What is the Best Email Service for Personal Use?

October 4, 2023  /  
what is the best email service for personal use

Though there are many communication channels popping up through innovation, there is nothing as trusty as email. Aside from its benefits when it comes to applying for work, networking, setting meetings, exchanging files, we need an email address to sign up for many services and platforms online.

In 2022, creating a personal email address can take you just a few minutes. All you have to do is decide on which service you’d like to use. But here comes the challenge: There are quite a number of free and paid email services you can pick. However, based on usage, Gmail is the global leader and most popular email service for personal use.

Gmail: Best for Personal Use

Gmail is one of the most popular email services. Since its launch in 2004, it has reached more than 1 billion active users all over the globe. Is popularity enough to use this service? Indeed, Gmail gained this number of users for its amazing features.

If you are the type of user who wants something that is easy to understand with an interface that won’t confuse you, Gmail is a great choice. The features are highly flexible and customizable, so users can mold their email profile to how it would best serve them. 

Best Features of Gmail

  • Smart Compose

Gmail offers quick support to the person composing an email. Its AI autocomplete software suggests the words you might type next based on context as well as your behavior. If you’re someone with so many things to do, Smart Compose gives you the chance to save a lot of time.

  • Google Suite & Google Hangouts

When you sign up for a Gmail account, you open your doors to a wide array of Google software. Accessing the Gmail page alone will show you your access to Google Hangouts, which is a chat feature for real-time conversations with your contacts. You also get access to Meet, Duo, Drive, Translate, and many other apps.

  • Privacy

Gmail offers its users a Confidential Mode for sensitive emails. When this is on, the email cannot be forwarded, printed, copied, or downloaded for maximum security. The emails can also come with passcodes and expiration dates for added safety.

  • Automated Sorting

Emails can be overwhelming to sort and organize. What Gmail does is utilizing its AI component to sort emails to Primary, Social, Updates, and Promotions. Their AI learns and adjusts with how you sort emails on your own.

Additionally, Gmail’s AI features some reply reminders. If you forgot to answer an email or if you don’t receive an answer to a question you posed, you will receive a notification nudge from the software.

  • Email Scheduling

Gmail allows you to plan out your emails in advance. It has a scheduling option you can use to set when your emails can be sent,

  • Advanced Search Options

Sometimes, you just have to make a quick search on an email that was sent to you years ago. With Gmail, you can go through everything on your email based on location (inbox, sent, spam), date range, sender, filetypes, and other filters.

  • Undo Sending Messages

A frustrating experience one can have is sending an email with a huge mistake. Gmail gives users the chance to pull back. You can set your own time for how long you have the chance to Undo before a message will be permanently sent, from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds.

  • Storage

One of the best things you can get from Google is the ability to send large attachments to your emails. You can traditionally attach files up to 25 MB. If it goes higher than that, you can still send the files through a Google Drive link. That’s a huge bonus as you won’t flood the inbox of your recipient.

Other Personal Email Services Worth Trying

If you feel like the features of Gmail do not suit what you are looking for, there are other options you can check out.

  • Outlook: Best for App Integration

Outlook is an outstanding email service that allows you to integrate with business applications. Though its features are not as user-friendly as Gmail, they still come with tons of features like creating custom rules, templates, message alerts, and meetings. 

ProtonMail is an open-sourced and encrypted email service based in Switzerland. It’s the perfect pick for people that are very particular with privacy and security. The free plan of ProtonMail allows sending 150 emails a day and 3 folders per account. 

Yahoo! Mail is another email service that is more popular among users. Its interface is very easy to use and customize as well. But, its strength lies in its storage, with a whopping 1TB that will ensure your inbox never gets full.

Time to Make A Pick

Having a personal email service that meets your needs is very important, as it is something that you will use every day. Consider the features of the email service you are planning to use as well as the extent of how you plan to use the service.
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