Free Web Hosting: Where I Can Practice Building A Website?

November 15, 2023  /  
Free Web Hosting: Where I Can Practice Building A Website?

An essential way to convey your message for everyone to see is through building a website. However, web hosting can be a problem, especially if you are a beginner who doesn't have enough money to build a website. Since many people desire something easy, free, and quick, tons of free website hosting industries have emerged.

If you are a learner, entrepreneur, or starting creative who wishes to launch a website, read on. In this post, you'll gain insights about four free web hosting sites to help you practice building your website. 


One of the most leading platforms for free website hosting is WordPress. It provides web hosting services via both free and paid subscriptions. As a newbie to building a website, WordPress is your go-to site as it offers an easy-to-use interface in hosting a website.


Another renowned web hosting service platform that you may try using is Weebly. It also provides both free and premium hosting plans with updated website templates and built-in features.  You can easily maneuver this site as a beginner, but using its free plan limits your use of some features and may distract you with several ads.


If you plan to build a website, Wix can also be on your list of free web hosting sites. It is a fully-hosted website builder that provides free hosting services, displaying ads you may get rid of by upgrading to paid subscriptions. The free plan of Wix can offer you its site's subdomain, 500 MB of both bandwidth and storage, and access to its templates.


A reputable website builder that doesn't require technical skills is Squarespace. So, if you haven't tried building a website yet, this free web hosting site is perfect for you. However, it only offers a restricted 14-day free trial, and you can't publicize your website unless you subscribe to their paid plans.

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The Bottom Line

While you cannot get a free web hosting service that's perfect, it can still be the best option if you are new to building a website. And with these four top picks of web hosting providers, you have nothing to lose if you give one a try.
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