Best Squarespace Website Examples for 2022

Squarespace features a user-friendly editor that generates websites quickly and efficiently. Even if you have zero experience in web development, you can use Squarespace to launch your first website in less than a day. Also, since the platform charges industry-low fees, you’ll only need to set aside $16 to $26 per month to open an account — accommodating multiple websites.

Since Squarespace eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming work, you can focus your efforts toward designing your site layout. Strive for a navigable, eye-catching design. Of course, you don’t have to design from scratch. Go through these different examples of Squarespace websites and see which page elements you can incorporate into your web pages.

30 Best Squarespace Website Examples

Since 2.7% of live websites use Squarespace, you’d have access to millions of Squarespace website examples. Having multiple design choices is convenient. However, first-timers might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

If you need a helpful starting point, you’re in the right place! Draw inspiration from some of the best Squarespace business website examples we found online.

1. Squarespace

Of course, undoubtedly stands among the best examples of Squarespace websites. It’s clean, straightforward, and interactive.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Multiple call-to-action buttons
  • Dynamic, eye-catching animations
  • Conveys message clearly

2. Bathhouse

Bathhouse uses monochromatic color schemes and high-definition still photography to achieve an exclusive, elegant business website. It primarily resonates with wealthy, high-income clients.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Straightforward service descriptions
  • Minimized animations that reduced page bloat
  • HD images

3. Foodshot

Foodhsot addresses its ideal buyer right from the get-go. It’s the perfect Squarespace example website if you have a relatively niche audience.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Enumerates primary services offered
  • Showcases past clients for accountability 
  • Gives multiple ways to get in touch

4. Supernatural

Squarespace business website examples don’t have to look bland. Supernatural incorporates a mix of eye-popping color schemes and mouthwatering food images to entice readers.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Uses popups for promos
  • Fun, dynamic color scheme
  • Multiple images

5. Banner United Church

Check out Banner United Church if you find most Squarespace example websites confusing. Its website replaces dynamic animation with clear-cut copy and still photos.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Fast-loading web page
  • Straightforward menu structure
  • Eliminated white space

6. Minna

Minna prevented page bloat despite its extensive product photos by dividing its homepage into multiple categories. Each blurb features a unique product and page link.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Smart use of internal links
  • Fun, dynamic color scheme
  • Dull and matte colors are easy to look at

7. Freeman’s Restaurant

Freeman’s Restaurant needed to put its entire menu on the homepage without causing page bloat, so it minimized media usage.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Utilizes whitespace without media
  • Fast-loading slides
  • Navigable internal links  

8. Soilboy

Soilboy used straightforward layouts and short blurbs to ensure that readers focus on their main product — potted plants. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clean, unconfusing layout
  • Monochromatic, relaxing colors
  • Fast-loading pages

9. KeyNest

KeyNest services one client every 45 seconds, yet their streamlined, efficient website remains lag-free.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Fast-loading search bar
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time chat widget

10. Oishii

Oishii utilizes Sqaurespace’s sliding panels to showcase its high-definition videos and images.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Full-page media
  • Eye-catching color scheme
  • Multiple internal links

11. Blue Dog

Blue Dog maintains a straightforward, single-panel homepage with its customized internal linking strategy. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clear call to action
  • Fast-loading homepage
  • Big, bold header and backdrop

12. Meiwen See

Meiwen See is one of the best Squarespace artist website examples for creatives. Although it features several HD photos, its plain backdrop prevents page bloat.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Artistic HD photos
  • Unique aesthetic
  • Fast-loading media

13. Edible Boston

Edible Boston maximizes its homepage’s whitespace with published articles, clickable internal links, and featured photos. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • White backdrop is easy on the eyes
  • HD media
  • Navigable homepage

14. Yellow Co.

Yellow Co. uses the Squarespace template panels to explain the team’s step-by-step membership process.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Interactive landing page
  • Step-by-step panels
  • Clear call to action

15. Knapsack

The Knapsack team uses their website as a prime example of their Squarespace website-designing skills.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clear brand message
  • Convenient CTA buttons
  • Dynamic page elements

16. Studio McGee

Studio McGee keeps readers focused on their beautiful designs and blueprints using white backdrops and plain fonts.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Minimalist design
  • Dynamic page elements
  • Comprehensive homepage

17. Spoken Layer

Spoken Layer showcases its audio creation services with a clickable player at the center of its homepage.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Conveys message 
  • Explains different services clearly
  • Displays awards and certifications

18. TinySeed

TinySeed uses two-color layouts and interactive page elements to achieve a professional, tech-driven aesthetic.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clear CTA button
  • Homepage shows company history and recent news
  • Showcases brand partnerships

19. Mike Kelley is another excellent Squarespace artist website example. The site highlights the brand’s HD photos and uses seamless navigation bars to promote user engagement.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Beautiful full-page photos
  • Seamlessly integrated navigation bar
  • Clickable internal links

20. Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy uses popups to guide readers through their services and create customized offers.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Customized offers
  • Fast-loading popups
  • Beautiful studio backdrop

21. Laura Berger

Laura Berger makes it clear that her website focuses on art. It contains little to no text, except for the navigation bar and contact information.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Neat, streamlined layout
  • Fast-loading media
  • Navigable page

22. Steve Benjamins

Steve Benjamins features a navigable site featuring minimal elements, enticing the readers to focus on the artist’s music.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Convenient Spotify widget
  • Beautiful image backdrop
  • Simple homepage

23. Craig Reynolds

The Craig Reynolds website is as neat and straightforward as it gets. The site serves as an online portfolio showcasing the artist’s best works.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Dynamic sliding images
  • Very minimalist aesthetic
  • Crisp-white backdrop

24. Tokyobike

Tokyobike uses Squarespace’s iconic panels to feature their shop’s bestsellers, plus some of Japan’s most beautiful cycling spots.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Aesthetic, plain backdrop
  • Convenient shop link
  • Engaging website layout

25. EST Creative

EST Creative serves as the perfect Squarespace example website for freelancers. It’s simple, straightforward, and, most importantly, effective.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Features primary services
  • Simple yet dynamic color scheme
  • Professional layout

26. Beta Takaki

Check out Beta Takaki if you’re into one-page websites. Their homepage only has a half-page image, three-sentence blurb, and multiple internal links, but it already features everything needed to convert readers.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Fast-loading one-page website
  • Crisp backdrop
  • Navigable internal links

27. Gunnar Freyr

Gunnar Freyr showcases his award-winning photographs through enticing captions, dynamic animation, and, of course, HD-quality uploads.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Dynamic page elements
  • Captivating animation
  • Comprehensive homepage

28. WBY Space

Instead of filling whitespace with random clutter, WBY Space uses it to create a neat, crisp aesthetic.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Size-reduced media prevents page bloat
  • Navigation bar streamlines surfing
  • Images retain quality despite size-reduction

29. The Hyphenated Canadians

The Hyphenated Canadians website creates an air of mystery with its vague, one-page homepage that only contains the header and CTA button “Start.”

Things To Love About It: 

  • Unique, mysterious homepage
  • Captivating call to action
  • Beautiful portrait slideshow 

30. Needles + Leaves

Needles + Leaves is the perfect design inspiration for bloggers who want to make a simple yet aesthetically pleasing website. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Crisp, plain backdrop
  • Simple yet attractive media and animation
  • Straightforward CTA buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still undecided about building your website through Squarespace? Check out some questions first-time site builders commonly ask to get a good grasp of how Squarespace works.

What businesses use Squarespace?

Contrary to popular belief, Squarespace doesn’t solely cater to small businesses. You’ll find some of the most efficient, streamlined Squarespace business website examples from global companies like HBO, Accenture, Wattpad, and Yummly.

Are Squarespace websites good?

Squarespace offers a powerful editor featuring pre-made templates and on-page customization. Although their templates don’t accommodate advanced coding, you’ll have everything you need to build a standard business website or project portfolio.

Is Squarespace dynamic?

Squarespace features dynamic templates. Use their editor to add various on-page elements, such as banners, tables, images, and videos. However, keep your pages around 1,300 to 2,000 KB. Media bloats web pages — compromising responsiveness if the user has poor internet connectivity.


Although this list features some of the best Squarespace website examples, you don’t exactly need to copy their web pages. Draw inspiration from their designs. However, strive for a unique website layout that suits your target audience, conveys your brand mission, and expresses your overall aesthetic. Let your artistic creativity flow free!

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