Web Development for Beginners

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Web Development for Beginners

Web development is a fascinating path to take for software designers as it interlinks the technical complexities of coding with creative designs. It is, of course, also a profitable career choice with great potential in this digital world where everything is connected online. If you are just starting out, you will need to figure out where you want to begin, so let’s take a look at what the experts recommend.

Breaking Down Web Development For Beginners

“When I first got into web development, I was only familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Nowadays, designers ask questions like, What kind of tools do you use to design? And developers ask questions like What type of design/development process do you use? There's the traditional way of doing things versus their innovative way. Each view reflects a different skill set, and that can go either way. 

“When I first started, only basic options and HTML editing were done in a web browser (with an editor such as Notepad). CSS, however, was done in text files. There was nothing like a WYSIWYG editor or Fireworks. It was all by hand. Today, it's almost like anyone can create a web page with HTML and CSS.” (Katherine Brown)


“Presently, there are many types of web development that beginners can choose from. Javascript is a good choice for beginners in web development because it is easy to use, focuses on the browser, and is cross-platform compatible.” (Katherine Brown)

Application Development

“Application development is also another option for beginners in web development. In application development, users create a user-friendly interface. This will also help beginners understand web page creation and the importance of its design. 

Tools for Application Development: “There are many tools that application developers use to develop applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Still, my favorite is TurboSquid because it is straightforward to use; even a beginner can use it.”

Programming for Application development: “Developers commonly use programming languages for C++ and Java to develop applications. Web development is designing internet sites that give functionality and easy access to the site by users. Web developers' tools to develop these sites are W3C, an abbreviation for World Wide Web Consortium, and HTML, HyperText Markup Language. The design of a site can be done in two ways depending on the needs of the owner.”

Katherine Brown, Founder & Marketing Director Spyic


“I suggest that beginners always start with HTML and CSS. You can practice your skills by building simple websites like portfolios. While creating these sites, you will also learn JavaScript as you will implement things like contact forms, etc. JavaScript is necessary for checking the inputs.” (Gary Tailor)


“Once you master the front end, then go for PHP. Skipping PHP isn't an option because if you want to build an entirely new theme or tweak/customize an existing one, PHP is irreplaceable. You can add Ruby on Rails and Python to your backend skills and implement a curd function on the portfolio website you are building to make the site dynamic. Don't jump to Joomla templating right away because while it will work for some time, it will limit your abilities to develop more complex websites.” 

Gary Tailor, CEO BookYourData.com

Programming Languages

Python vs. Java

“If you want simplicity, then Python is the programming language to pick. Java, on the other hand, has a long, winding nature. But beyond their complexities, both languages have other aspects worth considering.

“While Java still uses a friendly language, Python is the easiest to learn between the two. In fact, its syntax reads similarly to English. It’s also simpler to organize, making it superb for data science. What Python covers in two lines can get covered in ten when using Java.

“Java wins when it comes to speed, given this is a compiled programming language. It doesn’t require code interpretation which saves on memory and processing time. Python is an interpreted language, takes a little longer to process.

“However, speed varies in terms of the environment. For instance, Python runs faster when dealing with parallel modes on the GPU. When it comes to job availability, both languages have lots of them. With both Java and Python being key languages backend developers use, they cater to many individuals as this is the most popular web development field.

“Overall, Java laid the foundation for current technologies and is faster, making it my favorite choice. But if you like writing less code as is typical with beginners or are eyeing a data science career, then Python is the language to pick.” (Samuel Klein)

The Three Types of Web Development

“There are three types of web development, and the first thing is determining which niche you want to focus on. Next is familiarizing with the kind of technologies involved. Web development is split into back-end development, front-end, and full-stack.” (Samuel Klein)


“Front-end development deals with the appearance of your website. That is the placement and types of colours, images, icons, and types. You have to begin by learning the coding languages, which include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.” (Samuel Klein)


“Back-end development deals with the establishment and maintenance of website-running codes. These codes ensure the correct processing of transactions and proper data flow to a website.

Typical programming languages in back-end development include Java, MySQL, and PHP. If you want to focus on back-end development, it’s wise to engage in network communities. These communities are vital for support and acquiring new coding tips.” (Samuel Klein)


“Full-stack encompasses both back and front-end development. You can still specialize in a particular web development aspect in full-stack. That said, full-stack provides you with extensive experience crucial in build/ redesign, speeding and troubleshooting.” (Samuel Klein)

Skills That Can Help Web Developers

“You need to have excellent coding skills. Besides mastering programming languages, you should always research and be ready to learn new coding tips. Keenness is essential in debugging and testing codes. Creative thinking is a crucial aspect in ensuring an impressive user experience.”

Samuel Klein, Astorchocolate

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