Squarespace Pricing: Which Plan Is Best For Small Businesses?

Squarespace ranks among the most widely used site builders known for its robust features, user-friendly interface, and flexible pricing plans. Even better, you can launch a customized website without breaking the bank, as it doesn’t cost any more than $9 to $14 for a standard three-page website.

While having several Squarespace pricing plans to choose from has its advantages, first-timers often find the options overwhelming. Many don’t even know where to start. To ensure that you land the best Squarespace prices for your website, familiarize yourself with the different plans available and the exclusive features they offer.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

So, how much does Squarespace cost? The personal plan costs $14 per month if billed monthly, but it drops to just $9 if you pay the fees annually.

For a more professional-looking site, try the Business or Basic Commerce packages. The former costs $17 to $23, while the latter has higher fees ranging from $23 to $27.

The last package they offer is Advanced Commerce. Although this Squarespace eCommerce pricing plan has steep monthly fees of $43 to $49, it also comes with an array of online selling and payment processing tools.

You might notice that Squarespace costs a bit more than its competitors below. Keep in mind that most entry-level plans listed include minimal features. 

Yes, you’ll have a domain. However, there might be limitations in terms of bandwidth, customizability, and media capabilities that Squarespace’s standard package carries.

WebsiteEntry/Basic PlanMonthly Cost
WixCombo (for personal use)$8.50

What Plans Does Squarespace Offer?

Go beyond what Squarespace costs per month. The best practice still dictates proper research on each plan’s features and how you can utilize them based on your needs.

Personal ($9 to $14)

The Personal plan suits bloggers and freelancers who simply need a simple website. Apart from the standard Squarespace domain cost, it also offers unlimited bandwidth, SSL security, 30 minutes of video storage, and mobile-optimized templates,

This package also accommodates long-term optimization. You’ll have access to tools that will help you continuously improve your websites. Some of which include on-page SEO features, Squarespace extensions, and website metrics.

Business ($17 to $23)

The Business package stands as Squarespace’s most widely used option. It best suits SMBs and startups that want to jumpstart their online marketing campaign by creating a solid digital presence.

This plan offers the same features as Personal, plus professional Google emails, premium blocks and integration, advanced website analytics, video studio tools, and promotional popups.

Basic Commerce ($23 to $27)

If you want to start selling online, you’ll have to go beyond the cheaper Squarespace yearly costs. Squarespace eCommerce pricing starts at $23.

Apart from the standard site-building features, you’ll also have access to the platform’s entry-level eCommerce tools. They’re not much. However, you’ll have everything you need to start your career as an eCommerce entrepreneur. 

This package comes with a POS terminal, domain checkouts, customer account analysis, eCommerce analytics, merchandising tools, and Instagram product listing features.

Advanced Commerce ($43 to $49)

eCommerce veterans that want a more professional online shop can opt for the Advanced Commerce package. This plan suits users with a solid background in eCommerce.

The pricing for Squarespace Advanced Commerce plans starts at a steep $43. However, you’ll have the capacity to sell subscriptions, offer on-site discounts, provide advanced shipping options, and even analyze abandoned cart rates.

Should I Upgrade To A Business Plan?

The Personal plan starts at just $9 to $12 per month, while a Business website will cost you $17 to $23 to maintain. Should you opt for the higher cost of Squarespace? 

First-timers who simply want to keep their average Squarespace yearly costs low can opt for the Personal plan. It doesn’t offer many features, but the plan gives you everything needed to launch a fully functional, optimizable website.

However, if you want to build a professional site, you should consider investing in a Business plan. Here’s how Personal and Business plans stack against each other:


Unfortunately, both Personal and Business plans have no eCommerce capabilities. When it comes to commerce and Squarespace, the cost-per-month is $23, but it could skyrocket to $49 if you need advanced features.

Advanced Metrics

The Personal plan gives you standard web analytics. However, if you want to optimize your website to the fullest, you’ll need the Business plan’s advanced analytics, promotional banners, customizable popups, and studio tools for video.

Marketing Tools

Both Personal and Business plans accommodate on-page SEO. However, since the Personal plan doesn’t offer advanced site analytics, you might need third-party apps to audit your pages for you. 

Third-Party Integrations

The Personal plan accommodates standard integrations. However, you’ll need a Business package to incorporate premium integrations designed to generate leads, engage with site visitors, and analyze customer activity.

Tips To Maximize A Squarespace Subscription

Squarespace costs are relatively affordable compared to other site builders. However, if you truly want to get the most out of your monthly website investment, explore the different features of Squarespace and assess the best way to incorporate them to your site:

Create a Landing Page

Don’t settle for the default homepage template. Creating a standalone landing page to guide readers through your products reduces bounce rates, boosts navigability, and improves the likelihood of a sale.

Fortunately, Squarespace allows you to build landing pages quickly. Instead of using third-party generators like Mailchimp or HubSpot, create individual product pages on your Squarespace website. That way, you can avoid paying more fees than necessary.

Add Live Chat Plugins

Elevate your website’s navigability and customer service with chat widgets. Live chat plugins give your customers a space to ask questions and voice concerns all day, every day.

It might not seem like much. However, customers will appreciate the fact that they wouldn’t have to call your hotline or drop an email anymore. Some popular Squarespace live chat software programs include PureChat, LiveChat, and Elfsight.

Makeshift Sidebars

As you explore the various templates, you’ll notice that some don’t have sidebars. You can still use these templates, but we generally advise finding a way to incorporate these navigation tools into your website.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay more than the Squarespace monthly cost to fix this issue. Instead of buying third-party widgets, make your own sidebars. Drag the featured photos of your top articles, then include their respective titles and meta descriptions.

Explore All Pricing Plans

Don’t blindly opt for the cheapest Squarespace domain cost. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each plan, then see which option best suits your web development needs.

Utilize Basic CSS Techniques

Squarespace doesn’t require coding. However, incorporating standard CSS techniques into your development stages enables you to create unique layouts customized for your brand.

Remember: 2.7% of live websites use Squarespace, so go above and beyond to make your website stand out. Otherwise, you’ll have generic-looking web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Squarespace Pricing

Don’t worry if you still find Squarespace pricing plans confusing. To help you better understand how much Squarespace costs, see these questions first-time users commonly ask about pricing. 

How costly is Squarespace?

The cheapest and priciest Squarespace monthly costs come at $9 and $49, respectively. These rates are about $3 pricier than Wix’s packages, but they’re relatively close to GoDaddy and Webflow site plans from the same tier.

Can you build a Squarespace site for free?

Yes, you can launch a website without paying the Squarespace cost per month. The site offers new users a 14-day free trial, which you can claim without even declaring your payment preferences or card information.

Which is easier to use Squarespace or WordPress?

The monthly cost of Squarespace and WordPress are nearly the same, so you shouldn’t choose between the two based on price alone. Instead, consider their features as well. Although WordPress generally has more robust features, Squarespace has a significantly more user-friendly interface. 

Does Squarespace cost money? Yes, but even SMBs and bloggers on tight budgets should still look into it. The platform offers s comprehensive set of tools but charges industry-low fees starting at just $12 per month. 

You’ll definitely come across cheaper site builders. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find another option that lets you build a gorgeous, dynamic website quickly for the same rates.

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