Best Podcast Hosting Services

When it comes to creating certain types of content, there are a multitude of options beyond lengthy blog posts and your typical social media posts. Investing in a podcast hosting service can be a great way to promote your product or service and captivate a wide audience.

The best part is that even total beginners can get started with creating a podcast due to easy-to-use podcast hosting websites that offer free options or charge a subscription per month or podcast. Depending on your target podcast audience, different platforms can give you certain types of control over the programs you create.

Choosing the Best Podcast Hosting Service

Depending on your needs, each and every podcast hosting platform has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the best podcast hosting options that provide a mixture of paid plans, free trials, and storage solutions for your business. The best podcast hosting companies typically offer a thirty-day free trial or less to help you get a feel for their service.

Best for Marketing Features: Podbean

One of the best options for those who want to integrate marketing with their podcasts is Podbean. For their free plan, they have a 5-hour limited upload that doesn't allow you to use your own domain name. Fortunately, they have an unlimited plan that starts at $9 per month. Given their variety of payment plans, the types of analytics and custom domains you can get will vary.

They have a huge advertising marketplace which is perfect for those who want to make money off their podcasts, in addition to podcast promotion tools that can submit your episodes to top podcast directories.

Best for Beginners: BuzzSprout

One of the most popular hosting platforms out there is BuzzSprout, which offers a free plan with unlimited team member accounts. Their platform is easy to use, with a mobile-friendly website and visually appealing podcast players.

Because most beginners tend to struggle with sound, their “Magic Mastering” can help optimize sound quality. It's also easy to add chapter markers in a podcast episode to help listeners keep track of where they last left off. Lastly, they also provide an analytics dashboard that is simple for beginners to understand.

Best for Embeddable Players: Simplecast

At around $15 a month, Simplecast provides one of the best services for an embeddable podcast player. They have been used by huge brands such as HBO, Nike, Facebook, and Kickstarter, giving you plenty of options to create a professional finish for your website. With plenty of light and dark themes and the option to choose your own images, it provides smooth and visually-pleasing players.

Other notable tools include the "Recast" tool which helps you schedule and share chosen sound bites on social networks. You'll also get to collaborate between multiple team members in a single account.

Best for Analytics: Transistor

Transistor stands out due to their private podcast feed options that can help your brand offer premium content to select users from your community or for your internal staff. There's an option to show off previous episodes through their multi-episode player, which can fit up to 25 episodes.

In terms of analytics, they also showcase stats like average downloads per month, breakdown of listeners per app, listener location, listener trends, and more.

Best for WordPress Integration: Castos

If you want to start a podcast that has WordPress integration, Castos is your best option. They offer a 14-day trial that has a WordPress plugin, making it easy to use right away. Key features include automatic transcription from audio files, a customizable podcast webpage, and advanced analytics.

Their $19 per month starter plan provides unlimited storage, while their more advanced plans have features like republishing to YouTube, custom audiograms, and video file hosting.

Best for Storage: Podiant

One of the best hosting options that maximize the storage for your podcast is Podiant. Their pricing is based on the number of podcasts you create per month, starting at $12. Their strengths include limitless storage, high-quality audio, integrated YouTube posting, and guest collaboration.

They also have a well-designed dashboard that displays useful stats and provides suggestions on how podcasters can improve with various themes and templates. For those getting into podcasting, storage space can be pricey but Podiant is a more cost-effective option for a longer podcast format.

What is Podcast Hosting?

Before starting a podcast for the first time, it's best to get the basics out of the way. Podcast hosting is a type of service that enables you to store media files required by a podcast. It is a similar concept to a website hosting service that hosts your website files.

The Benefits of Podcast Hosting Services

While there are free podcast hosting platforms, some podcast hosts charge a fee for specialized support and other useful features for greater ease of use. To get started with creating your podcasts, exploring the range of podcast websites on the market can help you make sure that you find what you need to create a successful podcast.

Improved quality

A podcast host is more specialized in that it can store large files that take up a lot of server resources depending on episode size. These hosting sites have audio storage solutions and are optimized to ensure that downloading them from the server won't crash. This way, they'll also load more quickly for your listeners to have a better user experience.

Cheaper storage costs

Paying for your own storage costs can cost more in the long run unless you use a podcast hosting site. With hours of audio, your cloud storage can quickly run out. Many plans come with unlimited bandwidth or offer fixed pricing based on your storage needs. Comparing storage pricing with the potential for growth, it's typically more of a bargain to use a hosting platform.

Faster speeds

Having a podcast with low speeds or slow buffering can make a potential listener lose interest and switch over to one of your competitors. Hosting sites fix this problem by providing unlimited downloads so that you can get your podcast episodes out there at a faster pace.

Useful analytics

Finally, in order to effectively monetize your podcast and start earning income from it, it's useful to gain insights into how long a listener remains invested in an audio file, the number of downloads per podcast, their location, and more. Many platforms have useful analytics to help creators tweak their podcasts to better suit their listeners' preferences.

From a creative standpoint, podcasting can improve the sales and reach of almost any business. Podcasters can choose from limitless niche topics, bringing in guests for a change of pace. A podcast website can keep listeners engaged no matter where they are or what they are doing.

For more information on how to get the word out regarding your new podcast, check out our PageKits article on building and maintaining a website to maximize your audience potential. If you have any more questions about putting up a podcast, contact Page Kits today!

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