Why Use a CMS Instead of Custom Building a Website?

April 10, 2024  /  
Why Use a CMS Instead of Custom Building a Website?

Building a website has a lot of requirements. First off, you need to gather ideas and identify your goal. Then, you begin with the technical processes such as designing and coding. If you aren’t very much familiar with the development process, hiring some experts is for sure the best thing to do.

Businesses have been relying on professional web developers to build, maintain, and support their websites. Without a doubt, hiring these experts allows you to save time and lets you focus on your business. But through the years, the cost of hiring experts is becoming more expensive. Thanks to content management systems (CMS), you can now cut down a significant portion of your expenses.

A CMS is an application or a piece of pre-configured software that offers various functionalities in creating and running a website. Unlike custom development that requires you to start from scratch, CMS has a predefined interface that you can personalize according to your needs.

There are numerous CMS options available to check out, including WordPress, HubSpot CMS, WooCommerce, and Wix.

Regardless of your technological background, it’s now possible to quickly create a functional site through the app. Hence, you are not only saving money but time as well for choosing CMS over custom development.

Here are some advantages of choosing CMS for website building:

  • The most common features of CMS include content creation, content storage, workflow management, and publishing.
  • With the right implementation, you can make the most out of the benefits that the app offers.
  • CMS offers tools to optimize your site and give users a satisfactory web experience.
  • CMS allows multiple users to access, contribute, and edit content.
  • Most CMS software is user-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. Outsourcing the work to a developer would no longer be necessary. 
  • Since it does not require extensive knowledge in programming, CMS is highly recommended for those who want to establish credibility and market business online.

A content management system can be the perfect solution for startups and small business owners because of how easy they are to use and their numerous features. 

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