What Should A Content Marketing Strategy Include?

November 26, 2021  /  

Content is the lifeline of marketing. That's why it's important to design and produce content in a systematic way. A strong content marketing strategy involves 3 essential components: brand guidelines, marketing goals, and buyer persona/s. Here's how you can utilize these components to maximize your brand's first content marketing plan or existing content strategy:

Brand Guidelines

The brand's personality, voice, tone, and language must be clearly defined for multiple people or teams to communicate on its behalf. If you don't have a brand bible, you may get inspiration from brands that embody your goals and vision.

Marketing Goals

Your content marketing activities will have various key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets, depending on your business’ demands. In order to meet your content marketing goals, it’s best to create relevant metrics for various content types:

  • Performance content (direct response, demand generation, and other items related to sales)
  • Brand awareness and consumer perception content
  • Local market communication content (retail partners, local teams, asset sharing, etc.)

Determine which of these objectives are critical to your content's short and long-term performance, and make them a part of your content workflow and governance strategy.

Buyer Persona/s

The goal of content marketing is to connect with people, whether a wide audience or a focused demographic. Creating buyer personas can help you communicate with your target audience better. Every buyer persona must include demographic information and behavioral traits.

Above all, generate insights about your target customer by identifying their main personality trait, an element that the industry often overlooks or undervalues. This allows you to craft a unique marketing approach and can ultimately drive success to your content strategy.

Once you have these three primary components, you can construct your brand's continuing narrative by collecting and evaluating data, performing tests, and regularly scaling your accomplishments. This takes time and perseverance, so it's crucial to take small but significant steps.

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