Why Segment Your Analytic Data When Building a Website?

May 8, 2024  /  
Why Segment Your Analytic Data When Building a Website

If you want to know what your visitors are doing on your site, you should understand data analysis and segmentation. These things will help you understand the trends of the users, the number of sessions with every visit, and the exit rates of every page.

Segments allow you to break down the data you get on your site.

Here are the reasons why it is important for your business.

  • The main purpose of segmentation is to help you understand your site visitors.
  • Through segmentation, you get to obtain actionable data so you can improve your app or website.
  • With segmentation, you can identify the common characteristics of your site visitors and understand who your audience is.
  • Once you learn about your core audience, you can make better-informed decisions, especially for your marketing campaigns.

If you want to organize your data, here are the different ways you can use segments for analysis.

  1. Demographics - Demographics help you understand the different attributes of your site users. For instance, their ages, genders, and their interests.
  2. Location - You can filter out segmentation based on the geographical location, from cities to countries or continents.
  3. Devices - Find out where your customers usually conduct their site sessions, which are usually between tablets, mobiles, and desktops.
  4. Channels - Identify the channel source with every visit, which can be a direct site visit, a referral from a link, social media connection, or an organic search from search engines.
  5. Behavior - Get to know how your visitors behave. You can see whether users are new, returning, and how they engage with your website.

Your website’s performance is vital to your business. By understanding as much information as you can, you give yourself the power to make more informed choices in how you market and maintain your website.

If you want to learn more about building your website, take note of these website milestones that can help you throughout the building process and the launch.

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