Who Issues Domain Names?

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Who Issues Domain Names?

Multiple institutions and organizations work hand in hand to keep a healthy, streamlined network of domain names. For example, domain registrars help clients register domain names, while registry operators are responsible for tracking each domain name categorized per domain extension. 

However, the institution spearheading the global domain management system is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They are a nonprofit organization that accredits legitimate domain registrars, manages root servers, and oversees IP address and domain assignment. 

What Is a Domain Name?

Domain names consist of a string of unique alphanumeric codes that serve as a site’s physical address. Users access various websites through domain names. For example, in https://www.pagekits.com/, ‘pagekits’ acts as the subdomain. Meanwhile, HTTPS, www., and .com are the protocol, subdomain, and domain extension, respectively.

Choosing a Domain Registrar

The most crucial factors to consider when looking for domain registrars include: 

1. ICANN Accreditation

Avoid work with shade resellers and agents who do not have any form of ICANN accreditation.

2. Pricing

Cheaper isn’t always better, but it wouldn’t hurt to work with a legitimate, ICANN-accredited registrar with affordable services.

3. Registration Period

How long will your registration contract last, and what stipulations come with the agreement?

4. Transfer Policies

As much as possible, avoid sketchy registrars that lock in their clients with lengthy, binding contracts and insanely high domain transfer fees.

5. Add-On Features

Most domain registrars offer add-on services, such as email hosting, website hosting, and email marketing assistance.

Note: Be careful when paying your domain registrar. Some disreputable registrars trick unsuspecting clients with fake invoice records. To avoid these issues, always double-check your invoices before making a payment and make sure they contain the correct information.

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Tips on Choosing Your Domain Name

Make It Unique

Statistics show that the internet currently has nearly 1.2 billion websites. Having a unique domain name to represent your brand will help you separate your site from the rest.

Keep It Short

Let’s face it; nobody remembers lengthy domain names.

Avoid Hyphens

Users associated hyphens with spammy domain names, so avoid them.

Overall, users can choose from dozens of different registrars. Feel free to explore your options to see which systems offer services that address your site’s individual needs and demands. Do not limit yourself to just one or two choices.

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