Important Benefits A Business Gets From Using Good Web Design

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Important Benefits A Business Gets From Using Good Web Design

Website Design is crucial for running a successful online platform for your business. Using a good webs Design can greatly affect the traffic that comes your way. It aids in brand outreach, creating trust, user-friendliness, displaying all your information properly, helping you get ahead of the competition, SEO, advertising, accessibility, increasing online visibility, and of course; increasing conversion rates.

We talked to industry experts to explain how a good web design helps your business.

Web Design Has a Great Impact on Audience Perception

“Web designing has become more popular than before with a revolution in IT and Digital industry. When given a small frame of time to consume content anyone would prefer to look at beautifully designed websites rather than plain and simple. A web design thus has the greatest impact on audience perception of the brand. Five crucial reasons web design is important are- 

  1. It sets the first Impression
  2. It aides the Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  3. Builds perception about Customer Service
  4. Builds Trust with business audience
  5. Helps to outrank Competitors”

David Attard, Digital Consultant and Web Designer at CollectiveRay

Web Design Is Your Most Valuable Asset

“In a world where you never have more than a few seconds to convince customers to click, read and buy, web design is your most valuable asset. Companies who invest in their visual brands and spend optimizing their online presence are more likely to:

  1. Be noticed and remembered, which translates into organic growth and cheaper acquisition costs.
  2. Keep people engaged on their website, which means a lower bounce rate.
  3. Be perceived as trustworthy and qualitative brands, which leads to higher conversion rates

“Competing in the attention economy means relying on web design.”

Andrew Matlock, CEO and Co-founder of Designware, a no-code builder for websites and apps.

  1. First Impressions

“The website is the first impression that potential customers will have of you. With so many different companies around that might provide the same services you do, having a good website is important to make sure that anyone looking at your website stays on your website. If it’s too difficult to navigate or doesn’t look put together, people will  automatically click off and scroll down to the next available option on the Google search Page.”

Deepak Shukla, Founder Pearl Lemon

  1. SEO

“This year, the single most important benefit of good web design seems to be coming from a completely different area - SEO! That’s because Google is especially keen on rewarding responsive, fast, user-friendly websites with good navigation and clean interface, and punishing websites that lack these elements. They are pretty explicit on this (which is not a usual thing), and have made it the main point of their core algorithm update which is rolling out as we speak. All things considered, it appears that a good web design is turning from a mere benefit to a must-have. If you don’t have it or if it’s considerably worse than your competitors’, nobody will be able to even find your site on Google any longer!”

Mark Coster is the Co-founder and lead SEO specialist of Australian digital agency; FairyDigital.

  1. Aesthetics

Devon Fata says, “If all you want for your website is a simple landing page with information about your business and a way to contact you, you may not need a web designer. There are plenty of simple website templates out there that may meet your needs. Even if this is all you need, though, there are still a lot of reasons to hire a professional web designer. First and foremost, simple website templates all tend to look alike. Any experienced internet user who comes across your self-made site is going to immediately be able to tell that you went with the lowest-budget option available. There are also aspects besides aesthetics to consider;

  1. Tools to Measure Traffic

“A good web designer can help you to find hosting, register your domain name, and set you up with tools to measure traffic. If you want your website to be more than a business card, there's even more that a web designer can do for you. If you're going to be collecting customer contact information or doing any kind of e-commerce, security is absolutely essential. If you're also planning to advertise online (which you absolutely should), a good web designer can help you with this as well.”

Devon Fata, CEO Pixoul

  1. Brand Image

“Good website design helps the business sell. A website is a huge part of your brand image as a business. Customers perceive the business from how the website looks. A well designed website shouts “great business” . On the other hand, a poorly designed website creates a negative impression in the eyes of the customer. It therefore makes the business less appealing, and dampens the chances of making a sale from your website. Website design also influences search engine marketing. The elements of web design determine how you publish your content, how your content appears, and how the content ranks on search engines. On-page-SEO fundamentals needs to be taken care of in order to help the business attract leads through search engine marketing.”

Alina Clark, Growth Manager and Co-founder of CocoDoc, a software development company.

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