What Does a Certified Domain Name Mean?

October 25, 2023  /  
What Does a Certified Domain Name Mean?

Domain names are the human-readable form of an IP address, and they're what you type into your browser to get to a website

The domain name system (DNS) is what converts those words into numbers so that computers can understand them. For internet users, these names are used to locate and identify computers and other devices connected to the Internet. 

Without a domain name, the only way for people to visit your website would be if they know how to find it using its IP address. The problem is that an IP address isn't something most people can remember and even fewer are able to advertise it in their marketing material.

Why Should My Domain Name Be Certified? 

A Certified Domain provides visible evidence that a domain has been validated and its registrant's credentials have been verified. For this reason, it is useful for all websites to improve their legitimacy and trustworthiness by displaying the certified seal.

Domain names under generic Top-Level Domain Names (gTLDs) may be registered with one of more than two thousand registrars accredited by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN).

These domains can only be accessed through an approved reseller or representative that is duly authorized to do so. This is because ICAAN has ensured that these groups abide by certain guidelines set forth within its terms of use policies which protect consumers from unauthorized accesses to domains offered on behalf of another company. 

What’s the Difference Between Certified Domain Names and SSLs? 

A Certified Domain establishes that the domain registration was validated. In contrast, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate enables secure, encrypted connections between a visitor’s Web browser and server so that no one can tamper or intercept transaction data exchanged on said website.

Domain names can be reserved for a maximum of ten years, but registrars will let you renew indefinitely. However, this does not give the end user ownership of the domain; again, they are merely leasing it.
Ensure that your customers know you are reliable and legitimate with a certified domain name. To learn more about domain registration, read our guides at PageKits.com today.

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