8 Best SEO Tools for SERP Tracking

SERP tracking is probably one of the most important features of internet commerce today. It is vital for everyone involved to be able to analyze search engine results to ensure that they have enough traffic coming into their website.

Being aware of your web page's search engine ranking position and search volumes is a major aspect of this. After all, over 90% of consumer traffic goes to web pages that rank first in search engine results.

Manual SERP tracking can prove to be a very tedious task; tracking keyword positions, search engine results, and the like. Luckily, many developers have come up with platforms that act as SERP tracking tools.

By investing in a SERP tracking tool and undergoing a website audit, users are able to have an easier time with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After all, not all rank trackers and SERP checker tools operate the same way.

The Best SEO Tools

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is an SEO suite that provides users with a multifunctional SEO tool kit. This rank tracker has features that are geared mostly towards e-commerce websites, SEO agencies, and digital marketing professionals interested in organic traffic.

The software comes with a position tracking tool that enables users to analyze SERP movements both globally and locally, with virtually any device they can use, allowing them to further optimize their marketing plan.

The biggest advantage that users of SEMRush have is the fact that this SERP tool allows them to easily track competitors and keep track of which URLs are becoming more visible within the SERPS through simple desktop search results.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, much like SEMrush is also an all-in-one SERP tracking tool. One of its most notable features is its user-friendly competitor research element within its platform.

This is best used for surveying competitors as it allows users to analyze their competitor's organic traffic, PPC keywords, and backlink strategies on the Google SERP.

It also comes with a link-building tool, which allows users to find the strongest backlink scheme within their niche. Lastly, its SERP rank tracking feature enables all of its clients to track the positions of their keywords, as well as their competitors'.

3. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is actually a WordPress plugin used in Google Analytics. One of its most notable features is its user-friendly setup. Many users of Google Analytics have complained that linking the platform to a website is just simply too much of a hassle.

MonsterInsights gives users an easier time by automatically connecting their site to Google Analytics in just a few minutes.

Additionally, the platform also has an Ads tracking feature, which allows users to set up their ads for maximum revenue through tracking how many clicks an ad banner receives, determining which ads are being ignored, and identifying the most effective ad placements.

4. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is a rank tracker used mostly by those who work in SEO agencies and consultancy services. Being one of the most efficient SERP tracker tools, it allows its clients to track SEO ranking and monitor competition.

One of its most prominent features is that it tracks rankings from all notable search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

AccuRanker also allows its users to utilize third-party software in order to bring traffic and revenue data into reports on rankings. Lastly, its Share of Voice (SoV) metric enables its clients to assess market performance. The current price of AccuRanker is $109 per month. You could also sign up for its free trial just to try it out!

5. ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker is an easy-to-use platform of tools developed by an Israeli company. Its SERP tracking feature allows its users to track data from the usual search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What makes ProRankTracker unique is that it has a SERP tracker tool feature for Amazon, which is not found in other SERP trackers.

It also allows its users to request manual ranking updates. With ProRankTracker, users are able to see the evolution of their keywords on a graph, making it easier to analyze SERP data. You could try it out through its 7-day free trial to see if it's perfect for your SEO campaign!

6. Advanced Web Ranking

Users of Advanced Web Ranking have access to features such as ranking data for any location, PC, mobile device, or language, complex data analysis tools, a variety of performance metrics, and user-friendly ranking reports. This SEO tool also boasts an efficient rank tracker interface.

Many of its users have stated that it is best used for small business owners and SEO agencies. For a price of $49.00 per month, it is definitely one of the most cost-effective SERP tracking tools out there.

7. SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher's features are mostly used by SEO agencies. This platform allows its users to track SERP results in various ways, depending on what suits the user.

SERPWatcher's rank tracking software provides clients with an effective SERP tracker tool for unlimited domains, zoom into rank tracking based on city, state, or country, and add their own keywords or take some from a list of keyword suggestions, all on any location and device.

Users are also able to retain their data for one year and analyze historical data with an easy-to-use interface. For a fair price of $29.90 per month, SERPWatcher is clearly worth a try for you to be able to track rankings.

8. SERPWoo

Some people have called SERPWoo one of the most accurate rank tracking tools out there. When it comes to tools, SERPWoo is definitely one of the best. It is a platform that caters mostly to experienced SEO agencies.

What makes SERPWoo unique is that it is fully customizable to what the user needs. Its most notable feature is its notification feature, which immediately alerts users via email whenever their rankings drop in real-time.

The only downside to SERPWoo is that it is limited to tracking SERP data coming only from Google. For a price of $49.95 per month, SERPWoo is quite the bargain!

Additional Resources for SERP Tracking Tools


G2 is a well-known website when it comes to looking at any rank tracker. With this website, users are able to send reviews on which platforms they like best, the advantages as well as the disadvantages they entail, and information on the pricing of each SERP tracking software.


ContentDistribution.com has all the information you need when it comes to looking for a SERP tool that suits you. It offers free guides for anyone thinking of getting into the SEO field. Its community page enables users to share experiences and offer advice to each other.

Bottom-line, SERP tracking may be a daunting task to many web page owners, SEO agencies, and digital marketing professionals. Fortunately, you can learn more about Google SERP, Search Volume, and more on PageKits.com!

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