What Are Things A Retail Website Needs To Include When Building A Website

December 20, 2023  /  
What Are Things A Retail Website Needs To Include When Building A Website

Many people resort to building an eCommerce website to sell their products online. While it's exciting to build a website, it can be daunting, too, especially if you don't know the things to include in doing so. 

The most important things to include in any eCommerce site are a customer login area, a search bar, a shopping cart, high-resolution media, and any user-generated reviews. Of course, other elements you might need will depend on your eCommerce store’s unique needs. To start with the basics, however, we’ve elaborated on the aforementioned elements below: 

1. Customer Login

You should always have a customer login because it's the best way to keep them coming back to your website. Customers can also review the products they have purchased or create wish lists. 

2. Search Bar

There must also be a search bar for your customers. Having this feature is essential so that customers can quickly find what they are looking for through typing in keywords, especially if you have plenty of products.

3. Shopping Cart

Another feature that you must include at the very beginning is the shopping cart, which is usually the little shopping basket icon you see on every retail website. Without this feature, there's no way for your customers and prospects to save and check out their desired items.

4. High-Resolution Media

In today's generation, shoppers desire to see multiple angles of the products they wish to purchase. They will most likely zoom in on the photos of the items for them to get a feel for what they will buy. For this reason, your retail website should display high-quality media, mainly pictures and videos. 

5. User-Generated Reviews

Allowing customers to log into your store can let them post reviews non-anonymously. This gives other shoppers a better opportunity to see the quality of your products and read relevant reviews that can help them make a quicker decision. 

Final Thoughts

There are several features and eCommerce plug-ins that you should include in your retail website if you plan to build one. By keeping in mind these five features, you can stay relevant and competitive in the industry and provide the best experience to the visitors of your site.

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