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The number of eCommerce dropshipping plugin options makes building a dropshipping store easier than ever. Plugins range from free image editor apps that help entrepreneurs create eye-catching visuals without the help of a creative team to paid systems that identify the best-selling products per month.

For seasoned digital marketers, having a wide range of plugins to add to their store can be convenient as these allow them to fully automate their business. However, things might not be the same for newbies. There are hundreds of plugins you can add to a WordPress dashboard, and sorting through them all can be quite intimidating.

The ideal approach here is to read user guides and customer reviews beforehand. See which options address your needs, check if they fit the budget plan, and see how you can integrate them into your store or shop. Building a dropshipping store using plugins is easy once you know which ones to use.

A List of eCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

There are multiple dropshipping plugin options available, and the essential add-ons to equip your store with depends on what platform you use. For example, you can't rely on a chrome extension if you're running a WooCommerce dropshipping store. Likewise, entrepreneurs that do dropshipping via Wix websites can't install a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin on their site.

1. AliDropship (WooCommerce)

One of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins to have is AliDropship. It's a plugin that allows sellers to import products straight from the AliExpress dropshipping site, take orders from their WordPress-powered WooCommerce store, and ship products to their clients all without leaving the same WooCommerce store tab.

2. Hexton Free Shipping Bar (Shopify)

Statistics show that more than 90% of consumers are likely to push through with their purchase if product shipping is free, so it would only make sense for you to highlight "free shipping" on the products you want to sell fast.

Fortunately, that's exactly what this plugin allows. The Hexton Free Shipping Bar plugin features a streamlined checkout cart that allows customers to track all their orders in a smooth, orderly manner. All costs will be automatically computed as well.

3. Ebay Dropship and Fulfillment (WooCommerce)

An essential WooCommerce dropshipping plugin to have if you want to import products from eBay is the Ebay Dropship and Fulfillment plugin. As the name suggests, it allows sellers to transfer product listings (including images and descriptions) from eBay straight to their WooCommerce store. This is also good for those who are part of eBay suppliers' affiliate marketing programs.

4. Returnly: Returns and Exchanges (Shopify)

Product returns are not something entrepreneurs like. Unfortunately, however, every retail and merchant business experiences these. In fact, studies show that nearly 30% of all recorded online product sales on a daily basis are returned. The best approach here is to automate your returns process so you don't have to deal with the complaints and returns yourself.

5. WooCommerce Dropshippers (WooCommerce)

This is one of the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins currently on the market. It's an all-in-one plugin that assists with product research, automates order processing, converts foreign currency payments, and notifies store owners whenever they sell a product. Of course, you can also fully customize your site through this WooCommerce x WordPress plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which eCommerce platform is best for dropshipping?

Here are some eCommerce platforms where you can start a dropshipping store without spending too much money on web development:

  • WooCommerce - WooCommerce is arguably the best open-source plugin for WordPress dropshipping.
  • Shopify - Whether you need a single-product store or have multiple products that you want to sell, Shopify can support your business. They feature a simple, easy-to-use editor that allows entrepreneurs to have a site up and running in less than a day.
  • Wix - Users who need to build an all-around site with about us, contact us, and blog resources pages can use Wix.
  • Square - Square offers the best features for businesses that have online and brick-and-mortar stores. Clients can request both credit card POS systems and payment gateway options.

Amazon and eBay

If you don't want to build your own site, try selling on established platforms like Amazon or eBay. You won't have the freedom to build a customized site, but the setup is significantly simpler. All you have to do is list the product images and product information, then you're good to go.

Which website is best for dropshipping?

There are multiple overseas suppliers that allow sellers to easily import products into the U.S. in just a matter of weeks. These include AliExpress, Doba, and Wholesale 2B, among others.

Pro Tip: Shorten the shipping time to your customers by working with a third-party storage and fulfillment service provider. Even if your store has the best products on the market, attracting enough clients per month to sustain profits will be hard if product shipping takes multiple weeks.

Is dropshipping still worth it in 2020?

Yes, dropshipping is still a timely, profitable business in 2020. The eCommerce market size is expected to swell to over $476.5 billion by 2024. This underscores why it's the best time to start dropshipping.

However, entrepreneurs should keep in mind that dropshipping is not a get-rich scheme. In fact, one of the most common reasons why dropshipping stores fail is the owners forego the necessary marketing and brand-building strategies.

Anyone can start a dropshipping business and start importing products from AliExpress suppliers in China. Remember, Woocommerce and WordPress plugins make building a personal brand super easy. However, only a small percentage of store owners can actually market their business properly and make a profit.

Overall, there's nothing wrong with getting into dropshipping, but make sure you're well-informed about the realities of the industry.

Additional Resources

Ecommerce Market Predictions for This Decade

The online commerce market value is set to swell up to around $600 billion in the next five years.

These are just some of the best dropshipping plugins you can use for your online business. Bear in mind that there is no universal one-size-fits-all, made-for-you store complete with plugins and features, so you'll need to explore the options yourself.

See which plugins will help you find the most cost-efficient order fulfillment systems, build the site much easier and faster, determine an organized way to add products to your store, and overall sell more units per month without exerting as much effort.

Making a profit from dropshipping products from overseas suppliers is great. However, the money might not be worth it if you're spending every waking hour glued to the screen searching for products and modifying your WordPress site. Your goal should be to earn money passively from your dropshipping business.

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