Jimdo Review 2022

Small business owners are spoiled by choice when it comes to choosing a website builder for their brand. Jimdo.com is one of the options you have as an all-in-one website builder that comes at an affordable price. With Jimdo website builder, you have the freedom to create a website that is free of ads, easy to set up, and attractive.

Keep reading for our comprehensive Jimdo review.

What Is Jimdo?

Jimdo is a smart website builder created in Germany that allows you to set up your site in a few minutes. It was created for those who are self-employed, plus you do not have to be well-versed in website building or coding at all, as Jimdo does most of the heavy lifting for you already. 

With its virtual set-up wizard, you can answer a series of questions that will result in the site you’ve always envisioned.

FeaturesWeb Design
Pricing Website
Play - Free
Start - $9/month
Grow - $15/month
Unlimited - $39/month

Online Store
Basic - $15/month
Business - $19/month
VIP - $39/month
Number of Templates16 templates available on Creator mode, and 40 more available later on
Apps and IntegrationsYes
eCommerce ToolsYes

Jimdo’s Features

Web DesignWith Jimdo’s web design features, you do not need to know how to code at all. You can customize your site as you go, using the tool’s templates and smart features. 
Europe-based websites are all GDPR-compliant, and you can also select a custom domain to make it more professional. Whether your website is for personal, portfolio, or business use, Jimdo has all the tools you need.
SEOIt uses automatic SEO, so you can be sure that all the best practices are followed. The tool directs you on ways you can boost your Google ranking and also suggests tips for capitalizing on keywords. They also provide you with reporting features that tell you where you can and should improve. You can also integrate with your social media profiles for consistency.
eCommerceIt allows you to create an eCommerce store, and they do not make any commission from your sales. Jimdo has a Local Pickup feature for better customer experiences, have a variety of payment methods, sync with social media accounts for selling opportunities, and so much more.

Jimdo’s Pros and Cons

Templates are all responsive.Templates are not fully customizable or flexible in certain areas.
Offers a free plan (albeit with ads and a Jimdo subdomain), which has 500MB of storage, 2GB bandwidth, and 5 pages.Support is not available 24/7.
Jimdo has eCommerce capabilities, with no transaction fees, free shipping for big orders, social media integration, product variants, and more.There are not too many extensions you can use for your Jimdo website.
There is a Jimdo app for users to edit, view statistics, and manage orders. No import or export option for products and content.

Who Should Use Jimdo? Who Should Avoid It?

Because it is a smart website builder, Jimdo may not be for everyone. This tool may be best if you find yourself identifying with the following personas:

  • Someone starting out with eCommerce - Jimdo has its share of eCommerce features, but these are generally more basic compared to other eCommerce site builders. If you are starting out with a small budget, and don’t mind having a pared down shop, you can consider Jimdo for your eCommerce store.
  • Small business owners who want to boost their online presence - Since Jimdo has a virtual set-up wizard, it’s a good option for small business owners who want to simply boost their online presence without putting in too much work.

Jimdo can be limiting for those who are well-versed in building websites because it does not have too many options for customization. As such, if you have experience creating and maintaining a site, Jimdo may not be for you.

Jimdo In A Nutshell

It is very easy and affordable to create a new website on Jimdo. It is a website builder to consider if you have no background in web design because its virtual set-up wizard takes care of most of the initial steps. Some drawbacks of this web builder are that it is not as flexible compared to other platforms, and that its eCommerce functions are quite basic.

This platform was created for small businesses and self-employed individuals, which explains why many of its customizing features are automated and limited in their form or function. Consider Jimdo if you are on a budget and want a simple and straightforward website to enhance your online presence. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jimdo

Still unsure if Jimdo is the tool for you? Here are some FAQs!

Is Jimdo Good?

Jimdo is a good smart website builder for those who are new to web design or those who may be on a budget and want to improve their brand awareness.

Can You Use Jimdo for Free?

Jimdo has a free plan for those who simply need basic features and do not mind having a Jimdo subdomain.

Is Jimdo Safe?

Jimdo is safe as it uses encrypted HTTPS and is GDPR compliant.

Is Jimdo Good for Blogging?

Jimdo has SEO tools that allow you to blog or monetize your content as well.

Jimdo Alternatives

  • Wix - Wix is another affordable website builder that gives you more freedom in designing your website or eCommerce store. 
  • Squarespace - Although this is pricier, Squarespace is worth the investment, especially if you want to produce and market more content as it has a lot more features available.
  • Weebly - Weebly is also ideal for beginners, but it has more intuitive set-up features compared to Jimdo.

Jimdo is a good free website builder for the most basic sites and eCommerce stores. Check out some of our other suggestions and reviews here on Page Kits today!

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