What Is CSS When Building a Website?

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What Is CSS When Building a Website | Page Kits

Have you ever wondered about what things you should know before you start building a website? One of the most essential things you should know is programming, and with programming comes the basics of CSS.

CSS or Cascading Sticky Sheets is a coding language that gives a website its layout and looks. As much as HTML is valued in web design, CSS is also fundamental to web design, because it helped websites go beyond plain text on white backgrounds.

CSS is what gives websites their unique style, particularly, for the following things:

  • Adding colors or images to the website background
  • Specifying fonts beyond the default font you get from the browser
  • Specifying sizes of the text throughout the pages
  • Specifying the color of texts and links
  • Containing some elements in boxes or buttons

CSS is something you apply to your HTML codes so they can interact with each other. You should learn CSS because it saves you time, it’s easy to maintain, and it is a clean coding technique that is easily accessible by search engines.

There are three main types of CSS:

  • Inline CSS - This type of code is uniquely applied to each element and it can be tiring and inefficient because of the redundancy.
  • Internal CSS - Through the <style> tag, Internal CSS is a code uniquely applied to each document, so you can remove the redundancy.
  • External CSS - External CSS is applied through the <link> tag in the head part of the document, but reference is added and separation of concerns is involved. It makes use of a CSS file which only contains style property and tag attributes.

CSS and HTML work hand in hand for the improvement of your website. If you want to go deeper into website building, learning these programming languages can help you. Wondering what website building with HTML looks like, here’s a quick guide from Page Kits.

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