How to Test A Website After Building

January 24, 2024  /  
How to Test A Website After Building

When it comes to building a website, there are plenty of factors to consider. To make the best version of your website possible, trying out different methods such as A/B testing can help you create more engaging web content for your target market.

Broken links, misspelled words, and more can make it difficult for individuals to find what they’re looking for and paint your brand in a bad light. In addition to these tips to keep in mind when building your website, here are some methods of web testing to get rid of any potential bugs and keep your website in top shape. 


To test the functionality of your site, all links will need to be tested including outgoing links, internal links, anchor links, and more. Forms will need to be formatted clearly so that readers can understand them, and cookies should also work as expected. End-to-end scenarios need to be created along with syntax error checks. 


To improve user experience, your website should also include usability testing. Testers need to check whether a website’s navigation process is clear and easy to use. Menus and buttons need to be consistent and accessible, while written content shouldn’t have any errors. 


The three interface areas that need to be tested include the Database Server, Web Server, and Application Server. Queries need to present expected results and show no error requests to the end-user.


Cross-platform compatibility is another priority for business owners. The website will need to work well across different web browsers since elements like buttons can change depending on the operating system being used. 

Other tests to determine whether a website is ready to launch include performance tests to test page speed and capacity under normal and increased loads, security tests, and crowd tests. 

Read on to learn about which website building platform suits your eCommerce needs!

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