GoDaddy: Web Designer Review

With more than 17 million GoDaddy websites, it's no exaggeration to say they are currently the leading domain registrar and website builder on the market.

They're favored for their simple, straightforward blog/store builder. Any GoDaddy website builder review will agree that their beginner-friendly editor is perfect for all kinds of company owners.

So if you're a small business owner with zero knowledge about coding and are looking to build a strong online presence, you should definitely check out GoDaddy's website builder. GoDaddy offers an easy drag-and-drop builder that allows anyone to curate a website in just a few hours. The process is very simple and can get started using just a free plan.

Driving Business Success Through Web Design

The Risks of Neglecting Web Design 

Having an aesthetically pleasing web design is crucial to any online marketing strategy. In fact, amazing product listings and comprehensive review articles won't matter if no one's there to see them. You need to get your visitors to stay first by catching their attention.

The Benefits of Hiring Website Designers 

Hiring web designers is a must for those planning to scale their brand and improve online presence. Site builders are great, but pre-made templates can only offer so much. If you want a unique, customized look made specifically for your brand, you need a professional.

Working With GoDaddy to Design Your Site

Gone are the days where everyone was required to hire professional coders and developers to create custom websites. You can actually design and code your own site, as well as register for a custom domain name, using GoDaddy.

Yes, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript give you an edge. However, if you're simply looking to fortify your social media and email marketing campaigns or boost brand credibility online, it's better to start off on your own with website builders such as GoDaddy. Doing so is less risky as compared to hiring a web developer right from the get-go.

GoDaddy’s Features 

The GoDaddy website builder showcases different functions and features with a shallow learning curve. These include:

  • Central Dashboard: The site builder has an extremely easy central dashboard where you can control the entire editor.
  • Design Templates: Choose from dozens of beautiful pre-designed templates for your new site.
  • Multilingual Interface: Don't speak English? GoDaddy has a multilingual interface.
  • Extra Functionality Widgets: Certain plans offer extra widgets for chat popup windows, appointment setting, events calendars, and embedded media functions.
  • Ecommerce Functions: You can add a PayPal button and process payments depending on the type of plan you get.
  • SEO Features: Basic SEO functions such as editing the page title and meta description on your pages are available. Newbies can also use the in-site SEO Wizard as a guide.

GoDaddy’s Pricing Plans 

The fees you pay per month depends on the plan you choose. Here are the GoDaddy website packages customers can choose from:


Monthly Subscription Fee: $0

What's the starting price to build a GoDaddy website? The answer: $0! You can start using the GoDaddy website builder completely free of charge. This is ideal for those who want to build a small, simple demo site.

Limitations: Your website domain name will have "" attached to it and ads will flash at the top of your page.


Monthly Subscription Fee: $10

For those who want to invest in their own domain names, try the GoDaddy basic plan. It gives you access to the GoDaddy website builder, lets you execute minimal email marketing sends, and allows limited social media posts.

Limitations: The basic plan only offers basic SEO tools.


Monthly Subscription Fee: $15

The Standard plan grants you full access to advanced SEO options on the GoDaddy website builder. Email marketing sends are bumped to 500 and you can also do a maximum of 20 social media posts.

Limitations: The limited amount of emails and posts might not be enough for those who are in the process of scaling their business and boosting daily operations.


Monthly Subscription Fee: $20

A Premium plan gives you full access to the SEO functions on the website builder, bumps email marketing sends up to a whopping 25,000, and you get unlimited social media posts.

Users can also optimize their website include buttons and options so customers can check out your events page, sign up for online consultations, or even purchase products/services because the Premium plan can accommodate payments.

Limitations: Payment processing options are limited.


Monthly Subscription Fee: $25

You get all of the features mentioned above plus extra eCommerce and online store functions such as abandoned cart recovery as well as global payment processing.

Limitations: This may not be the option for business owners who are cash-strapped or just starting out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to care about web design? 

Of course! You don't necessarily have to make a stunning website right off the bat, but at least make an effort to make it presentable. Remember, your website represents your brand. A poorly made site with a tacky design and multiple grammatical errors will scare off prospects.

How can I create a stunning site without any coding experience? 

There are dozens of site builders beginners can explore. Look for programs that have a simple drag-and-drop feature that allows you to use beautiful, eye-catching pre-made templates and web layout options.

Apart from GoDaddy, you can try out Wix, Jimdo, and Weebly. Keep reading reviews to see which option best suits your needs.

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Final Thoughts

The GoDaddy website builder offers all the marketing tools small businesses need to set up a unique, customized website in just a few hours. It's easy to use and there's a 24/7 live chat/customer support team to turn to if you need help.

However, we cannot endorse GoDaddy's website builder to experienced pros looking to get a fully customized site. Remember, this is a simple website builder. As such, it would be limited to simple customizations and modifications as well.

If you're looking to integrate specific blog and eCommerce features into your site, try looking for GoDaddy website builder alternatives. Or better yet, build one from scratch.

We would recommend this site builder to the budding content creator or entrepreneur looking to build their first blog or online store. GoDaddy streamlines and breaks down the web development process. You basically just need to drag and drop specific templates and input your own content into the editor.

We at PageKits have multiple website builder reviews you can use as a reference to ensure you make fact-based decisions when choosing between site builders. What's more, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of building a website—the easy way.

On the fence about whether you should push through with signing up for a GoDaddy account? If you still need help making the right decision for your business, reach out to us at PageKits today.

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