Best Wix Photography Websites for 2022

Wix provides everything you need to build the perfect online photography portfolio, including innovative tools like the Wix Pro Gallery, as well as a wide range of photography templates.

Web designers typically charge between $2,000 and $6,000 for design and development on Wix, but you can build your own Wix website for as little as $4.50 per month. However, if you lack experience building sites, knowing where to start can be confusing. Fortunately, there are numerous Wix photography websites that you can check out for photography portfolio ideas.

12 Best Wix Photography Websites

Looking for inspiration while you build your ideal online photography portfolio? Here are a few examples of Wix photography website examples that are both compelling and visually engaging.

Jeremy Gryst

This website puts the spotlight on the artist's best work right on the homepage. By utilizing a full-page slideshow, visitors are immediately captivated by high-resolution images that seamlessly fade in and out.

Things to Love About it:

  • High-resolution, full-page images
  • Minimalist user interface
  • Intuitive navigation

Andrew Scrivani

This website is the perfect inspiration for photographers who mainly showcase their work on Instagram. By integrating the Wix Instagram feed app on the landing page, this website displays Instagram photos beautifully without the need to upload images separately.

Things to Love About it:

  • Automatic Instagram feed population
  • Streamlined layout
  • Links to various platforms

Lisa Michele Burns

Anyone who’s looking for photography portfolio ideas would find this website impressive. With the clean and versatile layout of the Wix Pro Gallery, this website is a wonderful inspiration for Wix beginners and experts alike. 

Things to Love About it:

  • Clean and easy to navigate
  • Beginner-friendly tools
  • Universally appealing layout

Coco Gonser

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your photographs, take the cue from this website and set the mood with the appropriate typeface and design elements. Wix has a wide database that allows you to customize your online photography portfolio to bring out the best in your work.

Things to Love About it:

  • Visually striking elements
  • Emphasis on branding
  • Excellent use of negative space

Dory Younes

Wix photography websites aren’t limited to grids and slideshows. Photographers and videographers alike would benefit from engaging audiences with proper storytelling. This website greets visitors with a fun splash page that immediately showcases the artist’s work.

Things to Love About it:

  • Intriguing splash page
  • Storytelling with minimal copy
  • Interactive user experience

Nois 7

Your online photography portfolio doesn’t have to serve only one purpose. This website hits two birds with one stone with Wix Art Store, integrating eCommerce features while beautifully displaying the artist’s work. 

Things to Love About it:

  • eCommerce functionality
  • Clear call to action
  • Coherent color scheme

We Shoot Food

This monochromatic website provides adequate information without taking attention away from photography. By maximizing the grid layout and letting the images dictate the color scheme, the site is able to present copy in an organic way. 

Things to Love About it:

  • Perfectly balanced elements
  • SEO-friendly
  • Strategic use of grid layout

Roshini Kumar

For your online photography portfolio to really stand out, it shouldn’t look like any other portfolio website. This site stands out from the other Wix photography website examples with its bold colors and elements that emphasize the artist’s brand, effectively telling the audience what they’re all about.

Things to Love About it:

  • Unique and creative visual elements
  • Bold color scheme
  • Buzzworthy brand messaging

The Wild Bride

If you’re building an online photography portfolio to get hired for your services, follow this website’s lead and place details about your services side-by-side with your stunning photographs.

Things to Love About it:

  • Strategic use of white space
  • Informative landing page
  • Convenient contact form

Yener Torun

Bold colors don’t always have to be loud. This website makes use of a lot of white space and carefully selected photographs to match the logo and maintain a striking but clean and cohesive landing page.

Things to Love About it:

  • Carefully curated images
  • Consistent color palette
  • Up-to-date with web design trends

Miu Vermillion

Unlike the typical online photography portfolio, this website doesn’t feature multiple photos on the home page but instead has a single captivating image that pushes visitors to dig into the site for more.

Things to Love About it:

  • Less is more approach
  • No-scroll homepage
  • Understated design accents

Sharon Radisch

This minimalist website is far from simple. If you want to keep your website clean without sacrificing character, take note of how this website curates images with uneven grids and lots of white space.

Things to Love About it:

  • Out-of-the-box layout
  • Interesting user experience
  • Efficient use of mouseover effects

12 Best Wix Photography Templates

Not everyone has the time to work on a highly customized portfolio. These Wix templates will help you build an impressive online photography portfolio in no time.

Photographer Template

This template puts the spotlight on your best work with a full-page hero image right behind your brand name. The intuitive navigation bar lets you select and emphasize content that matters.

Things to Love About it:

  • Straight to the point
  • No frills and no scrolling
  • Easy and familiar navigation

Real Estate Photographer Template

If you want to get your message across while showcasing your photographs, this template will do the trick. With a good balance between text and imagery, not a single detail will be missed.

Things to Love About it:

  • Bold, legible text
  • Balanced two-column layout
  • Simple mouseover effects

Spa Template

Using the built-in Wix Bookings app, this template lets customers set appointments with just a few clicks. The chat feature also makes it easy to stay in touch with visitors. Although jam-packed with features, this template exhibits photographs seamlessly.

Things to Love About it:

  • Complete features for lead generation
  • Elegant typography
  • Large homepage images

Architecture Photographer Template

Put your various styles on display by maximizing this template’s full-width homepage grid layout.

This template also allows you to organize your work with category pages for easy browsing.

Things to Love About it:

  • Huge, full-width image cells
  • Organized categories
  • Store page for selling prints and other items

Home Goods Store Template

This template can help you stick to a color scheme. Simply pick the main color that represents your work and add high-resolution photographs to complement it. 

Things to Love About it:

  • Bold, solid grid blocks
  • Fixed navigation header
  • Subtle animation on mouseover

Wildlife Photographer Template

Steering away from traditional navigation, this template lets you flaunt your best work right on the homepage. With a fixed sidebar and burger menu, navigation is easy but it doesn’t steal the show.

Things to Love About it:

  • Fixed sidebar
  • Captivating slideshow
  • Practical margins

Art Exhibition Template

Basic shapes and basic colors keep this template far from basic. Make your photos, brand, and messaging stand out from the crowd with this template’s high contrast and sharp edges.

Things to Love About it:

  • Everything in just one page
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Bold character

Photojournalist Template

Clean and elegant, this template lets you tell your story through your photos. The parallax scrolling feature enriches the overall experience, making your photographs even more breathtaking.

Things to Love About it:

  • Sophisticated font choices
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Minimalist navigation

Fashion Photographer Template

Designed like a mood board, this template lets you select the photographs that represent your work best. Add as many photos as you want and let the pictures do the talking.

Things to Love About it:

  • Infinite scrolling
  • Four-column grid
  • Wix blog feature

Wedding Photographer Template

If you use multiple platforms, this template is the one for you. Featuring a floating chat button and fixed social media icons, this will make your online presence hard to miss.

Things to Love About it:

  • Full-width grids
  • Easy navigation
  • Non-intrusive fixed icons

Design Studio Template

Limitless creativity and functional design come together in this unique template. This template’s clever use of fonts will add pizzazz to your already stunning photographs.

Things to Love About it:

  • Unique contact button
  • Captivating typography
  • Useful footer

Landscape Photographer Template

Simple yet dramatic, this template captures and highlights the complexity of photography, making it ideal for any online photography portfolio. The friendly chat button balances the seriousness out.

Things to Love About it:

  • Imagery-focused
  • Asymmetrical grid
  • Fixed chat button

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a photographer, you may have a hard time looking for the best website builder for your portfolio. You’ll find answers here.

Is Wix good for photographers?

Yes. Wix has a huge number of tools that are useful for the different needs of photographers. They also have apps that make it easy to upload, organize, and even sell high-resolution images.

How do I create a photography portfolio on Wix?

Simply create an account, choose a template, and modify it to your liking. You may also use the Wix Pro Gallery app for easy uploads.

Should photographers have a website?

Yes. Having a website is one of the most professional ways to demonstrate your skills, establish your brand, and represent your work with full control.

Photographers need to showcase their best work online in the best way. Wix provides the tools and services you need to make sure that your photos are presented well. With remarkable template designs, Wix makes it easy for anyone with no web design and development experience to build the perfect website. 

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