Proven Ways to Make Money with WordPress

According to an article by Forbes magazine, WordPress is the home of more than 60 million websites. This figure is not surprising considering the many ways that people, businesses, and companies use WordPress to boost their income and make money.

Proven Ways to Make Money with WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog or are planning on creating one, there are many ways to make money by turning a simple WordPress site into a reliable income source. The great thing about this platform is you don’t need to put up a large capital to get started.

Make Money With WordPress

For those looking for a way to make money with WordPress, here’s how you can begin.


Even though WordPress started as a blog hosting platform, it is now more famous for hosting e-commerce stores that are looking to make money online.

With demand for online stores increasing steadily—revenue from online sales may exceed $740 billion by 2023—more people are likely to build their own eCommerce site as a great way to make money.

What’s great about using the WordPress platform is that it has pre-set themes and an eCommerce plugin that any user can take advantage of for free. These WordPress themes mean that you have plenty of choices that can make your online storefront unique.

Using WordPress plugins are also great for building your eCommerce page. These plugins will allow you to manage your online store inventory, collect payments securely, and efficiently set shipping schedules.

Because lots of these features are baked into the site's platform, you can easily get started with blogging or selling products and services—perhaps you can even start with an advertising plugin to get the word out! And since you are not renting a physical store, you can save on rent and utilities. You can even manage your eCommerce store by yourself and not worry about compensating hired help.

A WordPress eCommerce store also allows you to expand the reach of your store and target new audiences. Unlike physical stores, an online store can have customers from almost anywhere in the world, as long as you can ship to the buyer’s location.

Affiliate Marketing

If you feel that you are not confident enough to build and run an eCommerce page, affiliate marketing is an excellent alternative. By selling products of another store, you can earn affiliate commissions that can then contribute to your existing income streams.

For those who have an existing WordPress website or blog, you also can monetize it through this marketing method. All you need to do is include links to products of another website. You can embed affiliate links anywhere on your website, and can even do so through images.

This is one of the best-proven ways to get paid online, precisely because of how simple it is. When someone clicks on the link, the reader gets redirected to another website to purchase a product. Each purchase of a product will get you a percentage of the sale as a commission.

An affiliate program is ideal for those who have full-time jobs or businesses and want to earn some passive income. As a marketer, setting up the links is all that you need to do. You can leave them there and let them earn money for you.

You’ll have a greater chance to be successful at this kind of marketing by choosing products that your potential customers can enjoy. If your WordPress website is all about home improvement, you can associate yourself with brands that sell tools, home decors, or furniture.

What’s nice about affiliate marketing is there is no need for you to alter your site’s branding to succeed. You simply need to choose the products you wish to promote carefully. Choosing the right products also helps establish your blog as a reputable webpage, which in turn will help you get more affiliate partnerships.

If you want to learn more about this as a monetization strategy, visit the rest of our articles on PageKits.  

Content Hosting

Content hosting is another way to monetize a WordPress site for free. With this method, you earn money by using your WordPress blog as space for others to post their content.

There are several ways you can make money this way. One is through hosting ads via services like Google AdSense. When you display ads, you get paid based on the number of times visitors click on them. This is called pay-per-click or cost-per-click advertising. The downside with this method is that you need to hit a certain number of clicks before you start earning.

Some advertisers pay on a per-month basis. You can get paid and earn a steady amount of money per month regardless of how many clicks an ad that you’re hosting receives. However, you need to make sure that your blog generates enough ad clicks for your advertiser. You risk losing your advertiser if you fail to produce satisfactory results.

Hosting sponsored posts is another way of making money with your WordPress site.  You can do this by posting paid product reviews for other websites. If you want to establish yourself as a credible product reviewer, make sure that your reviews are objective and factual, even if you are getting paid to write the review.

You can also create a forum where readers can have a healthy discussion about specific topics. Some bloggers have chosen this route, and charge a membership fee for those who want to comment or participate in the discussion. Another way is by creating a membership site where members can post advertisements for services or products.

Online Courses

Sharing skills and imparting knowledge to your audience is an excellent way of earning money with your WordPress site.

People are continuing to invest in online learning, and there's definitely a demand for courses on practically any subject. From social media marketing to freelance writing, the possibilities are truly endless!

As far as course material goes, you can provide short tutorials or comprehensive online courses. You can earn money by selling courses as downloadable content for people to enjoy, and these can be either in e-book or video format. You can even opt to provide both as a way to make your course accessible to your audience.

Keep in mind that when it comes to charging customers, you can charge them on a per-course basis. Alternatively, you can also charge membership fees—but you need to ensure that you have a steady stream of premium content that your readers can benefit from. 

WordPress Skills

In connection to the previous point, those who are well-versed with WordPress can even sell their expertise as a way to start making money online.

Although the site can be easy to use, some new users are willing to pay for expert assistance. They may want assistance with finding the right WordPress plugin; some brands may even need help designing custom WordPress themes for their websites. Be sure to create a portfolio that showcases your skills to gain more business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you make with WordPress?

The amount of money that you can make with WordPress will depend on your business plan and the audience base that you can build. According to an article by Forbes, profitable online stores have an average of $132,000 in profits.

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

There are several ways to make $1,000 a month through blog posts. Established bloggers earn more than $1,000 a month. They do this by hosting sponsored content.

How many views do you need to make money with WordPress?

It depends on the contract that you have with your advertiser. Those who want to make money blogging should know that the minimum is 1,000 unique views in a single month, but this requirement can be higher.

How can I make money with WordPress?

There are lots of proven ways to make money with a WordPress website or blog. You can join affiliate programs, or you can sell digital products. Utilizing themes, some graphic design, and WordPress plugins can also make your page pop. Learn more about the various ways to make money online through a WordPress website here in PageKits.

Let PageKits Help You Monetize Your Website

Now that you have an idea on how to make money online through your WordPress website take the initiative and start monetizing your site. If you need more ideas on how to make your WordPress page profitable. Let our skilled team help you, contact us at PageKits today!

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