Squarespace Review 2022

What is Squarespace? When it comes to site builders, Squarespace ranks among the most widely-known options on the market. SMBs praise it for its straightforward editor. Although Squarespace can develop various website designs, most people use it to create professional websites for their businesses.

However, is Squarespace worth it? To help you assess whether Squarespace is the best website builder for your brand, we made a comprehensive review of its pros and cons, editor features, tools, and pricing plans. Read our first-hand insights before signing up for their free trial!

What Is Squarespace?


Squarespace is a website-building tool that offers customizable templates for easy designing, versatile tools that support on-page customization, and straightforward editors streamlining the entire web development process. Most users can launch a standard website in just a few hours. 

FeaturesCommenting systemCommunity forumsContent managementCustom CSSCustomer accountsCustomizable templatesCustom search engineInventory and order managementMarketing analyticsMobile websitesPoint of salePre-built layoutsProduct merchandisingProduct quick viewSite-building toolsSMS remindersSocial media integrationSquarespace enterpriseSquarespace schedulingTockWebinarsWebsite builder
Pricing Annual Payments (up to 30% discounts)Personal: $12/monthBusiness: $18/monthBasic Commerce: $26/monthAdvanced Commerce: $40/month
Monthly Payments
Personal: $16Business: $26Basic Commerce: $35Advanced Commerce: $54
Number of Templates113+ templates
Third-Party Apps and IntegrationsNo
ECommerce ToolsYes

Squarespace’s Features

Squarespace offers a rich, versatile publishing platform with the following features:

Site-Building ToolsSquarespace carries a diverse set of site-building tools. Users can modify the editor according to their current level of expertise and knowledge, while seasoned developers can utilize the available coding applications. First-timers can maximize the pre-built layouts.
eCommerceSquarespace offers standard eCommerce features. It has product merchandising, POS payment processing, customer insights, order tracking, and inventory management.
Squarespace EnterpriseSquarespace features multiple scheduling and networking tools to help SMBs connect with their audience. Host events, schedule content, or even send push notifications.

Squarespace Pros and Cons

See how Squarespace stacks against other site builders by gauging their pros and cons:

Squarespace features dozens of customizable templates. Instead of coding and developing your pages from scratch, you can use these layouts as a helpful starting point. This feature enables you to publish multiple pages in less than a day.Users complain that Squarespace blog pages are too challenging to edit. The website itself takes less than a day to finish, but making minor edits to existing content requires several hours.
The customizable templates on Squarespace retain photo quality. Regardless of whether you stick to the provided stock photos or use your business assets, you can expect your web pages to have quality typography, colorization, and responsiveness.Squarespace doesn’t support advanced marketing tactics. Yes, it gives you a live, published website. However, their platform doesn’t offer much for page ranking, PPC ads, and SEO.
Squarespace features a multi-purpose editor. SMBs can use Squarespace to launch their first website regardless of their industry or business nature.Unlike WordPress, Squarespace does not support third-party apps and plugins. You’ll have to use the ones provided.
The pricing plans on Squarespace consist of comprehensive, customized features and offers.Squarespace does not have a free option. While they offer 14-day free trials, their packages could cost you anywhere from $120 to $648 annually.
Squarespace customer service chat representatives are live 24/7. They answer various queries. Whether you need help with how to use Squarespace or understanding pricing options, they have you covered.Squarespace only has chat support. Although Squarespace customer service agents reply in real-time, some issues are easier to explain over phone calls.

Who Should Use Squarespace? Who Should Avoid It?


What is Squarespace good for? As we mentioned, Squarespace offers a versatile site builder, but not everyone will benefit from it. Ideally, their platform suits:

  • Marketers Who Want to Save Time: Marketing professionals who need to publish multiple blogs or business websites for their clients can invest in Squarespace. This builder significantly streamlines web development. A highly trained team of marketers can launch two or three Square websites every day. 
  • Marketers Who Want More Consumer Insight: Use Squarespace if you need more consumer insight for your brand without performing heavy data research. The platform gives you insights into the most effective online marketing campaigns.
  • Small Business Owners Who Want a Simple Business Site: SMBs with zero coding experience can launch their first website quickly with the help of Squarespace. Explore their editor’s tools and apps.

On the other hand, marketers and business owners who want a more dynamic website and have specific needs may be better off having a website coded by professionals.

Squarespace In A Nutshell


Overall, Squarespace stands as the best website builder for technologically adept SMBs and marketing professionals. Its straightforward, streamlined editor simplifies complex web development tasks. Instead of spending days designing and coding your business website, run the project through Squarespace.

Of course, Squarespace also has its limitations. The editor has relatively complex tools, so users can only utilize their website to the fullest if they have prior experience in online marketing. You don’t need coding skills. However, a basic understanding of site builders and content creation will make a world of difference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squarespace

Understanding how to use Squarespace features is relatively simple. However, you might encounter a few issues when using it for the first time. Fortunately, Page Kits can help. Get a better understanding of Squarespace by going through the questions newbies commonly ask.

Is it free to use Squarespace?

No, it is not free to use Squarespace. While they offer a 14-day free trial, Squarespace's monthly membership fees start at $12 to $16, but the advanced commerce package costs $40 to $54 every month. 

Is Squarespace good for beginners?

The Squarespace website builder has a relatively unchallenging editor, but beginners might find options like Weebly and Wix easier. Research help guides and tutorial videos before investing in Squarespace.

Do I own my Squarespace website?

Users maintain full rights over the content on their Squarespace websites. However, Squarespace can utilize your content to execute services (i.e., displaying images on your story, saving uploaded images).

Is Squarespace Good? 

Squarespace deserves its spot among the most widely known site builders. Anyone who needs a professional-looking website should consider using it.

Squarespace Alternatives

Is Squarespace the best website builder? Squarespace features various helpful tools for building pages. However, the platform doesn’t suit everyone. Try the following alternatives if Squarespace doesn’t match your web development needs:

  • Wix: If you find the Squarespace website builder too challenging, opt for Wix instead. Wix features a straightforward drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and hundreds of helpful on-site tools.
  • WordPress: Bloggers who want a customized, versatile blogging platform typically use WordPress. Not many create Squarespace blogs. Although the average Squarespace website design supports long-form articles, users can better curate blog pages with WordPress plugins. 
  • Shopify: Online entrepreneurs should use Shopify. Squarespace features tools and templates ideal for professional business websites, not complex eCommerce shops. On the other hand, Shopify enables users to create hundreds of product listings and accept card payments globally.
  • CMS Hub: If you want a more comprehensive option that offers multiple web development tools and coding applications, try CMS Hub. The Squarespace website builder creates diverse designs. However, CMS Hub enables seasoned developers to launch complex, challenging pages that would have taken weeks to code.
  • Cargo: Do you think that Squarespace website designs look generic? SMBs that need unique, customizable layouts custom-tailored to their site’s branding should look into Cargo. Think of Cargo as a multi-purpose portfolio. This platform suits creatives with a knack for design, such as photographers, bloggers, and artists. 

Is Squarespace worth it? Unfortunately, the answer depends on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all website builder, so don’t blindly invest in Squarespace without understanding its exclusive features, limitations, and pricing plans. Objectively assess if their platform addresses your web development needs.

Are you having doubts about using Squarespace to build your website? Let Page Kits shed some light on the topic. Check out our in-depth comparison reviews of the best website builders for business owners.

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