Advertising - A channel of communication between a product's or service's users.
Affiliate Marketing - The process where an affiliate earns a commission for promoting the products of an individual or company.


Backloading - To load to the back or at the end of a period. See the importance of backloading in a website.
Bandwidth - The maximum amount of data that your website can send to your users in a specified amount of time. See bandwidth for when building a website.
Bootstrap - This is an HTML, CSS, and JS library focused at simplifying the creation of informative web pages. See how to build a website with Bootstrap.
Bounce Rate - The percentage of visitors who leave a page without taking an action such as clicking a link, completing a form, or making a purchase. See how to improve bounce rates.


Chatbot - It is a program that mimics human conversation, either verbally or via text. See chatbots.
Certified Domain Name - It demonstrates to website visitors that the domain name registration and control of the website have been validated. See Certified Domain Name.
Child Theme - A theme that borrows functionality and styling from another theme referred to as the parent theme. See child theme.
Content - The textual, visual, or audible content that users encounter on websites. See how to manage content.
CSS - A style sheet language used to describe how a document written in a markup language such as HTML should be presented. See CSS.


Domain - It is an easily-remembered name that corresponds to a physical Internet Protocol (IP) address. See domain.
Domain Name Registration - The process of reserving a domain name on the Internet for a specified period of time, typically one year.
Domain Registrar - A company that manages domain name reservations and IP address assignment for those domain names. See how to pick domain registrars.
Domain Renewal - This extends your domain name ownership by another year or more. See domain renewal process.
Domain Transfer - The process of altering your domain name's registrar. See domain transfer guide.
Dropshipping - The act of transporting (goods) directly from the manufacturer to the retailer, bypassing the traditional distribution channels.


EC2 - A service that enables anyone to rent servers directly from their website and access Amazon's global network of servers. See EC2.
eCommerce - Refers to a business model that enables businesses and individuals to purchase and sell goods and services online. See eCommerce.
eCommerce Builder - Is a website builder that makes selling products online more efficient and straightforward.
eCommerce Dropshipping - A type of e-commerce selling where the seller is not required to invest in inventory, resulting in low start-up costs. See eCommrece dropshipping guide.
eCommerce Passive Income - Any income that you earn in eCommerce with little or no effort on your part. See eCommerce passive income guide.
eCommerce Platform - A software application in which both parties, the seller and the purchaser, participate. See eCommerce platform.
Email Service - Is a company that specializes in providing businesses with the tools necessary to send bulk emails and manage email marketing campaigns. See the best email service.


Framework - A set of rules, ideas, or beliefs that you use to solve problems or make decisions.
Front Loading - This means putting the important details, special information, and keywords at the front of sentences. See front loading.


GoDaddy - A web hosting company and domain registrar. It is simple to use from creating your domain to launching your website. See how to start building website on GoDaddy.
Google Adsense - A Google-run program that allows website publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements.


HR Software - The digital solution for managing and optimizing an organization's daily human resource tasks and overall goals. See how an HR software improves business workflow.
HostGator - An excellent web hosting service that comes equipped with a slew of powerful tools, one of which is a fantastic website builder.
Hosting - This enables businesses and individuals to publish a website or web page on the Internet. See the best web hosting type.
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language; A standardized system for tagging text files of color, graphic, font, and hyperlink effects on WWW pages. See how to build a website with HTML.


InMotion - Is an independent provider of web hosting and related website products.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - An application development software that combines common developer tools into a single graphical user interface (GUI). See what IDE to use when building a website.


Java - An object-oriented programming language that enables the development of software for a variety of platforms. See important features of Java.
JavaScript - It is a text-based programming language that can be used on both the client and server sides to create interactive web pages. See JavaScript.


Landing Page - Is an independent web page created specifically for the purpose of marketing or advertising.
Link Building - The process of obtaining links to your site from other websites. See the importance of link building.
Linux - A free computer operating system created by an open-source developer community. See why Linux is used for website building.
Local Server - Is another computer that serves a client on a local area network, or LAN. See how to start a local server.


Marketing - The act or business of promoting and selling products or services, which includes market research and advertising.


Namecheap - ICANN-accredited domain name registrar that offers domain registration and web hosting services. See Namecheap.
Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - A legally enforceable contract that establishes a relationship of confidentiality. See Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Passive Income Streams - This is a flow of money earned through passive participation. See smart ideas for passive income streams.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) - A set of standards established for the secure processing, storage, and transmission of payment card data.
PayPal - Secure online payment system that enables users to pay for items online and send and receive money safely.
Pingback - This is a notification that inform other bloggers that your website contains a link to their article. See pingback.
Portal - A web-based platform that consolidates data from multiple sources into a unified user interface. See portal.
Python - Object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics that is interpreted.


SEO - The process of optimizing your website to increase its visibility when people conduct searches on search engines for products or services related to your business. See SEO.
SEO Copywriter - Someone with the ability to balance the delicate art of pleasing both the audience and the search engines. See the importance of a good SEO copywriter.
Stripe - A business-to-business payment processing and credit card processing platform.
Square - An online payment processing solution that works in conjunction with Square's hardware and point-of-sale software so businesses can accept a variety of payment methods.
Squarespace - Website development and hosting company based in the United States. See Squarespace.


UX - The manner in which a user experiences and interacts with a product, system, or service.


Web Design Agency - An agency that provides website design according to your needs and preferences. See how to set up your own web design agency.
Web Developer - They are in charge of the design and development of websites and web applications. See how to become a web developer.
Web Development - This is the process of creating an Internet or intranet website. See web development for beginners.
Website - A collection of related web pages that are usually created by a single person or organization and are located under a single domain name. See how to plan out a website.
Website Builder - It is a platform or program that enables you to build a website quickly and easily. See website builder.
Website Design - Is a term that refers to the design of websites that are accessible via the internet. See essential elements of website design.
Website Traffic - This refers to website visitors. It is measured in visits, which are occasionally referred to as "sessions."
Weebly - Simple-to-use website builder that includes a free version. You can create and publish appealing, responsive websites, blogs, and online stores. See how Weebly stands out.
Wix - Website builder; a simple-to-use tool that enables you to quickly create an online presence using a drag-and-drop interface. See how to build a website on Wix.
WooCommerce - A completely customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on the WordPress platform.
WordPress - Content management system (CMS) for hosting and developing websites. See WordPress review.
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