What’s the Best Email Service for Anonymous Messaging?

October 4, 2023  /  
what’s the best email service for anonymous messaging

Emails have undoubtedly become an irreplaceable part of daily communication. 2020 statistics show that around 306 billion emails circulate every day—including both incoming and outgoing messages. Plus, email messaging is widespread across all age groups; approximately 90% of all individuals from 15 to over 64 have at least one active account.

Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in cyber attacks. In fact, a Microsoft report shows that hackers hijacked a globally renowned tech company back in 2016, compromising more than a billion email accounts. With a good percentage of these emails containing sensitive information, the issue of privacy and security have become increasingly important. 

Does this mean you should stop sending emails? No! The best approach is to create anonymous email accounts. Through anonymous email servers, you can stay 100% incognito, send untraceable emails, encrypt message data, and overall become more secure. 

Here the best anonymous email services every digital native should consider using:

Overall Best Option: ProtonMail

ProtonMail offers one of the best, most widely-known anonymous email services on the market. They offer a streamlined, multi-feature platform that offers end-to-end encryption and 100% untraceable email addresses. Membership starts at $4 per month, but users can also get a free account.

ProtonMail’s zero-knowledge policy is what made them so popular. Other than the respective senders and recipients, no one will have access to the emails passing through this server. Not even ProtonMail can access the data. Plus, you can create an account without providing any personally identifiable information (PII).

Key Features:

  • Free 500MB trial account
  • 20+ supported account languages
  • CSV contact import
  • Preset self-destruction lifespan for all messages

Best for Disposable Email Accounts: Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is the leading choice for those who need to create multiple disposable email accounts regularly. The site launched back in 2006. 

What sets Guerilla Mail apart from other email services is their system can create a free anonymous account for you every time you log in. No commitments. You can virtually create an unlimited number of anonymous email accounts. 

Users who would benefit from this feature range from eCommerce entrepreneurs who interact with various unverified overseas clients daily to casual internet surfers who simply need a one-time anonymous email account.

Key Features:

  • Free email services
  • Quick anonymous email account generation
  • Option for permanent email is available
  • Preset one-hour lifespan for all messages

Ideal for Encrypting Data: Tutanota

If data security is your reason for creating an anonymous email account, check out Tutanota. Yes, both Guerilla Mail and ProtonMail are secure and anonymous, but they don’t hold a candle to Tutanota’s top-notch encryption keys. The server encrypts your entire inbox. Every piece of data is secure, from the people in your contact list down to your emails’ subject lines.

Monthly membership fees start at a meager $1.18. Storage space is limited, but users can purchase expanded accounts as their anonymous email messaging needs increase.

Key Features:

  • Free trial accounts
  • 20+ supported account languages
  • Fully encrypted accounts

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Who Would Need Anonymous Email Messaging 

A common misconception about anonymous email messaging is that these services are limited to shady transactions. This idea is far from the truth. 

We live in a technologically dependent society where people send various confidential information and documents through emails. And with cyber attacks occurring every 39 seconds, you’d do well to keep your documents secure.

Some of the people who might benefit from anonymous email services include:


Countries such as China have extremely strict laws that allow the government to monitor the online activity of anyone inside the country. That’s why you won’t have access to sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Netflix in China. 

Apart from using a secure VPN to spoof your location, consider setting up an anonymous email account while you’re in a country with strict laws.

eCommerce Entrepreneurs

eCommerce entrepreneurs that regularly send out tens of thousands of messages to prospects should consider using an anonymous email account. 

Remember: Prospect mailing lists consist of random users. Since it’s impossible to do a background check on every user, the best alternative would be to secure your identity and ensure that your data will never be compromised.

Daily Internet Users

You don’t need a reason to use anonymous email accounts. These services are ideal for anyone who wants to stay private and secure their data when sending and receiving messages online. There’s something creepy about having any unwanted company having access to your data, right?

Every digital native should create an anonymous email account. You don’t necessarily have to replace your primary email, but it would be best to send confidential files and information through these channels instead.

Also, do your research before signing up for niche, unknown email services. The worst thing you could do is create a seemingly anonymous email account with a corrupt server involved in criminal activities like stealing customer data. If possible, limit yourself to the reputable options on this list.
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