BlueHost Review 2022

The success of every eCommerce business largely depends on their digital marketing efforts to generate leads, a functional website to establish credibility, and good web hosting to ensure a stable server environment. 

A good web hosting provider offers support, speed, scalability, and security. All of these can be provided by BlueHost, one of today’s most trusted web hosting companies. 

Read on to learn more about BlueHost and see if it is the right web hosting platform for you.

What Is BlueHost?

BlueHost, founded in 2003, is now a highly recommended web hosting company, offering comprehensive documentation and support to those who are interested in getting started with a website. It is one of the most popular web hosting providers, powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

It offers a wide range of web hosting service plans, VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting to accommodate the needs of both beginners and large e-Commerce websites. More importantly, BlueHost makes sure to provide security, speed, and support.

FeaturesFree site builders
Free SSL Certificate
Site tool add-ons
Free Cloudflare integration
Unlimited Domain Hosting
Anti-spam protection
Two-factor authentication
24/7 customer support
99.99% uptime
Fast page load times
Pricing Shared Hosting
Basic: $3.95 per month
Plus: $4.95 per month
Choice Plus: $5.95 per month
Pro: $9.95 per month

WooCommerce Hosting
Starter: $6.95 per month
Plus: $8.95 per month
Pro: $12.95 per month

WordPress Hosting
Build: $19.95 per month
Grow: $29.95 per month
Scale: $49.95 per month

VPS HostingStandard: $18.99 per month
Enhanced: $29.99 per month
Ultimate: $59.99 per month

Dedicated Server Hosting
Standard: $105.69 per month
Enhanced: $166.59 per month
Premium: 238.99 per month
Apps and IntegrationsYes
ECommerce ToolsYes

BlueHost Features

Service Description
Free SSL CertificateThe SSL or secure sockets layer certificate maintains a safer server environment for users. If SSL is not installed, users will receive a warning.
Cloudflare IntegrationCloudflare is a content delivery network responsible for speeding up a website and protecting it from attacks or threats. A website that uses Cloudflare also consumes less bandwidth.
Two-factor AuthenticationThis works as another security measure to protect sensitive information such as your username, password, and credit card details. The two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized individuals from having access to your site.
99.9% UptimeBlueHost obtains an average result of 99.9% result in the uptime test. This means that your website loads instantly whenever a potential customer visits it. On the other hand, website downtime impacts customer experience and results in lost revenue.
Spam ProtectionWith BlueHost, you don’t have to deal with spam messages. It provides anti-spam protection using Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam.
Site BuildersYou can easily create your website using BlueHost Website Builder and BlueHost Builder which are both drag-and-drop editors. The website builders include all the core features and tools necessary to create a functional website.
24/7 Customer SupportBlueHost provides a user support portal to provide how-to guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and web hosting articles. A customer may also contact the sales team, technical support, or the account management team for concerns.

BlueHost’s Pros and Cons

A blogger or even a large website looking for a reliable web host provider can count on BlueHost. The fact that over two million websites trust BlueHost establishes its credibility, and has been consistently meeting customers' expectations for a while now. 

It has made a good impression in the market and continues to attract more customers with its strong website development. There are many benefits that BlueHost offers its customers, but there are also some shortcomings to take into account. 

Being aware of both pros and cons will help you make a better decision. Here’s a quick overview of what you must expect with BlueHost:

Shared hosting plans have loads of storage.High renewal rates
Affordable plansPoor backup solution
No limitation on the traffic that your site gets.Continuous upsell pitches
Fast loading speed and competitive uptime.No free website migrations
Easy to useHas only one data center

Who Is BlueHost Best For?

You can expect to see BlueHost on the list when you search for the best web hosting providers. However, it is still great to determine BlueHost has services suitable for other website needs. Among the potential clients of this web hosting provider are:

  • New bloggers who are looking for the best hosting solution - BlueHost offers shared WordPress hosting packages starting at a low price.
  • ECommerce website owners looking for a reliable and fast web hosting platform - BlueHost can provide support for a high amount of web traffic.
  • Large websites who have a variety of needs - Business owners that are after strong customer service, competitive uptime, and low introductory pricing. They can get dedicated hosting plans to have exclusive use of a server.

BlueHost In A Nutshell

Overall, BlueHost is a well-recommended web hosting platform that is reliable and user-friendly. It is a worthy investment not only for small eCommerce owners but for complex and large corporations as well.

BlueHost emerges as an excellent choice in terms of web hosting packages, servers, and support. However, some customers have a few concerns when it comes to high renewal fees, constant upsells, and backup solutions. With these improvements, BlueHost will become the best place for web hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions About BlueHost

Before choosing a web hosting company, learn more about what most people ask about BlueHost before investing in it:

How much disk storage and bandwidth do BlueHost offer?

You can choose from VPS plans, shared hosting, and dedicated servers. Each plan offers a different level of usage. For large and complex websites, BlueHost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity. 

What services do BlueHost offer except for web hosting?

With BlueHost, you can use SEO, social media marketing, graphic design, email, marketing training, content creation, and listings for local businesses.

Can BlueHost host any domain?

Yes, you can transfer domains to your BlueHost account.

Is BlueHost Good?

Yes, it is a home for more than two million websites. That alone proves what kind of service BlueHost extends to customers. It provides solid uptime and excellent support, which every website owner needs.

BlueHost Alternatives

  • SiteGround - This is the best BlueHost alternative known for its flexible hosting packages and advanced security features. It also guarantees 99.9% uptime on your website.
  • Dreamhost - Dreamhost is another alternative with solid customer support, unlimited disk space, and affordable plans. In addition, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to new customers.
  • GoDaddy - GoDaddy is well known for small-to-medium online businesses. It’s an excellent alternative for those who prefer simplicity over comprehensive options.


Web hosting is extremely important in running a website or an e-commerce store. It provides more than just simple data storage. In addition, it offers comprehensive security and support. A hosting company can highly contribute to your business’ success. Ensure you choose one with a proven track record like BlueHost.

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