Wix vs. Weebly 2022: What To Look Out For

If your business doesn’t have a digital presence yet, your target market might not even know it exists. We live in a tech-dependent society where consumers spend most of their day online. No matter what industry you operate in, expect digital marketing efforts to account for a significant portion of your daily sales.

Jump-start your online campaign by building a website. Widely used site builders like Wix and Weebly eliminate the need for complex, time-consuming coding, and you can launch your site in a matter of hours. Although they both have competitive pricing, user-friendly editors, and customizable templates, you can only choose one. So, Wix vs. Weebly — what to look out for and which should you use?

What Is The Difference Between Wix And Weebly?

Users often have trouble differentiating between Wix vs. Weebly because they have similar editors. First-timers might even confuse the two for each other. However, you’ll realize that they have several noticeable differences after a bit of research.

For instance, although both Wix and Weebly feature simple editors, the latter’s editor is relatively easier to use. You’ll only have to drag and drop page elements. Select your preferred template, decide on a theme, then arrange your panels into the columns and rows available. The site creates a layout for you.

On the contrary, Wix has an unstructured website editor. Utilizing it requires some design experience, but you’ll have more control over the finished products. Take note that the editor still uses premade templates. However, users can customize it according to their desired aesthetic, branding, and color scheme.


Trial: Free
Connect: $4.50
Combo: $8.50
Unlimited: $12.50
VIP: $24.50 
Basic Use: Free
Connect: $5 per month
Pro: $12 per month
Business: $25

At a glance, Wix and Weebly seem like they offer nearly the exact rates. Although their prices don’t differ much, each package provides varying features. Go beyond the monthly fees, and assess what their packages offer and how your business would benefit from them instead.

For instance, let’s talk about the priciest plans available. Ideally, the VIP and Business packages suit SMBs and entrepreneurs who need a customizable website accommodating a lot of media files and complex layouts.

Both fit the roles perfectly. However, Weebly offers unlimited storage and $100 credit in Google ads, while Wix has unlimited bandwidth and generates free user insights for one whole year.

Editing Features


Straightforward, beginner-friendly interface
Unchallenging blogging and eCommerce site builders
Heavily relies on built-in features
Lack of customization
Features don’t get updated too often
Minimal customization tools


Fully customizable templates
Editor accommodates third-party apps
Site regularly updates builder features
Customization requires basic web design experience
Customization typically needs third-party apps
Less user-friendly interface 

If you want the most user-friendly editor, try Weebly. Although it lacks customization tools, its unchallenging editor makes it a hit among first-timers with zero web development experience. Even beginners only need a few hours to publish a website.

Meanwhile, Wix offers a more diverse, robust set of customization tools. You can combine its built-in features and third-party apps to create the same page elements you have in mind. You don’t have to settle for fixed templates.



Structured templates
No web design or coding experience needed
Premade themes available
Compromises customization for ease of use
Simplicity seems limiting
Doesn’t accommodate third-party apps


ADI generates custom templates
Editor has drag-and-drop features
Third-party apps are easy to integrate
Requires some experience in web design
Features might seem overwhelming
Beginners aren’t familiar with third-party apps

When it comes to ease of use, Weebly trumps Wix. They both have drag-and-drop editors that require zero coding, but Weebly is relatively easier to handle. Even first-timers can utilize its tools to the fullest.

On the contrary, Wix sacrifices a bit of convenience for customization. The editor is still easy to use, but you’ll need some practice and training to maximize it.

Designs And Theme


You can change templates of published websites
Specifically curated templates for eCommerce and blogging
Straightforward, unchallenging designs
Only carries 50+ premade templates
Minimal customizability
Does not support coding or third-party apps


Features 500+ premade templates
All templates offer 100% customizability
Published websites are mobile-friendly
No coding available
Customization requires third-party apps
Templates on published sites are fixed

For the designs and themes section, Wix outperforms Weebly. Although Weebly has unchallenging templates, it doesn’t support coding or third-party app customization. Also, its built-in tools do minimal structural edits.

Customer Support 


Excellent customer service ratings
All clients get fair service
Quickly resolves site issues
Service declined since Square’s acquisition
Premium package clients don’t receive much special treatment
Drag-and-drop editor has several bugs


24/7 customer support available
Priority customers always receive premium customer service
Relatively secure site
Relatively less standard customer support
Requires premium fees for top-notch service
Slow response on standard site issues

Wix and Weebly come to a draw in terms of customer service. They both have their ups and downs. If you plan on getting a standard package, opt for Weebly since they treat all their clients the same. 

However, those planning on going Pro should look into Wix. Their customer service team always prioritizes premium-paying clients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wix And Weebly

Learn more about the differences between Wix vs. Weebly by going through some questions users ask when using site builders for the first time.

Are website builders worth it?

Website builders suit SMBs and bloggers who need to build a website quickly and efficiently. Even first-timers could launch a simple site in less than a day.

Should I code my website or use a website builder?

Try out site builders if you want to launch a website without spending a lot of resources on coding and web development. However, advanced, customized sites would require professional coding.

Is Wix cheaper than Weebly?

The premium packages on Wix and Weebly cost about the same. However, the latter offers more robust eCommerce features, while the former enables better site layout customization.


Wix vs. Weebly — which should you use? Apart from reading comparison reviews, reassess which option between the two addresses your web development needs.

Also, don’t limit yourself to Wix and Weebly. Although they stand as the most popular site builders, you may also benefit from other options that offer niche, exclusive services.

Are you looking for site builders other than Wix and Weebly? Page Kits has you covered! Check out our in-depth comparison review of the best website builders on the market!

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