How Much Does A Domain Renewal Cost On Wix?

November 17, 2021  /  
How Much Does A Domain Renewal Cost On Wix?

Wix is one of the most renowned website builders in the market today. After all, people adore Wix’s free plan, as it is an ideal solution for those who are still starting up. When you sign up for a Wix site, you should also prepare your domain, and with that comes the cost of the domain as well.

The cost of the domain and domain renewal depends on your Wix plan. Here’s a quick way to learn about them:

  • If you have a Free Wix plan, your website will be hosted under Wix’s subdomain. This means your website will be formatted like
  • If you have a Combo, Unlimited, VIP, or Pro Wix plan, you will receive a free domain name for the first year. However, just like other domain registrars, this is only an introductory offer, and the price will change after the first year.

For domain renewal, the prices will depend on the extension you use. At Wix, your initial free domain must be one of the following options: 


The domain registration period can also affect the price of renewal. A .com website costs $14.95 per year with Wix. However, if you want to pay for two years in advance, you can get it for $13.95 and $12.95 if you pay for three years upfront.

Additionally, if you want to add privacy to your registration, you have to add $9.90 to the yearly price.

Wix is a one-stop shop for website hosting, website building, and domain registration. If you want to learn more about Wix, you can read Page Kits’ article on how to get started in building a website on Wix.

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