Best WordPress Website Examples for 2022

WordPress is a popular website builder for bloggers, eCommerce stores, and other businesses. It provides a lot of flexibility for beginners and more experienced users and comes with a large support network in case you run into any problems.

These excellent WordPress website examples will inspire users on web design elements and content that can engage the customer base. 

20 Best WordPress Website Examples

Here are some examples of WordPress websites from businesses of all sizes to help get you started. 

1. TechCrunch 

TechCrunch uses bold headlines and lots of white space to enhance the visibility of their articles. It has a minimal design that organizes content into specific groups, with uniformly sized columns for each headline, image, and article summary. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Bold headlines and readable fonts 
  • Good use of white space 
  • Clearly organized sections for better clarity 

2. Ceremony Coffee 

Ceremony Coffee’s website is sleek, sophisticated, and modern with subtle pops of color and high-quality images to appeal to wealthy clients. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Dark loading screen for maximum impact 
  • Features social media photos at the bottom of the page 
  • Unique color cursor effect on the page banner 

3. The Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation’s website combines videos, articles, and other forms of media in clear sections, appealing to those who need to access information quickly. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Call to action is integrated with buttons per section
  • Bold, capitalized fonts stand out against the darker photos
  • Featured social media posts increase audience engagement 

4. TED Blog 

TED’s WordPress website displays the main banner with the leading headline and other articles below it. The simple format allows users to access a summary of each talk, the topics, and the category. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Mini summaries per article to provide readers with more information
  • Responsive design when the window is resized 
  • The filter on the top can help narrow down articles 

5. Vogue 

Vogue’s fashion-forward website features the latest stories, videos, and projects from the company in a grid format, with a focus on classic fonts, colorful visuals, and photography. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Popup at the bottom attracts email subscribers 
  • The collage-style layout is engaging yet simple 
  • The red and white color scheme and sophisticated font choice echoes branding 

6. Daybreaker 

Daybreaker’s website is dynamic, colorful, and bold with flashing fonts, plenty of animations, bright colors, and videos to appeal to a youthful audience. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Plenty of animations and vivid colors 
  • Cursor changes encourage users to buy tickets 
  • Sections have different backgrounds for better clarity 

7. Momofuku 

Momofuku’s website shows off its food products with a clean and simple layout that highlights its delicious food photography on a large scale. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Illustrated menu icons align with brand identity and main goods 
  • High-quality photos emphasize the texture and color of food products 
  • The shop features customer reviews from “Happy Customers” 

8. Oh She Glows 

Created by Angela Liddon, Oh She Glows is a healthy living and vegan food recipe site. The website prominently features her cookbook, about me page, and uses a friendly rustic font that matches the overall vibe of the brand catered to like-minded individuals. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • The recipe search function is very well-organized with plenty of features
  • Good use of white space that helps the images pop 
  • Social media icons are near the top and also by the bottom header 

9. Urban Southern 

Urban Southern’s landing page displays a bold slogan over a campaign image, along with popular products and publications, and outlets that featured their brand. It appeals to down-to-earth shoppers looking for quality products. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Customer reviews are the main focus, encouraging brand confidence 
  • Engaging content that encourages users to stay on their website 
  • Payment options are featured on the footer 

10. Tonal 

Tonal’s website uses black and pops of blue and sea green to evoke energy with many capitalized fonts. This is well-suited to active users and those looking to get fit. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Pop up contains a quiz to help users determine their preferences 
  • Celebrity endorsement is front and center with a high-res video 
  • Pricing information is on the landing page 

11. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone’s website follows a red color scheme that’s true to their brand with different sections as you scroll down the page, including featured columns on the latest news headlines. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • The layout resembles a newspaper 
  • The text is clearly organized, so it isn’t overwhelming
  • The landing page provides relevant and trending information 

12. Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg’s site uses a subtle loading animation as you scroll down so that items come into focus clearly and there are unique effects that appear as you hover over some objects.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Includes accessibility button to help differently-abled customers browse 
  • A black background helps colors pop 
  • The music bar at the bottom enhances user experience 

13. PlatinumGames 

PlatinumGames’ website is crisp and clean, with a subdued grey menu bar evocative of a game console, and also makes use of WordPress’ age verification features for underage gamers. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • High-resolution images showcase impressive game animation 
  • Subtle animations add interest 
  • Diamond-shaped scroll button is unique

14. The Sartorialist 

The Sartorialist’s website showcases his gallery of works in a grid format, with a warm and nostalgic theme that appeals to sophisticated and trendy users. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • The header is stylish with a classic font and unique menu choice 
  • A playful mixture of fonts works well since the text is minimal
  • The search bar uses red font colors and is larger than usual 

15. Studio Ouam 

Studio Ouam’s website is unique, playful, and reflective of its brand identity with plenty of cool animations and cursor effects. It uses contrasting colors to evoke visual interest and keep clients engaged. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • The brand objective is the first thing users see 
  • The cursor contains directional cues for project browsing 
  • Stickers have a fun animation at the bottom 

16. Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art’s website is highly accessible and professional, appealing to educators and guests who need to find information. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Event calendar provides a clear overview 
  • Translate button makes different languages accessible for users
  • Social media channels on the header 

17. The Four-Hour Chef 

Tim Ferriss has authored The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. He promotes his latest book, 4-Hour Chef on his website, with reasons to read the book, bonus content, a quick synopsis, and an about me section with a very vivid lime green and black color scheme for maximum impact. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clear product placement 
  • Unique lime and black color scheme 
  • Arrows encourage scrolling and sections are clearly separated 

18. Travel Oregon 

Travel Oregon’s sleek and professional website features a green color theme, stunning landscapes, valuable information, and travel alerts that come in handy for tourists. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Personalized greetings based on time of day
  • The “Feelings” section is unique and engaging
  • The travel alerts header is accessible and stands out 

19. thisisFINLAND

thisisFINLAND’s website displays articles in a gallery-style format with a square grid-like format to show off photos along with rainbow-colored categories. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Weather widget is useful 
  • Categories are differentiated by color 
  • Clear call to action on the footer 

20. Unicef UK 

Unicef UK’s website reflects its goals clearly, with its trademark sky blue palette,  prominent statistics, and calls to aid. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Vivid contrasting colors highlight the “Donate Now” button
  • Good use of statistics 
  • Live chat feature on the bottom right 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions after browsing these examples of WordPress websites, here’s more information. 

Is a WordPress website good?

WordPress is a flexible platform for users but is best suited for those with experience in coding or those willing to hire a web developer to maximize the functionality of their site.

How do I add social media links to WordPress?

Like these WordPress website examples, you can add social media links to your WordPress menu through plugins, apps, theme customizer, or manually. 

How do I get more followers on WordPress?

To gain followers on WordPress, you use relevant keywords, regularly post on your blog, apply tags, engage with other users, and use social media shares. 


All in all, WordPress is an extremely versatile platform that you can fully customize to meet your needs. It is a great fit for content creators and small and medium-sized businesses. While the software is free to use, you will need to pay hosting costs for your website. 

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