What Is A Theme In Website Building?

November 22, 2023  /  

As you start choosing the details of your website, something that might ease your way into completing what you envision in your mind is a website theme. But what is it really? 

A website theme is a tool that allows you the liberty of changing the website design and layout. It is a way you can customize the overall appearance of your site, including the colors, fonts, layouts, and other design elements.

Basically, a theme is a folder that contains all of these things together. They would appear as templates written in a PHP programming language and CSS stylesheets. Some also feature graphics, Javascript files, localization files, and text files as an information section to guide the user.

Why Should You Get A Website Theme?

When it comes to building a website, there are a lot of bits and pieces that you must concern yourself with, particularly in the layout and design. After all, as the website is a mirror of who you are as a company, so you want it to represent you best.

How Does A Website Theme Work?

Themes will feed on the data on your site and display it into your browser following the instructions as written in the templates and files inside the theme. For instance, here are some of the things you can do through a theme:

  • Add images and videos to your pages
  • Use a static or responsive layout, depending on your preference
  • Choose how many columns you want to be displayed on your page
  • Customize fonts and colors as you wish
  • Modify your banner, title, or tagline
  • Install different plug-ins

Final Thoughts

Themes allow you to present your content in a different light on your website. It can showcase your brand—from its colors to its personality, as well as the quality content you want to put out so you can rank better on Google.

Themes are indeed quite powerful, because more than the aesthetics, they also help encourage engagement from your site visitors. So, take time in developing your theme—perhaps working with web design experts to help you.
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