Duda Review 2022

You may or may not have heard of Duda — an award-winning platform for building websites. As a professional tool, Duda helps you create and set-up your website with ease. You will be able to scale your designs, follow SEO best practices, conduct client management, automate your workflow, and more with this all-inclusive platform.

This Duda website builder review will explain to you some of their best services, pricing plans, pros and cons, and more to determine if this is the platform for you. Read on for our personal Duda website review.

What is Duda?

Duda is an all-in-one website builder that lets you create a fully optimized eCommerce site. You can customize your site to suit your brand, make sure that it is mobile optimized, and manage all your eCommerce operations with ease.

FeaturesWebsite Builder
Client Management
Team Collaboration
Apps and Integrations 
Pricing Basic - $19/month or $14/month if paid annually
Team - $29/month or $22/month if paid annually
Agency - $59 or $44/month if paid annually
Custom - Create your own plan upon request
Number of TemplatesƒDuda has around 98 templates designed by professionals (organized by type or category), and 10 blank templates if you want to design and fill these in yourself.
Apps and IntegrationsYes
ECommerce ToolsYes

Duda’s Features

Website BuilderAs a website builder, Duda allows you to control and customize sites depending on the device using their intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can select everything from navigation types, UI styles, create custom HTML, add reviews, build your own widgets, integrate chosen payment processors and other eCommerce features. Add blogs, install free SSL, and make sure everything is SEO optimized.
Client ManagementDuda’s client management tools include the use of their white label editor, automatic messages sent to customers, content collection forms, client feedback, comment logs, notifications, client permissions, and analytics tools for better site monitoring and statistics.
Team CollaborationThe feature allows you to work closely with your team members when building and putting together your site. You can easily monitor updates and suggestions from everyone on the team, share assets, and arrange different permission systems.
InfrastructureYour site’s infrastructure will be fully taken care of, as Duda’s websites are all hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and have SSL certification. Sites have GDPR Compliance, Global CDN, site backups, custom domains, and Google PageSpeed optimization as well.
Apps and IntegrationsYour Duda site can integrate with a host of different applications for marketing, site and business management, social networking, video and audio, collections, among others.

Duda’s Pros and Cons

Offers a free trial for thirty days, with access to all of its features.Costs are on the pricier end, with more advanced features only available with more expensive plans.
Promotes ease of use and flexibility in creating bespoke designs.You may still feel relatively confined within the limits of Duda’s templates as you do not have full creative control. 
Simple sign-up process once the account is created. You can only access your files through Duda.
Integrates with several apps and widgets for all kinds of purposes.Apps and widgets are not from third-party providers.
Allows you to work on a website with your team, and collaborate directly on the site. You cannot change templates after selecting and using one.

Who Should Use Duda? Who Should Avoid It?

While Duda is a great and widely used website builder, it may not be the tool for you. Here are some people Duda may benefit the most:

  • People who want to turn their existing site into an eCommerce store - You can easily turn your Duda site into an eCommerce store with its tools, even with its basic plan. 
  • Teams who want to work on building their website together - Duda is great for teams as it has many collaborative functions. You will be able to build your site together and see any comments, updates, and changes made along the way.
  • Duda may not be the best option for beginners because of its steep learning curve. Its team plans and agencies make it one of the more advanced site builders out there, especially if you have never used a platform like this before. 

Duda In A Nutshell

Holistically, Duda is a fantastic website builder for people who intend on scaling their sites. You can add in a bunch of eCommerce features and integrate using Duda’s existing apps and widgets. While their library of design templates is extensive, it may not be the tool for you if you want total creative freedom. 

It has basic SEO optimization functions, and you can make sure that the site is optimized no matter what device is used. Duda is considered an all-in-one website builder, but it will come at a price and a steeper learning curve. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Duda

Still thinking if Duda is the platform for you? Check out these FAQs!

Is Duda Good?

Duda is a good website builder for those who want to quickly build a site. It is also a good builder for teams and those who are transitioning from a regular site into a fully functional ecommerce store.

Is Duda Good for eCommerce?

Duda is good for eCommerce since you’ll have full access to its tool even with just the basic plan. 

Is Duda Self Hosted?

Duda’s websites are centrally managed by Duda itself.

Is Duda Good for SEO?

Duda is good for SEO as you can optimize every page and site no matter what device you are on. With its more advanced plans, you can upgrade your SEO features accordingly.

Duda Alternatives

Still discerning on Duda as a website builder? These are a few alternatives.

  • WordPress - WordPress is a good site builder to start with for free, but you will have to take care of getting your domain and opting for a web hosting service.
  • Webflow - Webflow has an extensive range of design and customization features, which give you control over personalizing your site.
  • Wix - Wix grants users a lot of creative control over their website building efforts thanks to its drag and drop functions. Plus, it also allows you to integrate with third-party providers.

This Duda review may or may not have helped you decide on a website builder just yet, but take some time shopping around for options before you decide on a platform. After all, your website should speak for itself. Be sure to check out some of our other reviews here on Page Kits for more options!

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