3 Questions To Ask When Building Website UX

January 24, 2024  /  
3 Questions To Ask When Building Website UX

User experience (UX) is an essential component when it comes to building any website. Designing your website’s UX goes beyond making sure your website attracts visitors — a website that prioritizes UX will be able to keep visitors on their page, thereby increasing the chances of landing a sale.  

If you want to build a site that prioritizes UX, ask yourself about the goal of the site, your target audience, and the kinds of features you want to include. 

What Is the Goal of Your Website?

If your aim is to increase sales, you’ll want to focus on creating a website that is easily navigable and that prominently features calls to action. On the other hand, those who want their website to be seen as an authoritative source will want to focus on displaying their content and creating seamless links to their social media.

It is normal for your goals to change as your site evolves. You may also want to address several goals at once, so your website design will need to adjust accordingly. 

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Narrowing down your target audience can help you establish the goals you want to set for your website. Take mobile optimization as an example: while optimizing for mobile is a must for any business, it is especially important for those who want to cater to a younger audience. Knowing who your target audience is will also help you figure out what kinds of information you want to display on your homepage.

What Features Do You Want to Include?

It can be tempting to put flashy graphics and embed lots of videos onto your homepage, but doing so might make your website look cluttered and take longer to load. Keeping UX in mind can help you decide things like whether to have a hamburger menu on your page and what kind of fonts you want to build your website around.  

Once you’re ready to start designing your website, it’s time to learn about the top things to know when building a website with the Page Kits blog.

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