How To Transfer A Domain To Squarespace: A Quick Overview

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How to Transfer a Domain to Squarespace

Domain transfers can be a pain, but with the help of Squarespace, they don't have to be. Squarespace is an all-in-one content management system that makes it easy to register your domain, create your website, and host your content with only a single subscription fee. For this reason, many website owners choose to use Squarespace as their CMS. 

Requirements Before Transfer

To ensure your domain transfers successfully, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have access to the domain account's email address used as the domain administrator
  • The domain’s contact information must not have changed in the past 60 days since this could cause the domain to be locked
  • The site’s TLD (top-level domain) must be part of Squarespace’s approved TLD list
  • Any DNSSEC (domain name system security extension) records must be deleted.
  • The domain must be active and not past due with the current provider
  • The domain must have eight years or less of active registration with the current provider

Ineligible Domains For Transfer

Domains that match the following criteria can’t be transferred to Squarespace:

  • Registry premium domains
  • Subdomains
  • Domains with words “squarespace” or “sqsp”
  • Active domains with nine or more years of registration left

Step-by-Step Process To Transfer Domain To Squarespace

1. Unlock The Domain

Locked domains can’t be transferred. You must first unlock your domain by following the instructions provided by your current domain provider. Contact them if you are unsure whether your domain is locked.

Note: Some domains, like country-specific ones, can’t be locked, so they are unlocked by default.

2. Obtain The Authorization Code

Request for an authorization code from your provider. Some providers have it in their settings and call it “EPP code or transfer key,” while others email it to you. Once you unlock your domain, request the code immediately since some providers take a day or two to release it. 

Once you get it, copy it or keep it safe since you’ll provide this code during the transfer. 

3. Begin The Transfer

Once everything’s completed, go to Squarespace’s Domain panel. In the Home menu, click Settings and go to Domains. Select “Use a domain I own” and enter your full domain name. Click Transfer Domain and input the Authorization Code when prompted. 

Click Save and Continue once done. 

4. Review And Confirm Your Registration Details

Check the contact information in the registration panel and confirm that it’s correct. Squarespace automatically fills these fields with registration information detected from your original registrar's Whois records.

Update the email address and contact information as necessary. Any updates will be reflected in your Whois records. Click Save and Continue when done.

5. Enter And Review Your Payment Information

Enter your payment information on the next panel. If you already have an account, the card attached is your default payment method. Click Save and Continue to proceed.

6. Review The Order

Check if the details of the order are correct. When you transfer a domain to Squarespace, you’re charged for another year of domain registration at the rate of your TLD. In some cases, you can enjoy free registration.

If all the details are correct, click Confirm and Purchase. A confirmation page will inform you that the transfer has started. Click Done.

7. Check The Transfer Status And Fix Any Issues

Return to the Domains panel and confirm the progress of the transfer. An error message will appear if there’s an issue. Some of the common error messages are:

  • Domain is locked – go back to the current registrar and unlock the domain
  • Authorization code needed – enter the correct authorization code from the current registrar

8. Wait For The Transfer To Be Completed

Domain transfers take time to process but should usually be done within 15 days from the start. If the status is still “Pending Transfer” after 15 days, contact your current registrar for more details. Squarespace doesn’t control the transfer timing and depends on the current registrar to release the domain. 

While waiting, you can check your DNS records and perform some housekeeping. Delete any records you no longer need, and if necessary, add a new custom record for your domain. However, adding new integrations like Google Workspace is not recommended until the domain transfer is complete.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Squarespace's All-In-One CMS

While you can always just point a domain to a site hosted by Squarespace, it’s better to register your domain with them for easier website management. Squarespace makes it easy to focus on the essential aspects of your website, such as your content and web traffic, instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty of domain registration. 

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