What Are The Requirements Needed for Building a Website

February 28, 2024  /  
What Are The Requirements Needed for Building a Website

While website builders make it possible to launch a website in less than a day, you still have to meet certain requirements. Unregistered, incomplete websites might appear as broken links. 

A standard website requires a domain name, email address, website concept, brand logo, web hosting, and page content. You can secure most of these within a few hours, while some (such as your domain name and brand logo) should already be good to go even before you start actually building your site. 

Larger sites generating thousands of visitors should also consider XML sitemaps, cybersecurity systems, and ongoing site maintenance tools.

Everything You Need to Launch Your First Website

To streamline the web development process, we made a quick checklist of the elements your first website needs to go live:

  • Domain Name: Register a catchy domain name that’s easy to type, read, and remember.
  • Web Hosting Services: Look for affordable, reliable web hosting service providers that will keep your website live 24/7.
  • Website Concept: Website builders like WordPress offer dozens of pre-designed templates and themes.
  • Brand Logo: Paste your brand logo on all your web pages.
  • Page Content: Create engaging, persuasive content that will guide readers throughout your site.

Meanwhile, the additional properties that larger websites should consider are:

  • XML Sitemaps: A well-structured sitemap will make your site more navigable.
  • Cybersecurity Systems: With cyberattacks occurring every 39 seconds, your site would significantly benefit from a full-scale cybersecurity system.
  • Site Maintenance Tools: Invest in audit platforms that scan sites for broken links, malfunctioning plugins, and corrupted files.

Developing a website is more straightforward than first-timers fear. In most cases, do-it-all website builders like WordPress or GoDaddy will guide you through the process and help secure the requirements.

Also, don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. Trust us — it doesn’t matter how many bugs, typos, or glitches appear on your website. You can quickly fix any issue through your builder.

Not sure if your eCommerce website is ready to launch? Page Kits can help! Read our quick checklist of everything retail businesses need before launching their own website.

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