relatively weather knowledge base
• Priority support only for VIPs


• Big range of support options available
• Robust knowledge center
• 24/7 and live chat support
• No phone support
• Live chat support is only on weekdays
• May have to watch webinars to understand some processes


• Large customer support community
• If you use Bluehost, you can consult their team of WordPress experts
• Answers to questions about WordPress can easily be found online
• Customer support is difficult to access and is not instant
• No call center
• No live chat

Quick Breakdown

At a closer glance, you will see that each site builder is good for its own purposes. Depending on whatever is most important to you, you can determine a website builder that matches that accordingly. Here is a quick breakdown on what each builder is best for:

Best forWixSquarespaceWordPress
Basic pricingx
Blogging Featuresx
Design, Themes, and Templatesx
Customer Supportx

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to choosing among Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress, you might still have a few questions. Here are some to get you started:

Which is easier to use Wix or WordPress?

Wix is more user-friendly compared to WordPress, but it is also a lot less flexible. If you are willing to put up with WordPress’ steeper learning curve, then you will find that you can create a more customized website tailor fit to your brand.

Is Wix good for beginners?

Wix is most ideal for beginners because it is extremely intuitive and easy to use, especially because of its drag-and-drop editor. You do not have to know how to code to make a professional website on Wix.

Can I switch from Wix to WordPress?

You will be able to switch from Wix to WordPress by importing your posts through the RSS feed. Afterwards, you will have to use a migration plugin to automate the transfer of your images and other pages, or do this manually.

Looking at the whole picture, the best website builder for beginners is Wix. Because it is intuitive and easy to use, you can have your site set up in mere minutes. Of course, choosing the best website builder is also dependent on your business’ particular needs. 

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