When You Are In The Process Of Building A Website, Should You Make It Public?

December 13, 2023  /  
When You Are In The Process Of Building A Website, Should You Make It Public?

Working on a website can take you hours, days, or weeks, depending on the approach you choose. It would be easier if you have the assistance of a website builder, and it will be more challenging if you start from scratch.

But, when is the right time to click publish? Are there signs to look for before it is safe to make your website public? Here’s a quick checklist to go through before it’s safe to launch your website.

Test Out All Sections

It might seem like a simple thing but people make mistakes, and you might have missed one thing on your site. Before hitting publish, you have to double-check if all key sections are working, particularly important links and buttons on your site.

Do a quick run-through on the site’s menu, your contact page, your call-to-action buttons, and other essential links to make sure your visitors will be directed to the right place.

Ensure Content Sections Are Complete

Another thing you should do a quick pass-through is your site’s content. Read all the title areas, including subheadings, and read through all the text sections as well. It might be a little difficult, but make sure to read through everything to make sure you’ve written original content and you won’t put a placeholder text that won’t prove value to anyone.

In this particular mission, make the most of your preview button and scrutinize your pages as if they were on a published site.

Have Trusted People Take A Look

No matter how much of an expert you are, overfamiliarity with the pages you designed might lead you to miss valuable parts. Have new sets of eyes look into your work and ask for their feedback on the website.

Ask them about what they think about the site’s user experience, design elements, content, and whether there are errors to edit out. Also, think about how they view your site in the shoes of an actual visitor and use their feedback to insert some improvements.

Publishing a website in an optimal state will help you perform well on SEO and avoid search engine penalties. If you’re in a rush, considering designing your website using the best website builders—check this list from Page Kits now!

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