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Having an email address is a great necessity these days. Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, your email account opens the doors of opportunities. It is a way to connect with people, whether business or social. Aside from that, it is like an internet identification key that allows you to sign up for eCommerce websites, services, software, and networks.

With email service options being widely available, how do you make a choice and what should you consider? Today, we’ll share with you the best email service options in 2021. Plus, we’ll give you the factors that can influence which one you pick.

1. ProtonMail

Best Choice for Security and Privacy

In recent years, internet users have become more aware of privacy implications when they sign up for many services, including email. If that is something you feel particularly concerned with, ProtonMail offers the best program.

The Swiss-based company takes privacy front and center in the services that they offer. It doesn’t log IP addresses, you can access it anonymously, and you can expect complete email encryption.

However, the free ProtonMail service comes with limitations. You only get 500MB in storage, send 150 messages in a day, and your inbox will not come with folders or filters. If you need something more, there is a $5 monthly premium plan with 5GB storage, a custom domain, labels, folders, filters, and a 1,000 daily message limit.

Best Features:

  • Choose when an email expires
  • Encrypted email data
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Paid plans come with an autoresponder, email filters, and multi-user support

2. Outlook

Top Pick For Windows Lovers

Outlook is a free email service that is very reminiscent of Gmail. It comes with a strong interface that users will appreciate. You get a toolbar with quick access but it is also highly intuitive—one right-click gives you a touch on everything else.

Though everything is pretty straightforward, Outlook also has a smart software that filters out important emails automatically and places them into a Focused Inbox you can get to right away. 

You can also integrate emails easily to your calendar, file attachments via OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox, and app integrations with the likes of Skype, Yelp, Uber, Paypal, and Evernote.

Best Features:

  • Various app integrations and lots of add-ons
  • Automated email organization
  • Quick access via right-click
  • Easy recovery for email deletion mistakes
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS

3. Yahoo Mail

Best Choice for Storage Space

Though Yahoo is no longer making news in the tech world, the email service they provide remains professional and polished. Its beautiful interface is close to how Gmail does it. You get a large area for your inbox, filters to find what you’re looking for, and an easy browser of email threads. 

Yahoo Mail also allows integration to Facebook, sending SMS through the web, and email forwarding to a different address. However, the stunner retains a giant 1TB of storage so you can keep your emails there for a very long time.

Best Features:

  • Amazing email storage
  • A built-in GIF database
  • Great search and filter abilities
  • Create 500 disposable email addresses

4. Zoho Mail

Best Choice for Small or Home-based Businesses

Zoho is the best pick for business owners because you get access to document management tools, an online office suite, and lots of other collaboration tools. With its features, you can get up to 25 users with 5GB of storage for each user and a domain to share for the business.

You get an easy-to-use email service with amazing features like filters, folders, tags, and smart search options. Though the free plan is a little basic, there are two levels of upgradable levels for better features.

Best Features:

  • Tagging team members and sharing folders
  • Expense tracker
  • Archiving and deleting in bulk
  • Free from ads
  • Create your own rules

Factors To Consider When Picking An Email Service

Deciding on your email service is very important, as there is a big chance you will use it forever. Here are some factors to put at the front of your mind before you make a final choice.

  1. Ease of Use

You don’t need an overcomplicated system that will confuse you, especially if you need an email service for your business. If you have to train other people to make the most of the features, you better get one that people would understand easily.

  1. Storage

Think about how often you would use email and how many attachments you require. The frequency of use must relate well to how much storage you should acquire for your email service.

  1. Security

Email hacks and data breaches regularly get on the news these days. Your privacy should weigh greatly in choosing a service provider, especially if you handle confidential data.

  1. Integration

Getting an email tool with software integration with calendars, communication tools, and productivity tools will allow you a better overall experience.

  1. Advanced Features

Everybody loves extras and bonuses. With additional features like scheduling, recalling, automated services, and archiving, you can be able to do more.

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Email services go beyond Gmail. Here are the 5 best email providers that should be on your radar for their amazing features. Learn more from PageKits today!

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