Web Apps and Software: Reviews and Comparison

Technological advancements have introduced some of the best business apps that offices, companies, corporations, and even startups can use to streamline daily operations.

These apps vary in features and benefits. Whether you're looking for an accurate accounting software automation system or a reliable time tracking program for your employees to use, there's a web app for everything.

Also, having a project management app for your team can be very beneficial now that more and more employees are choosing to work remotely. You need a simple, efficient way to connect with employees. Trust us, collaborating on a social media messaging app is never a good idea.

What Makes The Best Web Application?

Staying Organized With the Right Software 

Yes, having a business app for you and your team to work on projects can help make things run smoother. However, bear in mind that different businesses have varying needs. You need to find a system that offers features and benefits your brand would benefit from. Don't just go with what management mobile apps are trending right now.

What to Consider When Choosing a Web App to Use

The best apps for automating and streamlining daily business operations often offer the following:

User-Friendly Interfaces

Your entire company will end up being on the platform you choose, so it only makes sense to use an app that's simple, straightforward, and generally easy to use. Otherwise, you'll be spending hours on end helping employees transition to the new system. This would lead to thousands of dollars' worth of wasted profits—more if you run a larger corporation.

Secure Cloud-Based Systems

Some of the best and most important apps for small businesses and larger corporations that have a remote workforce are cloud storage database systems. Off-site file storage offers multiple benefits as compared to a traditional hardware storage setup.

You can send, transfer, and receive files to/from anywhere in the world. If you have a company-wide database, grant your employees 24/7 access so they can pull whatever document they need any time they need to.

Payment Processing Functions

There are plenty of card processing apps for small business owners who want to accept and start processing card payments globally. Expand your options. Try looking for providers that charge fair, competitively priced processing fees and cross-border rates.

Time Management Trackers

Help your team members stay on top of their projects with a consistent yet non-intrusive system that regularly sends updates and reminders.

Go with a program that also offers mobile app versions of their software. After all, people are more likely to look at notifications from their iOS and Android mobile devices rather than ones on their desktop.

Demo or Free Version

There's really no surefire way to determine whether a specific app benefits your team or not other than to go on a dry run. That's why you should look for apps that offer demo versions. This is especially important for startups that follow a strict, tight budget plan and cannot afford to lose money on paid plans for useless apps.

Looking at the Different Types of Web Apps Available

Here are some of the best apps both home-based and office-based companies can use to manage daily tasks and operations:

Google Drive

Among the best medium-sized and small business apps for cloud storage is Google Drive. It offers a whopping storage capacity of up to 30TB. This is much larger than what competitors such as Dropbox offer.

Microsoft 365

If your company regularly uses MS Office programs, we suggest investing in a Microsoft 365 account. It streamlines all MS Office accounts and makes it easier to pull/transfer documents. Plus, getting a Microsoft 365 account for your company might be cheaper than buying multiple individual accounts per user.


What sets Notion above the average productivity app is its range. It offers a wide range of features and functions. In fact, you can use the program to assign topics, manage tasks, track project progress, organize account members, and even create a company wiki page.


If you're looking for a cost-efficient, functional work management program, among the best small business apps to check out is Basecamp. It's great for those who want to organize all their projects and work channels in one place. The system makes it easy and simple to assign projects, track task progress, and chat with teammates.


One of the best small business apps to use for daily communication is Slack. It allows you to create multiple channels with your teammates where you can collaborate on projects, relay various ideas, or even talk about non-work-related topics. It's simple and straightforward.

Note: You can use the app on your Android and iOS devices if you're always on the go.


Dropbox has a smaller storage space than Google Drive, but it does sync changes much faster. So if you're looking for small business apps that prioritize high-speed syncing over massive storage space, invest in a Dropbox account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will web apps help my business? 

As we said earlier, web apps help streamline daily operations. They provide a platform where your staff members can collaborate on projects, communicate and chat, systematically assign tasks, and effectively disseminate news announcements, among others.

How much do web apps cost? 

This depends on what web or mobile device app you're trying out. Simple communication channels such as Slack would only set the average small business owner back by less than $10 per month.

Meanwhile, if you're planning to use an all-in-one customer relationship management software like Hubspot, you might have to invest around $59,000 annually to register a small staff of 10.

Additional Resources

Most commonly used project management software features

Statistics show that task management, project tracking, and collaboration are the top three most important features to have in a business management software, whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

Employees working from home

The need for an operations management and project tracking app increases as more and more employees choose to work remotely.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, we strongly suggest going with a web app that at least offers the following features:

  • Cloud-Hosted Storage: You need a secure and efficient system that allows users to store and transfer files with each other in real-time, no matter where they are.
  • Event Scheduling: Even a simple scheduling app like Google Calendar can help make planning for virtual meetings and conferences so much easier.
  • POS System: Having a credit card payment processor that's online 24/7 is a must for e-commerce stores that want to scale their business.

Also, don't be afraid to explore your options. Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to medium-sized and small business management applications. Look for one that matches your needs!

Still having trouble deciding on what project management apps your staff members should use? We have multiple guides and articles reviewing the best mobile, desktop computer, and web-based apps on the market.

Our team has created have multiple guides you can refer to when assessing how to improve business operations through modern technology. To upgrade your operations with the best business apps, head over to PageKits today!

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