Java Or Python Which Is Better To Learn And Use In 2022

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Java Or Python Which Is Better To Learn And Use In 2021

The 2 most popular programming languages currently are; Java and Python. They each have their own particular qualities and limitations and as such beginners are often left wondering which is more beneficial to learn. 

We talked to industry experts for their professional opinions, and here is the comparison of the 2 for a better understanding of which is better to use;

Python for Ease and Simplicity

“The best answer for this question is dependent on a few factors that are not always easy to determine. Is the person an entry-level programmer or experienced? What type of project do they want to work on? Where would they like to work as an employee?

“If the person is a beginner, Java and Python are both great languages to learn equally because they will make you familiar with logic, data structures, and object management. Java has been around longer, and it's relatively easier than Python (as long as you're using a good IDE). But Python is growing in popularity with its support for web applications, and it's simpler than Java (though it has a few more quirks).

“This all being said, if the person is more experienced, then perhaps they should learn C++ or C# for their future career because those two languages will give them more opportunities. If the person wants to play around independently, then Python would be good because it doesn't have any annoying syntax rules.

“In the end, it comes down to what the person wants out of their future career, but if they start with Python and take a few classes, they should be able to pick up other languages quicker and easier.”

Katherine Brown, the Founder & Marketing Director Spyic

Python For its Data Processing Libraries and Data Visualization Tools; Java For Web Development and GUI Applications

“There is no better language to use between the two as they both stand out for their capabilities to handle most computer science tasks. Also, users can use both Java and Python for machine learning and API interactions. However, as Java is often used for enterprise-grade applications, Python is excellent for scientific and numeric computing.

“Java is a recognized language utilized in web development and an excellent option for desktop GUI applications and embedded systems. On the other hand, Python is well known for its outstanding data processing libraries and data visualization tools.

Python is an interpreted language that can instantly convert human-readable code into machine-readable code. Java is a compiled language that translates source code into machine code before running it. Ultimately, the most significant difference is that Python is a dynamically-typed language that executes type checking at run-time while Java is statically typed.”

Harriet Chan, Co-Founder of CocoFinder

Tech Market Continues To Be Java-centric

“My best advice for getting a job in 2020 in the tech industry is to know Javas, inside-out. According to our statistics, 72% of companies are actively looking for Javascript programmers specifically, followed by SQL at 55% and Java at 53% respectively. So if you plan on getting a job in the tech industry as a programmer, knowing Java will certainly help expand your list of potential employers. As the tech market continues to be Java-centric in 2020, I would recommend polishing your Java skills sooner rather than later.

“One of the most significant advantages of learning Java is its popularity. Why? Because there's so much learning material available for both beginners and intermediate learners since almost everyone who wants to start in the programming area wants to do it with Java. If you're going to get into Java, you'll have at your disposal video tutorials, guides, books, etc., but even though those will be of great help during your learning process, one of the better ways to learn Java is always being guided by people with prior Java experience.”

Jesse David Thé, CEO Tauria

Java Is More Popular and Come with Great Development Tools

“I think Java wins, hands-down. This legendary software, originally developed by James Gosling is the most popular high-level programming language there is, and thanks to its popularity, many tools that help users get the most out of it have gained enormous popularity as well. For example, one of those tools is NetBeans, which I consider to be one of the best Java development tools you could get, and the best of all, for absolutely no cost. 

“NetBeans is a FREE, open-source IDE (integrated development environment) that's used for developing java codes for desktop, mobile, and web applications. This incredibly helpful tool also serves as an open-source environment and can be used to develop other programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, etc. 

“Another point in favor of this tool is that its popularity itself adds extra value since there's a greater supply of resources and support for its large community of users.”

Tom Winter, HR Tech Recruitment Advisor & Co-Founder of DevSkiller

Python for Simplicity

“If you want simplicity, then Python is the programming language to pick. Java, on the other hand, has a long, winding nature. But beyond their complexities, both languages have other aspects worth considering.” (Samuel Klein)

Python for Ease of Learning

“While Java still uses a friendly language, Python is the easiest to learn between the two. In fact, its syntax reads similarly to English. It’s also simpler to organize, making it superb for data science. What Python covers in two lines can get covered in ten when using Java.” (Samuel Klein)

Java for Speed

“Java wins when it comes to speed, given this is a compiled programming language. It doesn’t require code interpretation which saves on memory and processing time. Python is an interpreted language, takes a little longer to process. However, speed varies in terms of the environment. For instance, Python runs faster when dealing with parallel modes on the GPU. 

“When it comes to job availability, both languages have lots of them. With both Java and Python being key languages backend developers use, they cater to many individuals as this is the most popular web development field.

“Overall, Java laid the foundation for current technologies and is faster, making it my favourite choice. But if you like writing less code as is typical with beginners or are eyeing a data science career, then Python is the language to pick.”

Samuel Klein, Astorchocolate

Python is Easy to Learn with a Constantly Innovating Library; Java Is Reliable and Will be Used for Enterprise-Level Applications

“Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's easy to learn, powerful and has a vast community that constantly innovates and contributes new libraries. Java, on the other hand, is known as a reliable language for enterprise-level applications. It has been around longer than Python, and there are quite a few programmers who still prefer Java over Python because they feel like Java will be there when they need it, while Python may not always be around due to its fast-changing nature.

“I think it's essential to learn both languages. Python is popular because a large community has kept adding new libraries, and Java is still reliable, and even in 2021 will still be used for enterprise-level applications. I believe that Java was created because the creators saw what would happen when snake oil salesmen had access to obscure programming languages with no documentation. They wanted a stable language that would be used for large-scale enterprise-level applications.”

Lynda Fairly, Co-founder, Marketing Numlooker

In conclusion, both languages have their qualities and limitations and both are used in the industry. At the end, which language you choose to use depends on your preference and experience and also the type of work you need to do.

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