Best Wix Church Websites For 2022

If you’re looking at designing a website for churches, Wix provides plenty of user-friendly templates with drag-and-drop functionality that can help you get started. It provides affordable plans, with the cheapest ad-free plan with a custom domain name costing $14 per month. 

These top church website examples can provide you with visual inspiration for your own Wix church website. 

18 Best Wix Church Websites

Depending on your website goals, these inspiring church website ideas can help you update your community, encourage visitors to make donations, or encourage new members to join your church. 

St. Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church 

This Wix church website highlights the stunning stained glass windows of the church and provides useful historical context on the Coptic Orthodox Faith. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Provides video live stream 
  • Clear schedule of events 
  • Subscription and donation buttons are provided 

RockPointe Church

Engaging video animations, bold fonts, and a black and green color scheme create a youthful and engaging vibe for this website for churches. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Clear social media channels 
  • Readable fonts  
  • Good call to action 

Apostolic Faith Church 

Grid design organizes the events, resources, and posts from this Wix church website in a clear format while the email subscription widget has an effective call to action. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Organized categories 
  • Touching video animations 
  • High-quality photographs 

Gospel Way Church 

One of the best modern church website examples we’ve seen is by Gospel Way Church. It has a bright orange and blue color palette and fun animations to showcase simplicity and relevance. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Featured sermons that are downloadable
  • Shopping cart feature 
  • Clear call to action

Moments of Hope Church

With Wix church websites, you get high-quality images, and this one uses Wix Pro Gallery to ensure that they are displayed fully. Plus, the subtle fade-in animations add a nice touch.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Gorgeous photography 
  • Features a banner with the latest updates 
  • Visuals integrated with call to action 

Grace Walk Church

Another effective way to use Wix church websites is to focus on unique widgets and media. This site uses fun filters and effects along with eye catching colors for instant engagement. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Bold use of colors 
  • Clear social media platforms 
  • Live stream countdown 

Life Church 

To cater to multilingual Church audiences, this website also features a Spanish version that can be easily accessed from the menu. They also have a YouTube channel and special sections for Kids and Youth. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Features an app to encourage downloads 
  • Banner leads to YouTube channel 
  • Well-organized menu 

Lawndale Baptist Church 

This site uses emotional videos of their community to encourage greater participation and a subtle blue color palette. They also offer a live stream for church goers. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Good mix of videos and photos on the home page
  • Good use of white space against a blue palette 
  • Announcements on home page 

Oasis Church

Energetic colors, clear fonts, and a very informative header provides users with access to resources, prayer requests, and other key information. The “I’m New” section is also very helpful for new members. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Icons to enhance clarity 
  • Fun color scheme 
  • Modern design appeals to all ages 

St. Thomas More House of Prayer 

This website uses traditional religious imagery, faded background images on headers, and a pine green color scheme to reflect a more serious tone. It is soothing and relaxing for users to navigate. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Blog increases engagement 
  • Call to donation includes many payment options 
  • Button for free PDF guides for prayer 

St. Nics

The site includes engaging videos, photos, a countdown to the next sermon, a donation button, and clear information on events for new and established members. The fonts are clearly visible for those with vision impairments or difficulty reading. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Large clear fonts 
  • Appealing animations
  • Clear call to action

Northbrook Church 

Northbrook Church is very welcoming to new guests by providing a bible reading guide, schedules, and a guest page. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Key info in the footer 
  • Peaceful gray color scheme 
  • Features their church magazine online

Holy Trinity Parish  

Holy Trinity Parish uses natural colors and bold text to highlight the beauty of their parish in a simple and understated way, including stunning aerial footage of their church. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Aerial videos of the church 
  • Call to action on the mailing list 
  • Clean home page 

Collegedale Church

Geared towards students, Collegedale Church packs plenty of information in a grid-like format displaying fundraising opportunities, their podcast, and events. It helps boost audience engagement with its friendly tone. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Important up to date information on the top banner.
  • Organized sections 
  • Automatic banner at the bottom 

C3 Church 

The fixed menu at the top allows users to easily navigate this clutter-free homepage with effective calls to action and easily accessible pages. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Sleek and modern design 
  • Black and white palette 
  • Clutter-free home page 

King’s Church 

An optimistic yellow welcomes users to this page along with an automatic banner and updates on the latest events. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Fun colors and bright images 
  • Friendly copywriting 
  • News section at the bottom 

Rock Church 

Rock Church uses white space effectively to balance out the dark blue sections on their homepage that clearly organize information.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Nice text animations 
  • Circular icons 
  • Bold blue color scheme 

Fincastle Baptist Church 

The teal and black color scheme of Fincastle Baptist Church is visually appealing and the carousel slideshow of events helps keep visitors up to date on the latest news and happenings. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Updates are easy to see
  • Upcoming events automatically scroll 
  • Colorful custom social media icons 

6 Best Wix Church Templates

Some of the top church websites for Wix use customizable themes that can help visitors learn more about your community. 


Church is one of the most popular themes on Wix, with the ability to add upcoming events with desktop and mobile compatibility. It has everything you need to get started with all the relevant categories. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Adds extra visual appeal
  • Grabs visitor attention
  • Built-in donation feature

Bible Camp

Bible Camp allows churches to add photos from their Instagram feed and has a useful chat feature. They used a high-resolution image to create an eye-catching banner.

Things To Love About It: 

  • Fun animations
  • Grid feature 
  • Opportunity for calls to action 

Religious Blog and Podcast

This theme can highlight stories about your Church along with your weekly or monthly podcast with a sleek and modern design. The arrow button also adds a directional cue for users to scroll down and check out your blog posts. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Features blog posts and images 
  • Listen button for podcast 
  • Large banner

Women Empowerment NGO 

This Wix theme can be adapted for churches since it provides information about events, getting involved, and a mission statement. Although it uses minimal text, it provides key information for users looking for the information they need. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Great event calendar 
  • Color blocking 
  • Latest news feature 

Community Center 

Community centers and churches have similar needs, so you could adapt this theme to highlight events and provide information on how to donate. You can also highlight the donation button and add a small introduction to your Church. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Animated section 
  • Featured events 
  • Donation button 

Environmental NGO

This bright and modern theme can help highlight special events, programs, and projects that your Church is currently pursuing. Use a bright color scheme for extra engagement and add call to actions on buttons. 

Things To Love About It: 

  • Colorful sections 
  • Fixed header menu 
  • Visible donation button 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions after browsing through these top church websites and themes from Wix, keep reading below. 

Is Wix good for church websites?

Wix for churches is a good choice since it has plenty of suitable themes and useful features like events calendars, donation avenues, and the ability to stream online audio and video.

How much does it cost to have a church website?

On average, the cost of a church website is around $3,000 for customized websites. However, it is possible to use Wix for churches for as low as $14 per month depending on your needs, including hosting, a domain free, and no ads. 

What should a church website include?

Ideally, a church website should include the location, service times, an about page, contact information, online donation platforms, pictures of your church, membership information, events information, and videos. 

Overall, Wix for churches can come in handy as it can allow people to connect with their congregation and community, stay up to date with the latest events, and provide generous donations. With easily customizable themes and affordable plans, why not give it a try? 

Wix is not the only website builder with engaging templates for your church — other site builders have it too. Check out Page Kit’s website examples for sites made using Squarespace today to find more inspiration for your church!

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