Best Artist Website Examples For 2022

Because the majority of content, information, and entertainment is now consumed online, artists now opt to showcase their work through online platforms. Building a website enables artists to curate their work and present it to their audience in the manner they desire. There are numerous ways to do this, and the best artist website examples on this list make the most of the digital tools available to them to guarantee their audience has a positive experience on their website.

21 Best Artist Websites

Whether you want to draw attention to your artworks or make your website a work of art in its own way, these artist website examples will inspire you to accomplish your website's goals and objectives.

1. Andrea Lawl Manning

This has most of the positive aspects that best art websites for artists should have. The sidebar menu makes it easy to navigate the website, while artworks are neatly exhibited on the white space beside it, making the landing page look like an actual gallery. 

Things To Love About It:

  • Easy navigation
  • Gallery view above the fold
  • Responsive gallery grid

2. Kate Vass Galerie

Galleries pay attention to cohesive variety when curating art. This website breaks away from the usual gallery grid and arranges elements according to visual hierarchy and harmony. 

Things To Love About It:

  • Asymmetric layout
  • Animated logo
  • eCommerce functionality

3. Benjamin Hardman

This website focuses on the details of the artworks and lets the art objects tell a story through a large slideshow on the landing page. This can easily be done with any website builder online.

Things To Love About It:

  • Minimalist navigation
  • Large, high-resolution images
  • Slideshow arrows revealed on hover

4.  Jingna Zhang

This website features a vertical gallery view on the homepage to showcase the artist’s best work and convey a particular mood. The subtle navigation bar and social media icon put all eyes on the images first and foremost.

Things To Love About It:

  • Perfectly aligned gallery grid
  • Emphasis on images
  • Unobtrusive top navigation bar

5. Michelle Carlos

The best artist websites aim to put emphasis on the artworks. Most sites do this with minimalist fonts and graphics. This website adds extra detail by incorporating web graphics that match the art.

Things To Love About It:

  • Graphics that match the artwork
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Sticky header

6. Jeff Hein

With a single captivating image on the homepage, this website directs the visitor's attention from the artwork to the top links, enticing the user to explore the remainder of the website.

Things To Love About It:

  • Strategic use of high-quality images
  • Minimalist design
  • CV as website content

7. Jon Burgerman

This website’s clever use of animation mimics the dynamism of the artist’s works with moving images and interactive scrolling. Code-heavy websites like this may require building the website offline before launching.

Things To Love About It:

  • Unique animation
  • Creative, interactive menu bar
  • Subtle logo placement

8. Brimstone Creative

The best art websites for artists don’t only include websites for traditional or fine art. Digital artists, photographers, and videographers can create a website that showcases their work while capturing leads and providing information about their services.

Things To Love About It:

  • Clear call to action at the header
  • Fixed main header bar
  • Modest design accents

9. Robert Wilson

This website makes use of a full-screen slideshow to highlight imagery that captures the theme of the artist’s work. The translucent navigation bar at the bottom keeps the spotlight on the images, and the logo adds a lot of character.

Things To Love About It:

  • Consistent slideshow imagery
  • Striking logo design
  • Subtle navigation bar

10. Samantha Keely Smith

Less is more when it comes to the best art websites for artists. This website has almost nothing on the landing page, only a call-to-action button and the site title on top of high-resolution images of paintings, giving focused attention to detail.

Things To Love About It:

  • Subtle but clear call to action
  • Elegant typography
  • High-resolution full-screen slideshow

11. Tamar Halpern

This website uses bold typography, a sleek user interface, and an animated cursor to convey a modern art magazine vibe. Artworks are grouped by year in reverse chronological order as you scroll, making it easy to browse through the artist’s works.

Things To Love About It:

  • Consistent branding through user interface
  • Unobtrusive cursor animation
  • Excellent use of white space

12. June Digan

Although this site has a simple layout, the images, fonts, and color palette make it look like an entire work of art. The logo also blends with the hero image, tying everything together into one cohesive visual experience.

Things To Love About It:

  • Harmonious color palette
  • Full-width gallery grid below the fold
  • Strategic logo placement

13. Sophie Kahn

This website’s landing page only has four elements, but the visual hierarchy allows each element to be seen in order of importance — first the artworks, then the name of the artist, main CTA button, and social media links last.

Things To Love About It:

  • Excellent visual hierarchy
  • Bold typography and solid colors
  • High-resolution images

14. Wim Delvoye

This highly customized website gives visitors an interactive experience that explicates the rationale behind the artist’s body of work. Websites like these are typically built by professional web designers since website builders don’t offer enough tools for full customization.

Things To Love About It:

  • Interactive landing page graphics
  • Internal search feature
  • Closeable lead capture form

15. Susan Woodford

With lots of white space, this website highlights the artist’s works and reveals every single detail with high-quality images. 

Things To Love About It:

  • High-resolution PNG images
  • Subtle shopping cart and search features
  • Sticky header with prominent logo

16. Raúl and David

Among the best artist websites, this one holds the distinction of being the most user-friendly. With an unembellished sidebar menu and infinite scrolling, this site is an excellent model for any artist looking to build their own website without any web design experience.

Things To Love About It:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • High-quality images
  • Simple typography

17. Denisa Prochazka

This website uses a full-bleed carousel to display the excellence of the artist through a series of high-resolution images. It also has a live chat feature that is a great addition for artists who would like to keep in touch with their audiences.

Things To Love About It:

  • Full-bleed image carousel
  • Prominent live chat feature
  • Modern typography

18. Brooke Cormier

Depending on the artist’s website objectives, an artist website doesn’t have only to showcase artworks. This website has a full-screen photo of the artist on the landing page, along with a graphic of her signature, immediately introducing the artist behind the artworks shown below the fold.

Things To Love About It:

  • Creative signature graphic
  • Consistent color palette
  • Symmetrical image gallery

19. Banksy

Performance and street artists like the iconic Banksy can use a website to show what they’re all about through the use of multiple media and creative graphics and typography. Banksy’s website has a video on the landing page along with a user-friendly but edgy menu bar.

Things To Love About It:

  • Unique typography
  • Use of various media
  • Simple but prominent logo

20. Atelier Tinika

This artist showcases her art style on her website by using various graphic elements that add texture and variety to the page. Although there is variety, the artist’s choice of colors, fonts, and icons make everything look cohesive.

Things To Love About It:

  • Well-coordinated design elements
  • Shopping cart icon with item count
  • Floating social media buttons

21. Jessica Chou

Some of the best artist websites are as creatively done as the artworks they display. However, the best practice is to keep the site simple to make the artworks shine. This website is almost blank, containing only the artworks in a single, infinitely scrolling column at the center and an inconspicuous header bar.

Things To Love About It:

  • Minimalist web design
  • Vibrant, high-quality photos
  • Intuitive user experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The artist website examples above include the best art websites for artists and the best artist websites used by other people in the art industry. If you’re still wondering what you need to meet your artist website objectives, we have the answers below:

What should an artist website include?

Other than images or videos of the artworks, an artist website should include information about the artist, gallery, or service provider.

How important is a website for a brand?

A website is a one-stop hub for all information, products, services, and works of any individual or organization, making it essential for every brand regardless of industry.

Do artists still use websites?

Yes. Although social media is becoming more and more popular than websites, an artist's website positions one as a professional, and it provides customizations that social media does not have.

Having a website is important for artists and any entity that would like to establish a strong image. We trust that the examples we provided have helped you gain ideas about how you can build a website that can help you accomplish your goals. Need more ideas? Get inspired by these Squarespace website examples and start building your own website today!

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