How Important Is Back Loading When Building a Website?

March 27, 2024  /  

If a visitor clicks on your website, they’re expecting to have everything ready within a few seconds. Slower loading times will only result in a negative impact on their browsing experience. They will feel the same thing if the site loads quickly but all the other elements don’t appear right away.

Taking note of these things, it is essential that both front-end and back-end loading are improved for a better user experience. What you do on your website must ensure that every page will load completely and will be fully interactive for every user.

What Is The Back End Load Time?

Back-end load time involves all the processes in the background that works as soon as your website URL is searched for. It includes your DNS host, its connection to the website server, your IP address, and the security keys exchanged throughout the process for data encryption.

Why Is Back Loading Important?

Though websites usually focus their attention on optimizing front-end load time, failing to improve back-end load time can be crippling to the site. Imagine clicking into a site and being stuck on a blank screen for seconds; it can be tempting to click out right away, right?

Aside from the bad user experience, search engine rankings also consider speed in their metrics. And, when speed is taken into account, the time from the moment an HTML document is received in the browser is also considered.

Your goal must be to ensure that backloading will only take 20 percent of the total load time. If you can, you can aim to reach 13 percent back-end load time, which is the performance of the internet’s top 50,000 websites.

Website speed is an essential part of user experience. So, in building a website, you should consider both front-end and back-end loading speeds. For better results, check out these five tips for building a fast-loading website. 

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