Wix Review 2022

Wix is a cloud-based platform with more than 200 million users in the world. It offers numerous advanced features that allow you to build your site like a pro. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a long-time business owner, it has all you need to create a functional and beautiful website where you can showcase your art, set up your online store, and promote business.

Discover in this in-depth Wix review if this powerful web builder is the right choice for you.

What is Wix?


Wix is a website builder perfect for everyone either with or without tech experience. It has all the tools and features you need to publish your site. Since its development in 2005, Wix has been a big help for creatives, beginners, and small businesses to professionally design their websites through customizable Wix templates.

FeaturesMain FeaturesWix MembersWix Live ChatWix BookingsWix RestaurantsWix VideoWix EventsWix StoresWix PhotographyWix BlogWix Music
Pricing Website PlansFree Plan - Free with ads and only 500 MB of bandwidth per monthConnect Domain - $4.50/month with 500 MB storageCombo - $8.50/month with 3 GB storageUnlimited - $12.50 with 10 GB storageVIP - $24.50 with 35 GB storage 
Business and eCommerce PlansBusiness Basic - $17/month with 20 GB storageBusiness Unlimited - $25/month with 35 GB storageBusiness VIP - $35/month with 50 GB storage
Number of Templates800-900 
Apps and IntegrationsYes
ECommerce ToolsYes

Wix’s Features

Wix Members
This feature enables your visitors to become registered members. As members, they would be able to book appointments, manage subscriptions, and participate in the website’s activities.
Wix Live ChatYou can customize the chat box and enable notifications for Wix mobile app use. The live chat feature will help you improve your customer service.
Wix BookingsThis works as a scheduling system that assists in setting reminders for appointments and online activities.
Wix RestaurantsThe Wix Restaurants feature makes everything about setting up restaurant menus, taking reservations and orders online, and receiving payments easier.
Wix VideoUpload your videos and offer them for a one-time or monthly subscription. Wix permits the hosting of video without charging you any commission fee for it.
Wix EventsUse this feature to create an invitation and manage RSVPs. You can also sell tickets through your site and make payments convenient for your potential clients by connecting several payment methods.
Wix StoresLet people know what you sell by displaying your products. Then, arrange payment methods and shipping terms. Setting up a digital store has never been this easy.
Wix PhotographyWix protects images with a built-in watermark and password. You can display your images or videos in more than 30 galleries securely.
Wix BlogThe Wix Blog feature allows you to create a blog and grow your audience. With integrated SEO tools, you’ll have everything you need to create, grow, and promote a blog. 
Wix MusicPresent your album and tracks using a customizable music player. Monitor which songs are getting purchased, played, shared, and downloaded.

Wix’s Pros and Cons

Ensures above-average speed and site security. Switching templates is not possible. You have to manually transfer your content from your original template to a new one. 
Has hundreds of creative and professional-looking templates. Built-in SEO management is great but it may not be able to help you rank higher on search engine results since the techniques are not updated.
Has an intuitive interface that makes website building easier for beginners. You need to upgrade your plan to track and analyze your site performance. 

Who Should Use Wix? Who Should Avoid It?


While Wix is an extremely valuable web builder, it is important to understand that it isn’t for everyone. Putting your own strategies may not be possible since it does all the work and takes care of everything, including your updates, uptime, and hosting.

  • Small business owners who want to improve their site: It’s fair to say that Wix is the best website builder for small businesses that want to extend the reach of their site at no cost. Small business owners who don’t have a large investment to put in can still enjoy full-packed features & build a functional site with Wix.
  • Marketers who want to save time in creating a website: Wix is the most fitting option for marketers who want to create their own website but don’t have the time to learn how to code. In a single Wix dashboard, you can get full access to everything that you need to promote your website.
  • Marketers who want customer insight right away: With Wix Analytics insight, you can discover relevant information that will assist you in making informed decisions.

On the other hand, the Wix website builder can only give short-term benefits to advanced users. Businesses that also want to take full control of all the aspects of their website may not find Wix as a suitable choice.

Wix In A Nutshell


Overall, Wix as a free website builder is an outstanding choice for small business owners, marketers, and anyone who wants a website but lacks the knowledge to build one. With tons of flexible features, creating a functional and modern-looking website is possible. Plus, you don’t have to worry about not having technical knowledge about website building since Wix integrates help and support features throughout the editor.

When it comes to features, ease of use, value for money, customer service, and templates, Wix is undeniably a highly recommended website builder. Unfortunately, some businesses don’t count as the right customers. Big businesses who desire to have more freedom and control over their website should opt for a more advanced website builder. Wix may still have to work on some functions to cater to enterprise-level sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wix

When it comes to building a website, it’s important to do your research. Below are a few frequently asked questions about Wix.

Is Wix free?

Some people find it hard to believe that a great web builder such as Wix offers a free plan—but it’s true. Wix allows you to create and build your site without paying a single penny. But if you want to unlock more features to enhance your site, you need to upgrade to premium plans.

Is Wix good for beginners?

Wix is famous for its ease of use. Through Wix, you can create a website even without prior coding experience.

How much does Wix really cost?

You can opt for a free Wix plan and spend nothing, but paid plans start at $14 per month, billed annually. 

Is Wix Good?

Considering its pros and cons, we can say that Wix is certainly good in so many aspects. It has more than enough apps, tools, and features that will help you grow your company brand and digital presence.

Wix Alternatives

Prior to building a website on Wix, take a look at these other alternatives first:

  • Squarespace: Wix and Squarespace both have intuitive interfaces and a variety of templates for all industries. But in terms of ease of use, blogging, and modern template designs, Squarespace is a much better choice. However, you might want to choose Wix when you are on a tight budget since Squarespace is more expensive.
  • WordPress: WordPress is known for its limitless versatility. You can use products from another source to customize your site. In contrast, Wix only permits the use of its own features and tools.
  • Site123: Site123’s free plan gives you 1 GB of bandwidth compared to Wix which only gives 500 MB. This means that Site123 can help you gain more traffic to your site. In addition, Site123 has more comprehensive eCommerce features.
  • Weebly: Weebly is another popular web builder that gets an extra point for its ease of use. It has a great approach that is particularly beneficial for those who have no technical knowledge in website building.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether your website is for a personal blog or an eCommerce store, Wix can help you get started. Since you no longer have to think about the coding and some web-building technicalities, you can focus completely on your website’s design.

Do you want to know other website builder options? Check out our comparison of the best website builders available on the market today.

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