Essential Elements Of A Good Website Design

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Essential Elements Of A Good Website Design

A website is a great way to attract customers and clients and promote your brand. However, simply creating a website isn’t enough. It needs some essential elements to give it value and make it effective in its job. While high-quality products/services and customer care are vital, it isn’t all there is to running a successful business. You need compelling marketing, which these days is mostly about online marketing. Here is where your website helps you.

We brought in the experts to help you with some practical web design tips you can apply to your website to transform it into an effective marketing tool.

Simplicity and Accessibility

“These two are the keys in creating a good website, especially if you are just starting up your business. Aside from a lesser hassle when curating it, it has a higher tendency of being accessible than other websites. People are just generally not craving anymore for elegant and visually striking website designs with complex properties that make it uniquely impressive. Instead, they look for convenience, ease, and flexibility despite its subtle appearance. 

“There are times when no matter how expensive and labored a website design is when it has too complicated instructions and appearance, people don't try hard to venture it out. Moreover, since you started it out simple, you can still improve it little by little in the future without making drastic changes that may overwhelm your audience. This can help your website to gradually develop over time until your interactions through it are at par with bigger companies.” 

Sofie Parker, Wellness Expert Inboard Skate


“Functionality is the hallmark of a good website. Many novice website designers or owners of do-it-yourself websites overdesign instead of focusing on functionality. There should be easy-to-use navigation with all main pages included. Incorporate a click-to-call button in the menu of a website for a local business or one that accepts phone calls. Small improvements like this benefit the business owner and make it easier for visitors to contact the business.” (James Oliver)


“Design and branding follow next. Choose your color scheme or create one using any of the free tools available online. Once you have a working color scheme, use it for the website. The same applies to sections used on pages. Using the same layout, but changing the content, can be done if the website offers multiple services. Sites that are not consistent in their layout and design appear unprofessional and disorganized.”

James Oliver, Director Evolved Toaster 

High-Quality Product Videos

“Many firms have begun to add product videos and other corporate feature videos to their websites as video marketing becomes more popular among both B2C and B2B enterprises. This can help to accentuate your brand's individuality while also showcasing what your company has to offer clients. 

“According to research, 92 percent of B2B consumers watch online videos when investigating services and products for their company, and 43 percent view online videos while researching services and products for their own company. Videos can have a significant impact on how people make decisions.

“These brief movies help your prospect to rapidly grasp value without having to view a lengthy, in-depth presentation. Both are valuable, but the shorter videos allow for quicker comprehension, which is ideal at the top of the funnel. 

Place videos in strategic locations throughout your website, such as on your pricing page to discuss pricing alternatives, on your product page to demonstrate products, or on your about us page to introduce your team to the public. Video may be a terrific way to add a little flair and movement to your website, no matter where you utilize it.”

Stephanie Young, CEO & Founder Best Camping

Four web design elements according to Marty Kelly, “Through my website building and design experience, what makes good website design comes down to four things: responsive design, page layout, color choices, and page speed:


“Responsive websites will render differently depending on if the user is viewing the website from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. No one likes a website where you have to zoom in on every element to read or click a button. A website can be specifically designed to show different elements depending on the screen size the user is viewing the web page on.” (Marty Kelly)

Easy Navigation

“Page layout is another basic characteristic of good website design. Having articles, products, and elements placed in a way that is easily navigated by the user make them more likely to stay on the website and find the information or product they are searching for.” (Marty Kelly)

Color Choices

“Color choices of the background, text, and any other elements on the web page are a part of good design. Placing yellow text on a lime green background will never create a good user experience. Web designers are taught to use colors that are complementary.” (Marty Kelly)

Page Speed

“Page speed is important too. Including bulky picture files and unnecessary code will take the page longer to render. In fact, many search engines, like Google are making page speed a larger part of their algorithm for which websites are shown in search results. The aim is a better user experience.”

Marty Kelly, Founder and Editor of Actively Outdoor


“You can create the most eye-catching website on the planet, but if you don't attract visitors, then your efforts will be in vain. A mixture of a stellar SEO strategy and creating top-notch content will help you increase your site traffic, as well as help you rank higher in search. Begin by crafting content that will target your core demographic and their needs. These can be how-to guides or blogs filled with actionable tips. And, they must be worthy of social media shares!

“Place internal links within these posts to other relevant posts, and be very strict about inserting your keywords in the right places, such as H1, H2, and H3 headers, as well as your URL and meta information. Once you get the basics of content creation and SEO strategy down, then you'll begin to see results and much more traffic!”

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Moody Nashawaty, Chief Strategy Officer MuteSix

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