How To Add A Free Live Chat On WordPress

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How To Add A Free Live Chat On WordPress

How To Add A Chat To A Website

To add a chat, in particular on WordPress, should use the settings:

  1. Open the popular CMS control panel and click the Plugins option link in the left menu.
  2. Click the Add New button in the upper functional part of the screen.
  3. By opening a page where you can add to the general list of previously installed plugins, the user has the right to choose any of the available software, for example, To do this, enter the required name in the upper right corner in a special search form.
  4. The system should find – WordPress live chat plugin free. As soon as the window with the logo appears, the user will need to click the Install Now button, after which the software installation process will begin.
  5. After completing the product installation process, the device owner should see the "Activate Now" button in the same area. If there is a similar situation in the future, the user will be able to Activate/Deactivate WordPress chat plugin free at any time directly on the Plugins > Installed Plugins page.
  6. After activating the product, a blue logo should appear in the menu on the left, which indicates the presence of WordPress chat plugin free – The next step is to configure the plugin. This is a mandatory step necessary to establish the connection of the new chat plugin directly to the user's account on If the owner of the device does not have an account yet, you will need to create a personal account. To do this, you will need to go to the page and register.
  7. By opening the live chat WordPress plugin free page the user logs into his personal account on to perform the main step is to link two components, namely an account on with a personal page of a popular CMS.

After completing the login process under his account name, the owner of the device sees a list of chat widgets that is assigned to this account At his discretion, the user determines the software that he plans to use for this web page. To activate the settings, at the end of the previous steps, you will need to click the Save selection button.

How Can I Increase The Conversion Of Welcome Messages?

In some cases, potential customers spend most of their time chatting to ask questions about purchases they are planning. Once the company representative answers all the questions, it can be much easier to place a large order if both parties know how to manage the conversation. The modern form of omnichannel communications allows you to speed up the process and establish high-quality feedback.

This is live chat. The messages should be of interest and value to readers, which is especially important for senior marketers and public relations specialists, many agencies, marketers of B2B technologies – those who care about customer service.

What Advantages Can Active Communication With Customers Give To A Business?

How To Use Live Chat for Omnichannel 

Adding a live chat WordPress plugin free will improve the customer service process according to the following criteria:

Prevents loss of customers due to busy phone lines.

A holistic customer experience platform and live chat ensure that the company or its representative will be aware of every attempt to contact customer support. By creating an omnichannel customer experience, a service or company provides its customers with a simple and intuitive way to interact with the customer, regardless of which platform is used. This is a form of proactive communication.

Online chat has the best response time.

Live chat has the shortest response time among all channels, which corresponds to the proactive chat system. The average waiting time for email support is measured in hours, and the average response time in a chat is measured in minutes. Especially appreciate the possibility of live chat canned responses examples.

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