Why You Should Be Careful When Outsourcing SEO

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Why You Should Be Careful When Outsourcing SEO

Excellent search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for business growth. "Recent study data revealed that 68% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic search, proving that you need to appear at the top of search rankings if you want to get noticed."  

It might be complicated to achieve excellent SEO on your own, but if you choose a professional SEO specialist, they should be able to help you. In this article, you'll be enlightened about why you should be careful when outsourcing SEO.  

Why Outsourcing SEO Might Be a Good Idea  

The trigger for SEO outsourcing for digital companies without SEO talent is almost certainly winning client work that calls for SEO services. In addition to possible cost savings from outsourcing services, there are advantages exclusive to digital agencies:  

1. Flexibility  

Outsourcing SEO is highly beneficial for companies who provide it as a non-core service. Agencies have the most excellent flexibility to deliver the service to the market without the ongoing costs of retaining a full-time resource because they may hire an SEO expert quickly for short-term projects.  

2. Employee Satisfaction  

"The best agencies will always put their people first. Good staff equals happy clients and a better bottom line," says Myles Anderson, Founder & CEO of Bright Local. Outsourcing can lead to increased team member satisfaction as it can reduce the burden on your in-house team, and they can focus on the tasks they're good at and enjoy.  

3. Free-up Resources  

The team of digital agencies has several overlapping talents. An SEO strategist's skills may also be found in content marketers, paid media specialists, and social media strategists.  

Advantages of SEO Outsourcing in SMBs  

SEO is a function that is outsourced, either to an SEO freelancer or a digital firm. Most often, this is because keeping a full-time SEO position on staff is not financially feasible. But there are other advantages to outsourcing SEO for SMBs as well:  

1. Improved Scalability  

Entrepreneurs continuously consider growth. Without having to commit to ongoing fees or spend time and money on training or upskilling, outsourcing SEO can help SMBs expand swiftly.  

2. Save Money  

When it comes down to basic economics, outsourcing SEO is almost always more affordable than hiring staff on a full-time basis. The key factors are how you identify the best outsourcing personnel and how you work with them. There is a lot of variation in freelance SEO prices, and not all outsourcing processes operate similarly.  

4. Get A Different Point Of View  

An outside perspective can be treasured, whether you're an SMB or an enterprise. The right digital firm has extensive SEO experience and can provide insights and recommendations you may not have considered.  

Drawbacks of Not Carefully Outsourcing SEO  

Outsourcing SEO Services has many benefits, but you should be careful when doing so. Here are a few reasons why:  

1. Not All SEOs Are Created Equal  

Many people consider themselves "SEO specialists." In reality, they know very little about the subject. When you're looking for someone to outsource your SEO, be sure to do your research and only work with someone who is truly an expert in the field.  

2. It's Easy to Get Scammed  

Unfortunately, a lot of people are looking to take advantage of businesses that don't know much about SEO. They may promise you the world but then deliver very little, or they may use black hat techniques that will get your website penalized by Google. Be careful when outsourcing SEO, and only work with someone you trust.  

3. You Could Be Missing Out on Valuable Insights  

When outsourcing SEO, you're giving up control of an essential part of your business. You might not be familiar with all the newest trends and changes in the SEO world, and you may not make the best decisions for your website if you're not intimately involved in the process.  

4. It Can Be Expensive  

Outsourcing SEO can be very costly, and ensuring you're getting what you pay for is essential. Be sure to compare prices and services before making a decision, and always get a contract in writing so that you know exactly what you're paying for.  

5. You Could Be Risking Your Website  

If you're careless, you can wind up causing more damage than good to your website by outsourcing SEO. Be sure you understand the process and what to expect before making any decisions, and always work with someone you trust.  

6. It Takes Time to Build Relationships  

When outsourcing SEO, you're essentially starting from scratch with someone new. Building trust and rapport takes time, and you may need to invest some time upfront to get the best results.  

7. You May Not Get The Results You Want  

There are no guarantees in the SEO practice, and even the best outsourcing firms can't guarantee that you'll achieve top rankings or tons of traffic. However, working with reputable SEO service providers can help you set realistic expectations. You cannot expect overnight success, but a trusted provider can help you navigate the road in the right direction. 

Five Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid  

Although every business is unique, SEO principles are the same: Rank higher for popular keywords to increase traffic to your website. It's challenging to achieve this goal, which causes some businesses and SEO firms to make risky and expensive errors. The top five mistakes to avoid are listed below:  

1. Keyword Stuffing 

This is a common mistake where site owners or SEO firms add an excessive number of keywords to website content to rank higher for those keywords. It's unnecessary, and it will only serve to irritate your readers.  

2. Duplicate Content 

Many businesses make the mistake of copying content from other websites or using the same content on multiple pages of their own website. It's a bad idea for two reasons: first, it's plagiarism, and second, Google will penalize you for duplicate content.   

3. Low-quality Backlinks 

In an attempt to generate backlinks, some businesses will create low-quality, spammy links from link farms or other shady websites. Low-quality backlinks will only serve to harm your website's reputation.  

4. Unoptimized images 

Images are vital in any website, but they must be properly optimized to rank well in search engines. Add keyword-rich alt text to your images and avoid using generic filenames.  

5. Muddled Meta Descriptions 

The meta description is the short text that appears in search engine results beneath your website's URL. It should be clear, concise, and accurately reflect the content on your page. Many businesses mistake stuffing keywords into their meta descriptions or leaving them blank altogether.  

Final Thoughts  

Outsourcing SEO can be a powerful tool to get help with your website's ranking, but it's essential to be careful when going this path. Many providers claim to be experts but don't know what they're doing, and it's easy to get scammed. So, make sure you understand the process, and what to expect before making any decisions, and always work with a provider you can trust. Finally, it's also important to be involved in the process to make the best decisions for your business.

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