The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing Tools

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook is the biggest and the most active social media platform in the world with almost 3 billion monthly active users (2.963 billion exactly for the month of January 2023) according to Datareportal. This fact alone encourages businesses to start promoting their brands on various social media platforms and take benefit from the amazing Facebook marketing tools to leverage their products and services.

Facebook is no longer just a social media platform where users can post their photos or videos, update their status, follow celebrities and influencers, or connect with friends. Now, it has become a venue for entrepreneurs to market their brands and grow their businesses. The fact that Facebook has almost 3 billion active users proves its ability to gather a lot of potential customers to support and promote business. In fact, businesses are beginning to realize the importance of the social media platform in interacting with their consumers using Messenger, ads, and other features.

To date, there are over 200 million businesses that use applications and free Facebook marketing tools and 80 million business Facebook pages according to Social Pilot.

So if you are a businessman looking for a venue to promote your brand, Facebook is the perfect spot for you. You can utilize the site for free with its amazing Facebook marketing tools and reap its numerous perks and benefits.

What are Facebook Marketing Tools?

Facebook marketing tools are tools available on Facebook that you can use to promote your businesses and brands on the platform. These tools simplify Facebook marketing features like content creation, Facebook groups, Facebook stories and reels, Facebook analytics and ads, publishing, and scheduling of posts, and more. With Facebook marketing tools, you can build awareness of your brand and grow your following online to generate leads and increase sales. In fact, these tools offer several benefits to businesses. This article provides 15 essential benefits that Facebook marketing tools have and five (5) examples of Facebook marketing tools and tips on how to use them effectively.

What are the Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing Tools?

1. Increased Reach

Facebook being the number 1 social media platform in terms of active users signifies that marketing on the platform will surely increase your brand’s reach. Your business will reach more people than ever organically. But if you want to improve your organic reach and expand it to more audience, you can always try paid advertising that is designed for engagement, sign-ups, and more. With Facebook, you can get more impressions on promoting your brand which can eventually lead to more conversions.

2. Cost Savings

You can use Facebook to advertise your product organically for free. Facebook Ads are available for everyone and to all businesses with the Ads Manager tool is free as well. Using these tools can get you cost savings. The only cost one can get is when they run ads on the platform which varies on the duration of the ad, the target audience, and more.

3. Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Facebook allows you to measure your post performance with its powerful analytics and reporting. It has an extensive set of metrics that you can use to improve your posts and ads. These metrics include: reach, engagement, conversions, revenue, and more.

4. Easy to Use & Scalable

Facebook marketing is simple to use. Its Facebook ads are easy to set up and measurable. It is available to all entrepreneurs and businesses. Ads can be created through the Business Manager menu, ad creation page, or Ads Manager mobile app. It can be done in a few clicks. Furthermore, users can control the number of users they can reach and engage on their posts.

5. High Engagement Potential

Facebook marketing engages users extensively which can significantly grow businesses’ Facebook followers and fans. Facebook users are active users hence when they find an interesting post, they will surely engage in it. With Facebook, you can easily interact with your audience through engaging posts and direct messaging ads.

6. Data-Driven Targeting

Facebook is capable of targeting the correct and perfect audience for your ads. Its targeting is beyond demographics and is data-driven. Facebook’s targeting power makes it possible for businesses to target a wide range of personal characteristics, lifestyles, interests, life events, behaviors, and hobbies through its psychographic targeting.

7. Automated Features

One can automatically publish their posts away from their device with the use of the schedule post feature on Facebook. It is one of its many automated features which allow customers to easily navigate the platform and perform marketing duties like content creation, running ads, and more.

8. Third-Party Integrations

It is easy for third-party apps to integrate into Facebook making it more accessible and convenient for most users. Facebook users are asked to allow access to these third-party services like games, quizzes, applications, and more and share their basic information with them.

9. Stay Ahead of the Curve

On Facebook, you can always stay ahead of the curve by targeting your competitor. Although you cannot target the fans of your competing brands directly, you can still target users that have shown interest in other brands. By generating a custom audience of users with more than 20 popular brands, you can easily gather thousands of users without paying fees for their profile information. Facebook can allow your brand to effectively compete with others and consistently rise on your success.

10. Leverage Community

Brands can establish a community of their users on Facebook by creating a Facebook group page where they can join and interact with each other. Furthermore, they can interact with their audience and get them to engage with each other by posting relevant stories and content on their pages. Facebook marketing can leverage your communities in a captivating and easy way.

11. Create Compelling Advertisements

You can create and publish a variety of compelling advertisements on Facebook. May it be in an image format, a video, a reel, or a Facebook story, you can create ads that will surely captivate and get the attention of your target audience. Facebook allows you to connect with your market with a wide range of advertising formats you can use to publish on the social media platform.

12. Measure Results

After publishing content, you can easily measure the results using Facebook analytics which measures the reach, impression, engagement, and more of your posts. Furthermore, it has a comprehensive report of the performance of your ad which makes it easily measured. With Facebook, you can get the result of your ad campaign immediately and for free which can help you create better content or improve your online campaigns in the future. Moreover, with simple posts, you can right away see the number of reactions they garnered, the comments, and shares, and with videos, you can instantly see the number of views.

13. Lookalike Audiences Tool

Facebook has a lookalike audience tool that allows you to create an ad that can reach new people who are most likely to take an interest in your brand because they share the same attributes as your current or existing customers. This makes it easier for you to gather leads and drive more conversions.

14. Integrated Shopify Support

Facebook lets you sync all of your Shopify products automatically so you can easily and quickly create ads and shoppable posts on the platform.

15. Low Cost & Comprehensive Reach

Needless to say, marketing your business on Facebook is low-cost and can be completely free depending on how you will use it. And despite its cost, it has the widest reach among other social media platforms in the globe.

Examples of Facebook Marketing Tools and How to Use Them Effectively

1. Removal.AI

Everyone can easily create fun, creative, and engaging content using the Removal.AI tool which automatically and quickly removes the backgrounds on your pictures with no cost at all. This is one of the best Facebook marketing tools as it allows you to save time, energy, and money because you do not have to remove backgrounds manually anymore. It is 100% free and provides top-notch professional quality in its results. You can use this tool on your marketing campaigns and projects and boost your creativity and productivity. With just one click you can take away the background of your pictures in a matter of seconds. To start, you just have to remove bg and begin making your amazing content.

2. MobileMonkey

Another great Facebook marketing tool is Mobile Monkey wherein you can build a list of Facebook Messenger subscribers and send broadcasts, advertisements, and drip campaigns to them. With Mobile Monkey, you can also respond to the comments of your customers on your Facebook posts automatically. This tool provides complete support for Facebook Messenger ads, sponsored ads, chatbot analytics tools, templates, and builders. All in all, Mobile Monkey leverages the capacity of Facebook Messenger to generate incredible engagement from your customers. You just have to personalize and get creative with your chatbot templates and builder to drive interest from your subscribers.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is where you can start running ads on Meta platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It is a comprehensive Facebook marketing tool that lets you create ads, manage them, control the time and date on when they will start running, and choose your target audience, their age, their location, their gender, and more. You can also track your ads and see how they are performing and align them to your marketing objectives. This tool is a free platform and allows businesses to manage multiple Facebook pages, ads, etc. To effectively use this tool, you just have to set clear marketing goals and identify your target audience so that they will be the first in line to see your advertisements on Facebook.

4. InVideo 

The Facebook marketing tool InVideo allows you to create amazing Facebook ads easily. This tool makes it simple for you to edit videos and make them look professionally made. These videos would become great marketing assets that you can use to create effective ads. To use, you just have to drag and drop media files and text to your chosen template. The tool will also allow you to edit every frame from your video, texts, sound, images, animations, and more. You just have to get creative with your concept and design and pick the perfect templates that best fit your needs. 

5. Canva

Canva is currently a popular design tool that enables you to create stunning content for your social media pages like on Facebook. You can find there thousands of outstanding templates which you can use to create Facebook posts, advertisements, stories, videos, profile covers, and many more. You can have amazing and high-quality designs on your posts and make your followers engaged and interested in them. To use, you just have to choose a template that fits the format of your post and the look you want it to have and start personalizing it depending on your style and goals.


Truly, Facebook marketing tools have a lot to offer when it comes to promoting your businesses efficiently and effectively on the most active social media platform. These tools allow you to easily and conveniently run advertisements on your pages, interact with your customers, generate leads, drive conversion, and increase sales. Facebook has plenty of advantages and businessmen should only learn how to make the most out of it to improve their brands and succeed. With its comprehensive reach and free to low-cost features, Facebook can surely boost your businesses’ success if used correctly.

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